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I’ve been talking about my upcoming Rock-Solid Relationships and Masculine Mastery courses, and I wanted to gift you something very special.

In this video is one of the most powerful exercises for “waking up” your dark side masculinity, so any woman you’re with feels incredible desire for you as a man.

It shoots your testosterone up (for real, you can measure this), and it reunites you with that “Warrior King” energy that tends to leave us once we’ve been a relationship a while... or even if you’re single and have been stressed out too much lately.

You may wonder why I’m giving this away if I have Rock Solid Relationships and Masculine Mastery about to be released.

The reason is that... as powerful as this gift is that I’m giving away in the video... the version I give in the actual course is 10x better and you can execute it at any time.

This is what gives you that masculine power that not only satisfies your woman... but makes you the kind of man that other people on the street get out of the way for.

It makes you the kind of man where people just treat you differently.

For example... your boss might walk by your cubicle, planning to drop a stack of extra work on your desk... then just SENSE that this is not a good idea... and think to himself, “I’ll give this to some other guy instead” and keep walking.

And it’s the kind of smoldering energy that women nearby at the bar can’t help but notice... and it makes them just stare alluringly your way.

What I want you to do is set everything aside... watch the video... and then do the exercise.

Afterwards, I’m going to have you write down something in the comments below the video.

I will read every one.

I will respond to as many as I can (first come, first serve).

Looking forward to your results.

Dr. David Tian

P.S. – I’m taking this video down pretty soon so I would go watch it right now.

77 responses to “Warrior King Masculinity (RSR V3)”

  1. I think the “Warrior King” is dead within me because I can’t even remember how to talk to a woman. Been with the same woman for over 7 years and we broke up some time back and now I’m trying to get back into it.

    • I’m in that same boat, I’m confident man I can get a conversation out of most Woman hold there attention but crazy thoughts bounce in my head about she don’t want you.. kinda odd but what can I do..Thank you

  2. My girlfriend gets bored about things I repeat 2-3 times so doing anything more than that would just lead to a break up.

    • I’m trying to regain my masculinity as I lost it with my ex girlfriend. Now I’m with someone else who is much better than the old one I can’t wait to see her again after the lock down period is over to show her what a confident person I am

  3. I’m actually much more interested in Masculine Mastery since it’s more in tune with where I am right now.

  4. I so agree that you should be careful about the people you surround yourself with because they are the image of who you’ll soon become.

    • Had to learn that the hard way and I wasn’t able to change my life up until I just left my group of friends and got new ones. They were the kind that liked to party, pick up chicks and have fun and then do it all over again. It’s fun at first but it gets boring and tiresome soon.

  5. That example you gave with the boss wanting to give some extra work to someone – that is so me! It was like you were talking to me!

      • This transaction training is going to have a massive positive effect on my life when I get back into my relationship with my partner she’s going to see a change in me that’s going to be for the best

  6. Is it bad if I like the extra work? I just want to get to the top of my company quicker and going the extra mile should help in the long run, no? Anyway, great videos, Dr. Tian!

  7. Man, I can’t believe you are so right about depolarization! WTF! This is happening to me right now! I’ve become my wife and got some of her traits and she’s become more like me! This is sooooo strange!

  8. Would like to know much more about this “Warrior King”. I need as much help as I can get to even have a chance at dating the girls I like.

    • Seen it and started doing what she said and it works great for me. I’m feeling much better about myself and I feel others can also sense this.

  9. I have been with the same woman for about 3 months now and I am starting to regret it. I think that is a red flag being this earlier in the relationship. She nags me and always tells me what I need to fix or change. It drives me nuts! Should I get away from this? I mean it feels toxic but I do care about her and the sex is great.

    • How the hell can you be regretting a 3 month long relationship? Decide now if you are going to be with her or not. Who cares about the sex if you have to be in a toxic relationship?

    • Sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to dating. Especially when we feel that we are in a rut. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

    • The training will be carried out by myself every day being apart from my partner while we’re in the lock down is hard for the 2 of us but when we get back together she’ll see a change in me and see that I’m a new better person

  10. I remember for years I would say I would never get married, I am not settling down, life is too short, ect. ect. Now I am 51 and I am lonely. All my friends are married with kids. My brothers and sister are all married now. And here is me. Single, alone, depressed. I now wish I had put more effort in to real relationships. I regret it. I am hoping your videos help me out.

  11. Consider me your guinea pig.I am going to test this. I am a decent looking 35 year old man. I have a good job, own my own house, even have a few pets but no women in my life. The most I have been able to get was a steady “friend” who just wanted to have fun. I am ready to settle down. Sex is now boring to me and I want a real connection. Your advice has been fantastic. I look forward to the rest of the series!

