Day 5 of the "5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs"

Successful people often say things didn't change for them until their first child was born.

Then their lives took on a whole new meaning.

They were no longer living just for themselves.

They were now trying to give their family the best life possible.

This is what happens when you grow.

You develop empathy for others and want to make a difference in something beyond yourself.

Your family.

Your local community.

Or society overall.

When you contribute to a greater cause, your consciousness shifts.

You’re able to connect with and give love to people you don’t even know and raise humanity up to a higher level.

It’s important you reach this stage.

Unless you contribute to something outside of yourself, your life will always lack greater depth of meaning.

You’ll get fed up and bored, and may even slip backwards.

However, when you see the positive difference you make to the world around you, the level of satisfaction you feel is more fulfilling than any personal goal could ever be.

Your life rises to a whole new level.

You raise those around you up so they can experience more happiness, joy, connection and fulfillment.

And this gives your life greater meaning and purpose than you’d otherwise have.

Even in times of conflict, you have the compassion and empathy needed to resolve it peacefully.

By giving to others like this you experience more love in your life… and feel great just being alive.

However, it doesn’t end there.

There’s an even higher phase of self-growth you can attain.

One that levels up as a fully integrated person.

And gives you even more joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life.

In this final phase of self-growth, you can move freely between all the lower phases and take advantage of all the strengths of each of the different phases that came before.

You can access the primal, masculine warrior inside you and make sh!t happen when needed.

You are comfortable with who you are and can connect with people on a personal level.

You have a sense of compassion for your loved ones that enriches your relationships.

You’re able to connect with and give love to people you don’t even know and help to raise humanity up to a higher level.

You’re able to live your life with what psychologists call the 8 C's:

You have the confidence, compassion, curiosity, calm, clarity, courage, connectedness, and creativity to understand and care for yourself better

And experience deeper relationships with those closest to you.

In short, you become your true self.

This means you can experience the most intense feelings of love, connection, happiness and joy at a visceral level.

This is what it’s like when you reach the 5th phase of unstoppable breakthroughs.

This is a type of self-growth and mastery that opens you to a level of consciousness where you finally feel truly alive.

So much so you overflow with good vibes and want to lift up those around you, even if they are complete strangers.

People can sense you have something special about you which draws them into your life.

This is the ultimate level of success.

Yet not only do few people ever achieve it

Practically none of the gurus online even know about it.

This is why most personal development videos on YouTube are about being disciplined and crushing your goals.

They are stuck at phase 2 and don’t even know there are 3 more phases above it.

You’re now one of the rare people who know this.

However, the most important thing is to do something about it.

This is why you’ll soon have the opportunity to take part in my new coaching group called Legendary.

In this private coaching group, you’ll discover what action steps you have to take to make the breakthroughs needed to go through all 5 Phases of self-growth.

You can find out more in today’s video.

Watch video 5 of my 5-day video series and discover the powers of self-mastery that await you!

David Tian

Check out this new infographic that illustrates the "5 Phases" in a handy diagram. I refer to it in the video:


59 responses to “Day 5 of the “5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs” [Legendary]”

  1. Already seeing a positive shift in my thoughts. I really think I can achieve the 8 C’s!

  2. I like that we can call on the different phases when we need them, like the warrior energy from phase #2 when we are working out! Great example !

  3. What I love is this is a quick program but you learn years of knowledge! This is my pace and really sinks in for me. I can’t stand elaborate programs with a zillion steps, etc. Your program is perfect, please don’t change a thing!

    Best from London,


  4. I always tried to reach a new “level of consciousness” through like meditating and things like this, but I never felt like I could get to my highest potential. It helps to have someone explain things like you are doing in the different phases. Kudos to you!

  5. With all the craziness going on in the world, it has forced me to look at my own life. I realized it’s not the life I truly want. I couldn’t have found your vids at a more perfect time. One question though, how long does it usually take to jump to the next phase?

  6. I’m ready to bite the bullet and commit to changing my ways. I have a bad habit of meeting women who mean nothing to me, but I try to win their affection just to get what I want. It’s a disgusting habit and I’m ready to change!

  7. Hi David,

    What you are offering sound right up my alley. I have had no success with traditional therapists. I have been going to therapy for years now. Still don’t feel happy and at peace with my life.

    I am looking forward to seeing what your private coaching has to offer.


    • l the same way! David is so honest and open about all of this plus sharing his own life experiences. There’s a lot of take in.

  8. So once I sign my husband up, can he cancel anytime he wants to? He wants to know before I sign him up. Many thanks and looking forward to it.

  9. I’ve learned more in all of your 5 videos here than I have with any online “guru” out there.

  10. I didn’t think I’d make it from a novice to a knight but here I am at the Master phase… yay me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. I remember when my first child was born my whole existence got a whole, new meaning. It does change things a LOT.

