Day 4 of the "5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs"

Check out this new infographic that illustrates the "5 Phases" in a handy diagram. I refer to it in the video:

When you think of success, what comes to mind?




Tom Ford suits?

This is what success would look like to many people, and I don’t blame them.

After all, this is the only idea of success they know.

But apart from being successful in achieving concrete goals, success is about happiness and fulfillment.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is achievement without fulfillment.

And fulfillment isn’t about the car you drive or what your zip code is…

It’s a state of being.

A feeling beyond anything material possessions or status can ever give you.

Who you are, as opposed to your material possessions or achievements, is what leads to fulfillment.

You can still crush your goals... yet know there’s more to it than this.

You realize loving and accepting both yourself and the world around you is the greatest success you can attain.

You lose your sense of ego and are free.

You emanate love and joy from inside.

This means you’re not only able to connect more with family and friends…

You’re able to extend these feelings to people around you…

Even to those you don't know that well yet - as you can empathize with their situations and connect with them.

And you discover that whenever you give love to others, YOU also experience love and thus meet your own need for love through giving love.

So in the end, you have and feel more love in your life!

When you reach this state, people sense something special about you and are drawn to you…

Especially women - they’re looking for a man who’s strong AND loving.

It’s extremely attractive to them.

Few people will ever reach this level of success - they don’t know how.

Reaching this phase - the Sage phase - is a level of growth not many people get to…

However, why stop there when you can experience even more love, happiness, connection and acceptance with both yourself and others in life?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could multiply these feelings and make your experience of life even more joyful?

This is what the fourth stage of growth gives you - the Champion phase.

You’re able to give love to everyone, and this brings even more happiness into your life.

The only way you’re going to understand what this feels like is by getting there.

And this is what I’m going to reveal how to do in my new program, The Legendary Coaching Group.

I’ve put this coaching group together to show you how you can make the breakthroughs needed to quickly pass through all the levels from novice to sage, and more.

It will accelerate your success and fulfillment in life.

You won’t fall into the trap of making progress, hitting plateaus, and then getting frustrated or falling back.

Instead, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and skills you need to skyrocket your way to success in your relationships, career, money, health and other areas of life…

And reach a level of contentment inside which emanates from your very being and makes you infectious to all you meet.

Watch day 4 of my 5-day video series to discover how to live a blissful life full of love, connection, and happiness.

David Tian


51 responses to “Day 4 of the “5 Phases of Unstoppable Breakthroughs” [Legendary]”

    • That doesn’t mean you can’t get there or that you shouldn’t aim for being the best version you can be.

  1. I’m trying to work more than everyone else in the room and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m starting to be successful but there’s still a lot to do.

    • Be careful, that on the way, you don’t lose yourself. Make time for the things and people you love.

  2. The sooner we realize that reaching a goal is just a step in our lives, the better. It’s all about the journey in reaching that goal. You have to enjoy the journey.

    • Wise words. The destination is not as important as the actual road you take. Learn to be happy while on the road and you’ll live a fulfilled life.

  3. My parents are driving me crazy! They want me to become a doctor and I don’t want that. I want to become a graphic designer! I love that but I can’t make them understand and don’t know what to do.

    • Don’t give up on your dreams! You parents may mean well but they don’t really know you. You know you. Do what you love and money will follow.

  4. I have a similar life story (without the dating many women thing). But those other things ring a bell.

  5. OMFG! You?! You were suicidal?! I can’t believe it! I mean your life looks great from the outside and I wouldn’t have imagined you ever had such thoughts!

  6. It’s so amazing that you got to “raise” that little girl! That must have been very rewarding. Hard (especially for a bachelor) but rewarding.

  7. So cool that you used the wording “I’ve had the privilege”. That shows the kind of man you are.

  8. You’ve just made a grown man cry, David. When you said the reason why you didn’t do it when you were on your motorcycle.

  9. To anyone that hasn’t watched yet, please watch the whole video for some shocking things.

  10. What if I feel like a Champion but don’t have the money to back it up? I don’t need the world to like me or to give me prizes, but at the same time, I don’t have the financial stability I should have at this time in my life.

  11. I want to get to a point where I want and have something to contribute with. Now I want to but I don’t think I have what’s needed to make a good contribution.

  12. Having a mentor is always great, but how do you go about finding them? What if you don’t know anyone that you look up to?

