Day 1 of the "5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs"

In life it’s common to make the mistake of thinking you can’t change your situation.

You think you will always be bad with women.

You think you will always have low confidence or low self-worth.

You think you will always work in a dead-end job.

Or whatever other personal problem you may have.

You may have tried before to change your luck... by practicing pick up or trying to be more confident, dieting, or exercising.

Maybe things went well for a while.

You started getting girls’ numbers, going on dates, maybe you even got laid or started a relationship.

But then things fell apart, and you ended up feeling worse than before you started.

This may be such a bad experience, you prefer to stop trying to get better with women or whatever it was you were doing.

In fact, you may even give up trying to improve any area of your life, as you think it will just result in more pain and sorrow.

Luckily, some guys keep on trying and persevere until they get better.

However, you can still hold onto this impossible to improve mindset with other areas of your life…

It could be with finances, fitness and diet, making more money…

You feel stuck at the level you’re at and doubt if you will ever attain your goal.

If you can relate to what I’m saying, then I have some important news.

You’re not alone!

Almost everyone goes through the same thing.

At some point in their lives, they try and fail and then think their situation is hopeless.

However, there are people who overcome this and make an outstanding life for themselves in all areas of life.

In short, it’s about having breakthroughs.

paradigm shift in attitude or perspective, in which you see what you were doing or how you were thinking... was the actual problem.

Then you can adjust your approach and skyrocket ahead.

This process has been well-documented by scientists and psychologists.

Those who don’t understand it become resentful and bitter as they grow older.

They live a dull life and miss out on becoming the person they could’ve been

On amazing relationships, career advancement, and other successes.

When you understand it, you can start building the outstanding life you want for yourself.

It’s like your own personal blueprint for success.

This is why I’ve decided to put together this 5-day video series on how to live an outstanding life.

The insights I will reveal over the 5-days will propel you forward to higher and higher levels.

And, most importantly, allow you to live the life you want.

You see, we are all basically the same, we are just at different stages in life.

This is why different things work for different people.

The reason some piece of advice, book or course didn’t work for you was because it didn’t match where you were at the time.

You were at a phase in your life which required a different solution to bring you forward.

Getting the guidance for your current, exact stage in life is the key to making progress in life...

Whether it’s with dating and relationships…

Dieting and exercise…

Your career…

Personal growth…

Or anything else.

This is what will make you unstuck and start dating the women you want…

Or fixing your diet and working out so you can get the body you want…

Or growing in your career and making more money…

Or simply becoming the person you want to be.

I’m going to explain this process to you over the next 5 days.

Watch video 1 of this 5-day course now to discover how YOU can move forward and make an outstanding life for yourself.

David Tian

QUESTION: "Have you or anyone you know ever fallen for the myth that you can't better at dating, relationships, or mastering your emotions?"


57 responses to “Day 1 of the “5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs” [Legendary]”

  1. Why do we often think we can’t change our situation? I wonder why this is the case for so many people.

    • I think it’s because we aren’t “wired” to think otherwise. If we were taught in school that we can always change things, become better, then we would have more self confidence and actually do it. In most schools, teachers nowadays just want their paycheck and aren’t really in it for the love of teaching.

      • James and Brian, why do you guys feel this way? I mean, I’m not exactly a success myself but I know I’m not a loser either. I try to be careful how I talk to myself because it matters. A lot.

        • I’m 42, divorced, with 2 wonderful kids that are with their mother, I currently don’t have a job and I feel depressed most of the time. My parents think I’m never going to amount to anything and they are probably right.

          • Hey James, divorced, 3 kids (got you), my parents always favored my sister over me, no job, no prospects. And still, I know I’m no failure. Just going through a rough patch that’s all. And you are the same. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be better. Start small and improve yourself and your life with baby steps, daily.

          • James, you’re being too hard on yourself. Just start small, like Laura said. Do a few pushups, shave, shower, read a few pages. Try to find the things you like to do, learn, improve on and start right away. And listen to what Dr. Tian has to say.

          • From personal experience, if you just watch these free videos from David Tian, you will be on your way to a better you. His courses are amazing (I’m a former student) and even his free stuff is great.

  2. “we are all basically the same, we are just at different stages in life.” – I like this. Makes me feel I’m not a failure, just not a success yet.

    • I agree and feel the same way. I think I used different teachings all wrong because they weren’t really made for that me. I now understand them differently.

  3. Like always, you deliver a lot of interesting and useful information in a free video. Looking forward to the others and the course.

  4. I’ve recently had a breakthrough when I realized I am the only person responsible for my own life. No one else is. I am in charge. I hope I can take this to the next level with your course.

  5. @Alex, Laura, Connor, Jerry – Thanks for the pep talks, everyone. Appreciate it. Will try to do better and be better.

  6. David, it seems that your presentations and courses are getting better and better as time passes. Really liking the progress you’ve made.

  7. I’m in this sort of a loop of breakthroughs and it’s getting tiresome because I don’t feel like I’m making any headway.

    • Been there, done that. It takes strength but you need to just decide that you want more from life and from yourself. David’s course will help for sure.

  8. I so found myself in what you said. I was conditioned not to learn when I was a kid because my parents didn’t believe in kind words at all.

    • I think many kids (now adults) went through similar things where their parents or teachers didn’t help them want to learn, stay curious and want to get better. That’s why we need to change that mindset within us and then in others.

  9. Continual learning and continual improving. That right here is the name of the game. We often think that just because school is over we should stop learning. We should never stop learning and improving.

    • It’s hard for most people. I just started working on myself. I workout daily, meditate almost daily, read and try to improve 1-2 skills. I’ve started learning a new language and that helps.