  12. I never considered my relationship to be the core of what I was doing with my life in terms of happiness but it makes sense. You want to have a close friend of the opposite sex. One who you can laugh with, one who can help build you to be the best you can be, someone to have intimacy with. I loved the video dude. I can tell you know your stuff. I have to go back and watch the other ones. Thanks so much!

  13. I am in a sexless marriage. I feel like I am the result of what you explained. I am not going to cheat on my wife but I do get frustrated a lot more now than I used to. She tells me I have changed and I told her no, out sexual intimacy has and we just get in to fights. I love her and I am still attracted to her but the desire is gone for both of us. I am not sure what to do. I came here and I will finish up the video. Someone told me about your work and it sounded impressive.

  14. My girlfriend has a problem with my friends and I think I finally understand why. My friends are either single, sleeping around, dating and cheating, or heavy drinkers. I think because I hang around these kinds of guys, in her mind the chances of me being the same or doing the same things is more likely. I get that and I understand it. Now I am actually worried. You mentioned how you are more likely to get obese if you hang out with obese people… What about cheaters?

  15. Holy cow! I never would have thought of the act of becoming more feminine. Also just standing stronger increases testosterone? I HAD NO IDEA! Anyone reading this.. Watch it. Just stop reading the comments and watch it. I am mind blown. Now I have a lot of reading to do. You are fantastic!

  16. I have confidence but I have no will to be in a relationship. It makes sense now… Men are not maters! I never knew that 33% of men actually have children. You would not know it with the population issues in the world. Anyways – I find your video eye opening. I watch the last few and this series is great. Your energy is great. I can tell women flock to you. Looking forward to continuing this.

  17. My ex was very assertive and it used to scare me. He would get overly angry and often blame me. I actually found your information through a friend. I find it all fascinating. I think you are spot on with everything. I am actually learning from you about myself and this is something I never found online before. Going to share this series!

  18. Is feminism an issue here? I have a feeling it is. I dated a feminist. She sucked the life out of me. Before her I was confident, happy, felt like a man’s man! She was very assertive, demanding, often tore into me about anything and everything. She actually became manly over the few months we dated. I didn’t even break up with her.. she broke up with me! Called me a pussy too! I am trying to building back up from her and I think your videos are helping. I am going to try what you shared in this video.

  19. The warrior within me has always been a silent ninja. On the outside I seem one way , and different in the inside. I’ve always had a ? inside, seen it more in relationships. I’ve had a few similar experience in respect to women in my life saying they feel a certain way around me. I never understood what they meant but it makes sense. I am assuming your conclusions are correct because of the science backing it ; ican accept the assumption. I’ve been told in a relationship that they can cry around me , forget about all the stress they’ve been going thru , don’t have to worry about anything , etc. I wasn’t sure what she meant until now. I just knew she thought I was good at sex. LoL. Another girlfriend would not say things direct rather do things. She would take my lead , hold my hand , hip to hip , almost telling me she felt safe with my security. Idk. That’s what I felt , they were short , though. Me being 6’2 had to do with it most likely. Another girlfriend, would soeak really passionate to me , used words in Spanish even though she don’t speak fluent . She would also offer me flights to Hawaii , move in with her into her house , etc . So with her she told me she liked me direction if style I take, just upfront, and self assured . I must’ve met her less than 5 minutes of walking into a venue with 30 minutes before last call. Whe. We first hung out , she would be at my hip to hip the whole night and wanted assurance about being with me. She’d say a lot of passionate verbage . I am friends with all of them to this day and keep light contacted the with them , actually with most of the women I’ve slept with. Except for the ones thstre now married. My warrior is prepared to train for the tournament , endured for a marathon , skilled with sprints , ready to go anytime , anywhere , and with anyone. I’ve had to practice cooling it because I had to exit my job at big bank as a banker because the investment banker was an ex marine who thought I would be passive with his bullying tactics and verbage . In front of peers says he’d like to punch me in the face then said she. Your ready. I replied I am ready right now but Id break his nose in. A couple of hr interviews later , I learn to cool the dragon and say ” I am sorry you feel that way” turn around and exit room. LoL. That’s been my experience with my warrior, idc what military background I’ll give an ass whooping to all. I don’t discriminate. ?

  20. Confidence is really one of the key things that im after. Hopefully we’ll be getting some great results.

  21. Relationship with your partner is right, every part in life will work, that is so true. I can confirm this!

  22. I always felt pretty good about relationship. I understand what you are saying, but I think I’ll have to get deeper into your course before I can be sure.

  23. Another great video for the series! David, you are looking it right now and men all over the world are learning more!

  24. When it comes to learning a new way of doing something, repetition is key and i think that is where your video series is doing the most for people!

  25. Thanks for the free gift David. You are already providing so much to us and even though I am single right now, I do not plan to be much longer!!