  13. OMG so much truth! My mom is a doctor and my dad is an engineer. They have always pressured me to go to med school. I’m not knocking the medical field, but there’s a reason why so many med students are depressed! I lasted 2 semesters. My parents cut me off financially. I work at a coffee shop now, but I feel free and at ease. My path will take me where it needs to be, I feel that.

  14. It’s my belief you can’t be content in a romantic relationship until you are content with your life 🙂

  15. LOVE you analogy about trying to tell someone who’s in the second dimension what the third dimension is like. This is RIGHT ON! Keep up the good work you are doing bro!

  16. Some of the saddest people I know are rich, rich in money and material processions that is.

  17. I’ve been in a relationship almost constantly since I was 17 years old. I’m 32 now, and a year ago I broke it off with my then gf. The world came crashing down once I was officially single. I had to deal with a lot of personal things that were covered up by the co-dependent relationships I was in back to back. Your words speak to me because I want to know why I can’t be alone? Why can’t I just be content? These are issues I look forward to continuing to sort out.

  18. David, thank you for your openness about having suicidal thoughts. I too have gone through this as well. Looking inward can be difficult but I believe also it’s the only way to “move up”.

  19. I think I get this, but I still feel kinda connected to the thought that I need nice cars and a nice house to have happiness. I am working towards moving to the next phase at my own pace. Thank you David for giving me hope. You are doing a great favor and service to others.

  20. I struggle with giving unconditional love, but the Sage energy makes more sense how you explained it…

  21. I have a lot of friends that go out and buy the nicest furniture, the newest phones, but they are lonely people. I consider myself VERY lucky that I realize these things don’t equate to happiness and that we can’t buy things to make ourselves feel whole. I feel very in tune with myself and what makes me happy.

  22. We have a view of love that’s too flat and one sided, like you said, people think it’s about neediness.

  23. I like the titles of the phases. It really helps to understand what each one is about. I feel like I have been stuck in phase 4 for awhile now. I have no issue loving others and I don’t expect anything in return. I feel great but I still struggle with my career and my intimate relationships.

  24. I want to lose weight, get a career promotion, and finally, buy a home. I have a wonderful woman in my like but everything else just feels stuck in a rut. She knows I am not happy and asked why I haven’t done anything about it yet. That is what brought me here.

  25. I learned so much from the first 3 phases that I am back for another one! I can’t wait for the 4th. I am going to watch this series over and over again. I started taking notes. I want to fully understand this information and use it to better myself and my life.

  26. I think most men chase achieved goals and think they will be fulfilled. They often miss out on the journey and this is why you end up feeling so unfulfilled. I did this with relationships. I tried to “master dating” and reach goals. It was bad. I feel like you did exactly what I did and it was awful, wasn’t it? Anyways, really appropriate all the years and experience that went into this.

  27. When you started talking about raising and lowering stats when it came to dating I lost it. It reminded me of a man who taught dating through coaching classes years ago. I paid for it with one of my friends and this guy made it all about a game. There was no real end goal. It was just nothing but dating and empty relationships.

  28. I was cheated on. The woman I was with for the last 9 years had cheated on my 3 times when I was out of town. She confessed months after the fact and it really wrecked me. I feel like I struggled with the same emotions as you. It sucks to think you have security only to find out it was false security and you never really knew what true security was.

  29. I spent a long time living in a one dimensional life. I was only interested in drinking, partying, sleeping around. I was like this for nearly 20 years. I woke up approaching my 40’s when I had to take care of my nephew. My sister had got into some trouble with her ex and was sent to prison for 2 years. I agreed to take in her son for the time. He was only a year and a half. Spending those 2 years with him changed me. I learned how conditional love worked and why the lifestyle I was living left me feeling so empty.

  30. Phase one love is narcissistic love. It is all about “me, me, me!” what about my needs, what are you going to do for me? I think this is why so many guys are stuck there. We are taught this as teenage boys that sex and status matter more than a deep connection. Really enjoying this series. I was stuck in phase one for a long time. I ended up getting to phase 3 on my own over the years but now I am stuck on what you’d call phase 4. Hoping to change this.

  31. So being a sage is about giving love and feeling great about it and being a champion is about understanding the power of love and where to direct it? I am a little confused on this. I understood everything until this point. Is it okay to be a sage and not a champion?

  32. I want to be able to be a giving person and put my needs aside. I am a Christian and I want to be as much like Jesus as I can be. I know this might sound silly to non-Christians but what you are teaching helps with this. I am happy to have found your series.

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