    • Yes, it does. All other things are not as important as they once were. Your whole life does a 180 on you.

  12. My grandfather was like that. He made us all happy. In fact, he spread happiness wherever he went and everyone loved him.

    • He must have been a great man. And I’m sure he lived a meaningful life. I find that the more I try to make others happy the happier I become.

  13. Becoming my true self isn’t easy. I’ve been trying for a few years now and I still have things to learn about who I am as a person. This course should help.

  14. To me, it sounds scary. I don’t know how I could meet my own needs for love. I have no idea how to do that. I’m probably in the second phase.

    • It won’t be easy but if you don’t do it you will live in regret your whole life. Loving and respecting yourself should always come first. Above all else.

  15. You’ve made me curious about the other videos which I haven’t seen yet so I’m going back to see them all.

  16. You are so right. Soon after I graduated, I wasn’t at all excited anymore with that whole thing. It was just another goal I achieved and nothing more.

  17. Just by listening to you I now understand why so many of my colleagues at work feel the need to play all sorts of different roles like the joker or the rebel.

    • We can see these “roles” all around us and sometimes we even play them depending on the circumstances.

  18. A very well done presentation. You’ve convinced me to try it! I do need to go from Knight which I am at right now to Sage and the other phases.

  19. “I’m not good enough.” is always in my head. It’s how I feel. Sometimes it motivates me into action and other times it just hurts.

  20. By watching these 5 free videos I’ve learned more than I did by paying for a course a few months back! It’s amazing how much great information you gave out.

  21. I was on the fence until now but video 4 and this one made me decide I want to join your program.

  22. You really have contributed! I’ve learned so much so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that one day I will be able to afford your program. Right now I can’t but one day soon, I will.

  23. It would be nice to know each phase by heart and to be able to go to each one when/if needed.

  24. I’m past dating, I want to become better, to live and not just exist. To find meaning in my life.

  25. Would love to be so confident that I could talk to a woman I barely met completely truthful.

    • Who wouldn’t? Most men are generally afraid that their ego will get trampled if they’re truthful so they prefer to first test the terrain. And there are those that never reveal their true selves to a woman.

  26. I agree with what you said: I want to get advice from someone that is way ahead of me. Like 10 years ahead.

    • Make sure you get it from someone that has done it and can also come back to it to fully understand what you’re going through right now.

  27. I waited until all the videos were out so I can watch them back to back. I feel like that helps. If anyone out there is stubborn minded like me and has a hard time understanding this stuff, watch them all in order now since they are all up. It helps.

  28. I went through the motions for years. I was raised to just do what I was told and to carry on through life. It sucked. I woke up at the age of 37 without anything to be happy over. I hated my job, I divorced my wife who had cheated on me, the home I lived in had so many issues. I hated life. I want to change and I want to be fulfilled.

  29. It is amazing how you can unlearn these bad patterns and replace them with actual depth. I wasted a lot of time. I want my life to get back on track. I never had issues with dating but I struggled with meeting goals and this ended up hurting my relationships.

  30. I was in phase 2 for YEARS. I mean I was all about the gym. I wanted to workout daily, reach my goals in and out of the gym. I ended up becoming one of the top earners at my place of work. I had no real material wants. My body was perfect. I had women falling over me. My confidence and working drive was appealing. Guess what? After years of this… Life sucks. David, you are a blessing to a lot of men out there like me.

  31. I loved the nightlife and if it wasn’t for my sister introducing me to year a few years ago, I never would have changed. Really loved this series. This helped me shape my world and see what I need to change to make things happen. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

  32. I never felt worthy of love or deep connections. My father was not a nice man and because of his actions, I never concerned myself with these things because deep down, I felt I didn’t deserve it anyways. It sucks to go through like with this mindset. If anyone else out there is like me, really listen to David here. It applies to you guys too.

  33. This was a great recap. I was shocked it was nearly 50 minutes long. I felt like I was only sitting here for maybe 10 minutes. That is how I know you had my complete attention. This was another great series and I am happy to have learned from it. Hopefully, my growth will start soon.

  34. I grew up with people around me telling me I wasn’t good enough. Be it my looks or my skills. I have never been able to love myself and I am only just now realizing that this is the reason I have never been able to be happy in a relationship. How can I learn to love myself?

  35. So in phase two, this is all about hard work and hustle. I start reaching goals and this will improve life but I need phase three to keep it in check, right? I feel like these phases outside of the first one keep each other in check. Unless I am not understanding this right.

  36. Having watched every video in the series I feel like I have a deeper understanding of not only myself but the people in my life and why they are there. I hope in the future you do something on the company a man keeps. I think that is a powerful thing that not many people consider. Another great series David, thank you!

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