Day 2 of the "5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs"

When most people think of success, they think it’s about achieving X, Y or Z.

Having a great relationship

Making loads of money and having a lavish lifestyle

Being confident or dominant

So they follow what society tells them to do.

They finish school.

They go to university.

And they get a job where they do what they're told to do.

They think they deserve to be happy because they’ve followed the rules... and get angry later because they don't become happy.

This is a one-dimensional take on success.

They lack a bigger purpose, a deeper meaning in life… and are just going through the motions.

They become resentful when they don’t get the success they crave.

This approach ignores the other dimensions of life, which are richer and more fulfilling...

And change your life in ways that are more profound than society’s common definition of "success."

We can be so driven for this version of "success" that we ignore important emotions and states, such as empathy, compassion, or gratitude.

And we forget to give ourselves the love and acceptance all human beings need.

Fortunately, you CAN discover the other dimensions of success that will take life to a higher level you may not even have known exists.

This is why you don’t feel the satisfaction you expected to feel when you started having success…

Maybe you feel stuck or even disappointed at the lack of fulfillment you feel.

If this feels like something you’re going through, then don’t worry.

This is totally normal. It’s what every achiever goes through.

Sadly, however, 95%+ of people stay stuck at this level and can’t break through.

They sink into their despair and delve deeper and deeper into their vices.

They feel empty inside despite having a life full of what society says will make you a success.

The reason this happens is because they don’t realize there is another level of success waiting for them.

A level which perfectly fits their needs and makes all their effort and hard work worthwhile.

A level which complements them where they are and makes them feel fulfilled inside.

Like the icing on the cake to all their achievements.

It’s like they become aware of the matrix of success.

When this happens, you understand different stages of life carry different challenges.

You can be ready for whatever challenges come your way and persevere.

So you can pass through them and reach a higher level more quickly.

They see how deep things go and take on a much greater appreciation of life.

They can see how far they have come and the person they have become.

They live life with more love, connection, happiness, and joy…

And they realize what they went through, working hard and reaching their goals was a stepping stone to attaining this state.

This is when the matrix of success opens up and life takes on new dimensions.

They become comfortable in their skin, with who they truly are…

And enjoy deeper connections with people than ever before.

And this makes them feel fulfilled in deeper ways that money, success and material goods never could.

Watch this video where I reveal the Matrix of Success and how high YOU can really go.

David Tian

QUESTIONS: "In which areas of your life are you a Phase 1 Novice? In which areas of your life do you think you're moving into Phase 2 Knight?"


55 responses to “Day 2 of the “5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs” [Legendary]”

  1. I’ve checked up on you, David, and it seems you are the real deal so I’m super excited about the actual course.

    • It is very deep. Once you understand what phase your life is in right now, you’ll know what you should follow and what not to. You may get some great advice but if it’s not meant for your phase then it’s worthless to you.

    • Yeah, like Kevin said, you need the right advice for you. If you haven’t yet, watch David’s first video and you’ll get more clarity into all of this.

  2. That analogy of the caterpillar was so spot on! OMG! So many of us are just like that at certain moments in our lives. You’ve won me with just that one analogy!

  3. Just because I follow the rules doesn’t mean I should be happy. I had to realize this the hard way. Until I left a paid job and started my own business, I wasn’t free.

    • I know, right? I plan all these cool things to do each day and I end up doing less than half of them. I need to prioritize better.

      • I totally get what you’re saying. I was the same way. I started decreasing my goals so instead of “do 20 pushups” I now say “do 2+ pushups daily before noon” and things are going much better. Because I am very precise and the action is super small and easy to do I want to do it and have almost no reason not to do it. Try it.

  4. I’m so ready for the plateaus because I want to get the breakthroughs! I haven’t really experienced many in my life.

  5. “You can’t earn real love. It’s not real love if you have to earn it.” I’ll just leave that here for anyone to read multiple times. Took me a long time to realize this.

    • I tried to earn love all my life. It’s only recently that I understood the mistakes I made. If you have to force things then it’s not real love.

  6. This is the first time I spent 25 minutes watching a video with a guy telling me how to live a better life. You sir, got my attention.

    • Yeah, Dr. Tian has that effect on a lot of men and women, myself included. I could listen to him all day long. He always has something useful to say and there are lots of hidden gems in his videos.

  7. You really do go all out in your videos! I’ve also checked some of your older videos and there are tons of things I got from those. Great work, David!

  8. I have a feeling this course is going to be mind blowing for me. I have already made a few notes from these 2 videos alone so…

  9. A friend recommended you, Dr. Tian and he was right: you do give away a lot of good stuff for free. Looking forward to learning more from you.

  10. The more I watch these videos (have watched this one 3 times, yeah I’m weird like that) the more I realize how much I need a course like this.

  11. First phase was brilliant. Loving these series. Looking forward to the third one 🙂 – Tony

  12. Novice phase was very interesting…. It definitely was an eye opener, i definitely had that kind of thinking where i gave up and i didn’t even bother on self improvement. I am ready for this!

  13. WOW, i never really thought about the mid life crisis being a cause of being a follower all my life. I always thought that if i just followed the rules it would bring the happiness that i thought i deserved for following the rules. I’m happy to see someone who speaks the truth out there.

  14. It definitely is hard to move away from the life’s “sugar”, technology now is very distractive nowdays. I do not blame the ppl for it because i understand too. I’m there myself. Keep the series coming!!