  10. I have loved your courses thus far. I was excited to hear you did another one. I am here and ready to learn. I need to get my life together and I trust you the most when it comes to life coaches. You are simply amazing! Keep helping people out, I know you have helped me.

  11. The first part where you talk about diets hit me hard. I recently started a diet. I gave it 30 days and didn’t lose a pound. I was counting every single calorie and it was just so discouraging. So for me, I know something else needs to change. There is a reason I am not reaching my goals. I think I need to grow as a person.

  12. I want to really alter my life and fix everything. I feel like I have been stuck in my life for the last 10 years. Ever since my health issues started I have just struggled to feel good in general or good emotionally. I am always disappointed because I seldom see positive change.

  13. I went to school with someone who made it big. He had LOADS of money but one mistake and he lost everything. His wife even left him. He tried to end his life and even failed at that but it woke him up and made him realize life is more than status or money. Don’t let your life get you here to have a breakthrough.

  14. My emotions are kind of a mess. I broke up with my girlfriend of 12 years because she simply did not want to get married. 6 months later, she is engaged to be married to a man she hardly knows. It hit me hard. I am trying to change and get out of this “phase” and I am hoping you can help me.

  15. Why do most people get stuck? I just don’t get it. It seems like people are almost always stuck somewhere in life and very few of them get unstuck so they end up in a loop of failure and disappointment. I don’t want to keep going this way. I want change.

  16. I know someone who has completely changed their life thanks to your videos so I am here looking for the same help. I don’t want to rely on fake milestones or empty emotions. I want to know how to be genuinely happy. When you mentioned emotional intelligence, I feel like I never learned how to function properly with mine and therefore my intelligence is lower.

  17. Looks and money don’t mean anything!? You don’t say! Haha I know a man who does not look great. He is overweight and doesn’t have the best income but people love him and women fall all over him and I never understood what it was until I got older and stepped away from the picture.

  18. Growth is something I struggled with. I am hoping that I can break out of this. So many times I have just got stuck in life where I am not happy. Not happy in my relationships, my work, my everything. I am here for these 5 phases. I want a new life and I know it starts with fixing me.

  19. Love and dating has always involved skill. I am an introvert and spent a lot of time sitting back and observing people. Some people are just horrible at it and I think it comes down to their own confidence and unless you change you, your skills won’t improve. You have to grow!

  20. I am in the first phase myself. I suck at socializing. I noticed it for years now but I felt like I was just doomed for this. It is good to know that I can change and I am here to learn. I am hoping to turn my life around this year in a big way.

  21. I spent a long time thinking that dating was something I just couldn’t have options in because my socializing skills are awful. I only ever dated guys who kind of fell into my lap. A lot of them were, well… Not very attractive and not very motivated in life. It wasn’t until I put myself out there and told a man I liked him that things changed for me.

  22. This video felt so short like it was only on for 2 minutes but then I realized 20 minutes had past. This is a great lesson worth learning and you have my attention. I remember reading about you on a blog post a few years ago and it seems fate would have me learning from you today.

  23. I do wonder how people end up at a phase in life where they can’t grow. Could it be down to emotional issues from when they were younger? I grew up with a very narcissist parent and spent years never feeling good enough at anything I did so I am fairly damaged here man.

  24. I never knew you could change behaviors like this. I will be honest, the first few minutes I was not sold on the idea but as I kept watching, it became more and more clear to me. I see what can be changed and why. I am looking forward to the next 4 phases.

  25. Brilliant intro once again, David. I have watched nearly every single video and lessons you have put out and I can’t get enough of your teachings. Soon as I heard about this one I was in it for the long game. I know I need to improve things and I know you are the man to show me how!

  26. I never thought you could improve social intelligence or emotional intelligence because it was always beat into my head that this is what you learn as a child, not as an adult. Having been open up to this new reality, I am ready to learn what comes next. I want to change and grow again.

  27. My wife told me for years now that I have been stuck on repeat and in a rut and if it wasn’t for her loving me as much as she does, she would have left. That was hard to hear. I have not been happy with work or my friendships in a long, long time and I need a change.

  28. How long would this take to see change? I know a lot of people online praise you for your work but it is all new to me. I want to feel better in my life right now. I am sick of being sick and tired. I am always depressed and feel overwhelmed but bored at the same time.

  29. I will be waiting for the next video. This was a great introduction to what this lesson has to offer and I want to see what can change in my life. I often don’t see things that need to improve unless someone else points it out for me.

  30. Hello David, thanks for making these videos. I agree when you say that consistency is key. If you quit something halfways, chances are you’re gonna end up worse than when you started.

  31. Negative anchor to grows is definitely real. I think growing up in a christian family certainly did not help on this topic.

  32. “Secret to fulfilment and happiness in life is progress”. Could not agree more with you, David. This definitely has been true throughout my career. I often ended up switching jobs because i felt like i wasn’t making any progress. Loving this first episode

  33. Emotions are definitely the most complicated aspect of our lives. I’m looking forward to the next phases, this one was amazing!!, Cheers from U.S

  34. Hi David. Thanks for continuously sharing and uploading all of this free content. I just wanted to mention that I loved the Point of No Return video from some time ago. I realized that I didn’t really take advantage of many opportunities to improve my life (or just learn a new skill). Indeed, many of the people around me strongly believe in the idea of ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ and they end up drifting through life. I’m looking forward to your next video. I love the Wang Yang Ming quotes too.

  35. I didn’t know what to think about dating when I was younger but I have always been reflective about all my relationships. When certain people used to show me respect but suddenly stopped giving me respect or when I used to get good treatment but suddenly stopped giving me the good treatment. What I needed to know was that this is my responsibility to learn social skills and master my emotions.

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