Day 3 of the "5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs"

Few people realize how success in life is an ever-evolving phenomenon.

There are different challenges to face at each step.

First, you need to realize you can change by taking massive action and making things happen.

You can then start making progress.

Become better with women…

Make more money...

Or get into better shape…

However, there’s more to success than having this make sh!t happen attitude.

You could have a great relationship, plenty of money in the bank, a great physique, and a lavish lifestyle…

Yet you'll reach a point where your successes don’t mean as much as you’d expected.

You'll feel an emptiness inside, which you may try to fill by being more successful... but all you end up doing is burning yourself out.

Or you start doing something excessively to take the edge off how you feel.

Like drinking too much or taking too many drugs…

You may even get so fed up, you just stop trying... and quickly tumble backward.

Your relationships fall apart.

Your career suffers.

Your health deteriorates.

This is because the grit and discipline you relied on for motivation to make more money, be more successful with women, or get into shape…

Simply isn’t enough anymore.

You don’t get any real meaning out of the work you do apart from getting more money in your account... that you don't even enjoy using any more.

You’re unable to connect deeply with people or grow a serious relationship.

You have a yearning in life to feel fulfilled. Yet you know working harder isn’t the way to get there.

Your view of success has evolved.

You need another approach besides what you got you to this point.

You need something else to reach that next level of success and fulfillment.

You need to grow in a different way than before to reach a new level…

A level where you can have intimate relationships with women and connect with them on a level you've never experienced before

Where the work you do gives you more meaning in your life.

You need to know how to reach this next level so you can enjoy the success you have and attain fulfillment.

This is what I'm going to reveal in my 5-day video series on continually breaking through to increasingly higher levels of success and happiness in life.

I’ve already given you access to videos 1 and 2…

Now, things are getting even more interesting

In video 3, you’ll discover how to go beyond society’s idea of success.

So after you find out how to take control of your life by taking action and getting sh!t done…

You can then discover how to reach the next level in your journey to happiness and success.

Watch this video now and experience the joy, happiness, and love which is better than anything money can ever buy.

David Tian

QUESTION: "Have you ever experienced any of the aspects of the Phase 3 Sage energy?"


59 responses to “Day 3 of the “5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs” [Legendary]”

  1. I’m scared of commitment. I’ve been hurt multiple times and it’s very hard to completely trust another woman and let my guard down.

  2. Variety can only get you so far. I prefer to invest long term and improve myself and the relationship I have with my girlfriend.

  3. I’m just like Nathan the virgin and would like to get better at dating. Will this program help me?

  4. Why aren’t we taught in school about things like these? Why do we waste time on so many topics we will never use in real life?

    • Because people like you or me don’t get involved in this. We just sit on the sidelines without actually trying to change things. Things don’t change if we don’t do anything.

  5. A sense of connection is something many of us want. We all want to be connected, really connected to someone else.

    • I’m going to get this framed and put it in my room because sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

  6. I find it very difficult to concentrate on myself. Isolation doesn’t help me at all, quite the opposite.

    • Isolation is the worst. I feel depressed and I can’t wait to be able to return to my regular life.

  7. The need for significance has “helped” me waste so many years of my life. I’m so done with it.

  8. I had a needy girlfriend a few years back. I liked her but she was so needy that we just had to part ways.

  9. I really like how you pointed out the differences between being worthy of love which we all are and being worthy of a trophy. There’s a huge lesson there.

  10. When you talked about being needy I felt you were talking to me. I feel like that. I know I need to do something about it, just don’t know what.

  11. Figuring out my own needs for love in myself. Now that’s hard! I’m working on it but boy it’s not easy I’ll tell you that.

  12. It’s so easy for you to say these things. They seem to come to you naturally but it’s going to be difficult for me and probably others to get to that space/phase.

  13. I can’t seem to save up money for anything. It’s like my energy isn’t in tune with money staying around me. I see my friends save up and we seem to spend about the same on things. I just don’t know why I am like this…

  14. So true what you said about success being an ever-evolving phenomenon. Just because you “hit the jackpot” in life or reach you ultimate goal, doesn’t mean you should immediately stop reaching for more. I can see myself striving for success till the day I die!

  15. I think I get what you mean. I seem to “have it all” the looks, money, the girl, but I feel really empty, like nothing really matters. It reminds me of like celebs who have it all who are really depressed. What do you think is going on with me? Was I just born this way with this kind of brain wiring?