  15. Was so excited after watching the first video to hear the rest. This one really helped me out to get out of my own head. I gave up so much that I really needed to hear this. I can’t wait for the next video, very excited to see some positive change for once.

  16. I think a big part of the reason I felt stuck and doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes is down to not really having a direction. Not knowing the future makes things harder for me. I get overwhelmed. I really needed to hear this message man. Thank you, David.

  17. Speaking from personal experience, I was one of those guys who would give up when it came to dating. I would only put myself out there so much and if things didn’t pan out, I would just think “Well, it wasn’t meant to be”. This way of thinking has gotten me nowhere in life and I am ready for change.

  18. It is funny you mentioned mastering relationships and those not knowing they can get better end up bitter and resentful. I grew up hearing my mom speak about regretting marrying my father. They are still married but she has become so bitter to him that he doesn’t even show her affection now and she also blames him for that. When you step back and see how badly one person can be stuck and the impact of those around them, it is an eye-opener.

  19. I really enjoyed this. I felt like you were talking to me one on one. I have been struggling with being stuck in my ways for a while now. I never thought I could improve my career, my socializing skills, or any of this but knowing I can and it is possible, a huge weight has been lifted from me

  20. I am a novice in the sense that I really don’t understand relationships. Not just intimate ones but friendships, social circles, etc. I grew up struggling to make friends, meet girls, and establish myself. I never felt like I fit in anywhere but when I started spending more time online, I somehow managed to become more social and I was able to speak to girls/women like never before. This is what woke me up. Now I find your life coach work and it is all making sense to me!

  21. No matter how many times I said I wanted to change, the people around me told me I couldn’t. They said I am who I am and there is nothing I can do. For a while, I didn’t believe it but over time, I started to. I have been in a rut for almost 20 years because of it and I am in need of some change.

  22. One of my biggest struggles in life has been my weight. No matter how much I push myself, how little I eat, nothing changes. I am beginning to think that my weight isn’t changing because of me. I am doing something in my head that is keeping me stuck here. I am ready to understand what is going on and overcome it once and for all.

  23. When you talked about the butterfly in the beginning, it really stuck with me. My older sister said something very similar and this was years ago, but it stuck with me. I just never fully understood it until now. I have always been impatient when seeking change and I am sure I set myself up for failure because if it.

  24. Another great video David! A friend of mine recommended your coaching to me and told me I could watch your videos for free. I thought, what is free can’t be that great of quality but I am blown away. I am learning more about myself and my struggles just by listening to you speak. Amazing!

  25. What makes change so hard? I always ask myself this. It seems like people don’t like change to the point of them accepting the fate and not being able to change what they truly want to. My confidence is low, I am overweight, and I suck at talking to women. Do I want to change these things? Hell yes, but yet here I am still the same as I was when I was 15.

  26. I have seen a lot of changes in my life thanks to your work and while this really isn’t something I need help with, I know plenty who do so I will be sure to spread your messages and videos around so they can reach more people and help so many others out. Great work!

  27. I thought a lot over the years about the phrase “It’s not about the destination, it is the journey” and that came to me again while listening to this. I think the reason people fail, give up, or avoid change is because they don’t want to live from point A to point C. They just want to skip B entirely. Wanting this the entire time, even if you make it to C will just end up making you unhappy.

  28. You are really good at what you teach man. I don’t know what the next few videos will be about but I will be checking daily to see when they go up. I am shocked you are not more well known than you are. Like, you should be getting so much more praise for all the work that you do.

  29. Like many others, I am sure, I have struggled with getting the girl. I would give up after so much rejection and I noticed this wasn’t just happening in my relationships a little while back. I was doing this with my career, my hobbies, learning new things… I would give up half-way through even though I want these things to change so badly. Now I am starting to understand why.

  30. I want to make good money, have a beautiful wife, be confident yet compassionate, in good shape… I want all these things but here I am with none of them. I am hoping I can learn why I have not been successful in life through your work. I don’t want to keep living like this.

  31. Since I was a teenager, I struggled with my weight. It would go up, then down, then up, then down. Now I am at my heaviest and nothing I am doing is helping me to lose the weight. Thinking back to when I was 70 pounds lighter, I wasn’t happy with my body then either. Because I am heavier now, I’d give anything to be smaller again but it seems like deep down, I still would not be happy. Why am I stuck in this kind of loop?

  32. David you are BRILLIANT! I watched some of your other lesson series and they have changed my life. I actually met a woman and married her and have such a loving, trusting, and open relationship with her. We both have mutual respect and a deep friendship, it is amazing. Now I want the same for my career and I am hoping with your help again, I can see that change!

  33. I haven’t watched the video yet. I just finished the first one and was taking notes. I feel like I am going to be stuck on phase 2 for awhile only having just accepted phase one. There is a lot that needs to change with my frame of mind and way of thinking I think in order to truly grow and learn again.

  34. Another good one David. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you give away this knowledge and guidance for free. I spent money and wasted time over the years paying people to help me with my struggles and they never did but you, you helped me seek change, want change, and accept it. Can’t wait for the next video!

  35. I believe that I am a Novice in almost all areas of my life due to lack of activity and commitment to those areas of life. But I believe that I am at a higher level in perspective because I have been reflecting on my life for a really long time as well as reflecting on many different things in life whilst looking at different perspectives. I realised that there are right ways of thinking and doing as well as wrong ways of thinking and doing.

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