  16. Empathy and compassion can go a long way! So agree with what you say about life taking a whole new meaning once you realize these important and ESSENTIAL traits to living a fulfilling life 🙂

  17. I have a good friend right now who is drinking way too much to “fill the void”. It’s so sad. Any tips on how I can approach him about his drinking? He’s a functioning alcoholic at this point, although he does seem to drink way more at night when he isn’t working. I’m really worried about him. I think his childhood drove him to drink later on in life. But he’s really secretive about it and puts on the front that everything is okay, but it clearly isn’t. He can’t keep a relationship because no upstanding girl wants to be with an alcoholic. I fear not only for his health, but also, that he will end up with a girl who is also an alcoholic and they will just be in a toxic, codependent relationship.

  18. I love that painting in the background of your vid. So my style! But what you say is truth. Really respect it and I think we can all take some lessons from what you are teaching!

  19. I wish the world could fully grasp these 5 phases, could you imagine?! I know video 4 & 5 haven’t come out yet but I know they are gonna be just as awesome and important.

  20. We need to find out our true selves and stop living by society’s expectations. #preach

  21. I’m an older fellow, had my “breakthrough” in 1996. I was very lost, working on Wall St. I dreaded going to work each day, in fact, some mornings I even cried before getting out of bed. Something internally just “snapped” and one day, I didn’t go to work. Kind of reminded me of the movie ‘Office Space’ where he doesn’t go to work anymore because he “doesn’t feel like it”. Well, that happened to me, sans hypnosis. I got back to my true self, now I am a counselor and have never been happier. Money doesn’t always equal happiness, folks. I think what you are saying David is important and valuable. You only have one life to live, why not make it the best you can?

  22. I think a lot of the root causes of infidelity in relationships stems from one person’s emptiness. What you are showing people could make a world of difference in the divorce rate in this country!!

  23. When I graduated high school, the thought of going to college to get a good job later on just never sat well with me! I didn’t listen to my true self, and ended up getting a degree in something I totally despised (law). I only did it to make my mom and dad happy, and because society says getting a law degree must mean you are bound for success. But, I hated it. I hated every waking moment. This hate fueled a decline in my personal life as well. I’m really getting some great tips and help from yous videos, David. It’s like you are talking directly at me personally. I can really connect with it.



  24. We can’t escape comparing our lives to others in today’s world. It’s in our face 24/7 on FB, IG and more. People trying to show their “success” and shove it in our faces. So, naturally, we feel more obligated to be more successful so that we can “beat them” in the success game… but really, what are we gaining? One of my favorite quotes is “Comparison is the thief of Joy” and to me, this video lesson reminds me of that.

  25. I am making my husband watch these, David. He has been so distant. I hope that it helps him <3 Sending love from Brisbane, Australia.

  26. I did what you mentioned about that guy. I was dating a lot and getting loads of women but over time, the sex became boring and the conversations felt empty. I got to a point where I just stopped bothering with women for almost a year. You think you want that life until you have it, and yeah it is fun but the fun doesn’t last.

  27. My husband was once a serial dater. He never wanted to settle and he wanted as many connections with women as possible. When he met me, he was so worn out with women and these “connections” that he had become depressed. We were friends for a few months before we even dated and I was the first woman he told he loved outside of his mother and sister. Men need connections and love.

  28. It is funny because you don’t really learn about this stuff when you are growing up. You think in your teenage years, sex is everything. You reach your 20’s and it is all about drinking, partying, and having sex. You don’t really see love between younger couples these days, especially with guys.

  29. I watched both phase one and two, happy to be here for phase three. I feel like I am actually learning something here. Learning not only about myself but really understanding how relationships work. This is great work David, I just want to say thank you for all of your help.

  30. I was raised to hide my feelings and actually hate emotion. My father was not one to show either unless he was angry. He was not very affectionate with my mother so I didn’t learn how a relationship functioned outside of what I saw on TV and in movies. Those relationships are lies so I had been stuck for years. Very happy to have found this series.

  31. So I am in phase three when I can look inside of myself and accept my deeper emotions? Like I am able to see outside of myself and have a desire for deeper connections. I am trying to understand this. I am not sure where I am. I feel like I might be too needy still.

  32. I feel like I have a lot of wounds that need to be healed. I am trying but I seem to be stuck in anger. I am angry at my parents, past friends, my siblings… I feel like I was robbed of security in my mind and I had a cheapened love that was only ever conditional.

  33. I don’t like to be vulnerable but I want change. I struggle with both though. I feel like I am in phase one and phase two wanting to be in phase three, if that makes sense? I am trying to figure this out but I feel like my old habits and way of thinking is keeping me stuck.

  34. How do I love myself? I am asking in the sense of not knowing what I should do for me. How can I love myself in a healthy manner and get to a point where I am capable of unconditional love? I feel like I am always seeking something in return for my time.

  35. My sister always told me that she would get fuzzy feelings and butterflies just from sharing with other people. Doing kind things for strangers does this as well. I never understood that. Is that unconditional love? Is it a love that is given and received through your inner-self without anyone else doing anything for you?

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