  26. One of the best videos yet. Thanks for having me do this exercise. My relationship could is some work, or I’m told. By changing the way I am, I feel like my relationship will get better.

  27. My relationship is rock solid and I have always felt that it was because I put more time and effort into the happiness of my wife than myself. Maybe that is not the case? Maybe I should look into myself a little more and that it will make us even more solid? Thanks for the hype David!

  28. There was a time when my wife had an issue with the co-workers that I was hanging around with. They were younger than me and I really just didn’t fit into begin with. Taking control of my life by getting away from things like that has made my life with my wife even better!

  29. My warrior does not come out to play that often either. I find that I am on one end or the other when it comes to bringing the “warrior” out. Maybe this video series will help me?

  30. I have already signed up for your newsletter and the cheat sheet. Is there anything else that I am missing

  31. I like the way you try and teach us to control the man part of us from the inside. That is some next level stuff man, thanks!

  32. I have never planned on getting married, but after college there was something that changed on the inside of me. I really wanted to have someone to share things with and not really just friends. I have yet to find that someone and maybe it is because of me. I will try and go through your series and see what happens!

  33. OL, if my boss would walk passed my desk just ONE time without handing me more work that would be a miracle.

  34. That Harvard study is pretty serious. I have looked into that and really am amazed at how long the study went on. Very interesting to say the least.

  35. I am not one that can handle things on the fly, or as they come. I need to have practice with that. I am hoping that your videos can help me, what do you think?

  36. I always feel like I can talk to anyone, especially any woman that I meet. The problem is that I cannot seal the deal and the conversation dies rather quickly. I might need help with that.

  37. If I could get some “warrior king” testosterone that would be awesome. Your video got me so pumped up now, I am just not sure where to start!

  38. I have been thinking about waking up the dark side. I have read about this in the past and even though I am not sure what I am going to find, it sounds like a fun adventure. All the ladies better look out!

  39. The GF Game Trap was a good video. I am so glad that I found this online video series. I hope that I can get through all three videos and really learn something about myself! Thanks, David!

  40. Dr. Tien, It’s amazing that things like what you explain happen to so many man and they (including me) don’t know what’s going on, what’s wrong and why the woman in their lives tend to go away or push them away. THANK YOU for putting things in a different perspective to make it easy to understand the reason and psicologi behind, and better yet to provide invaluable knowledge to get better at being/becoming the best version of a true and masculine man.

  41. I came back to re-learn what I learned.
    It is ok to keep planting new plants in your garden, but if the older plants are neglected – the fruit will stop growing and you lose your green thumb.

  42. After watching the video series have I come to realize where my marriage of 24 years failed!!!! This last video was really an eye opener. You hit the nail on the head with your examples as to depolarization!!! My ex wife and I have 2 wonderful kids together who are now living in broken home. My problem is that I was caught up with work which in turn placed more of the “MANS” job in her lap. I was comfortable with her taking care of the day to day things around the house and making the decisions that I used to do before being consumed with my job. One day she just told me that she “wasn’t happy anymore”. I tried to reconcile the marriage, but I was to late. She had put up a wall and would not let me passed it. So, 24 years of marriage was gone. There were numerous times where I had actually placed the gun in my mouth (literally). thinking that there would never be anyone else who I would be able to share my life with. If it had not been for my kids, I would not be here right now writing you this. I now am in a new relationship, I can relate to my deficiencies. I WILL NOT make the same mistakes twice. I totally understand what you were communicating in this last video, because I can say I experienced it first hand. David, your insight to this issue is amazing and I cannot wait for the other one to come out. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  43. My ideal masculinity self is a man with full contorl of his masculinity and never to be weak again only the strong survive the rest jist get eaten survival of the fittest it is what it is

  44. Cultivating masculine energy is probably my last resort. I’m totally invisible to women. I’m leaking loads of testosterone. Need the boners i had when i was 18.

  45. 10-20yrs from now, I have masterpieces of tattoo work, grey hair, solid physical strength of a man half the age, and a track record of life events that would make a terrific movie. My romantic relationship is with the same woman of the past 10-20yrs, and my future grandchildren think I am the person they want to emulate. My future self has aquired wealth, success, is charismatic, charming, intimidating, and honorable, definately considered generous, and thoughtful. My future self can stare down a charging bull elephant, and befriend a pack of wolves in society. My future self would never be pinned as a tremendous story teller, and never ever has his integrity questioned. My future self is the stuff of legends, a giant of handsome personality, oozing many forms of attraction on several drastically different levels.

  46. Dude.. The song scumbag by Goody Grace featuring Blink 182 basically summarizes the issues that come up when you fail to polarize. It’s a perfect description.

  47. I’ve been so stressed from work for so long I think the chronically elevated cortisol turned me into a shell of a man. Primary Goal: regain sense of self, man, and return to mission with renewed vigor. I know it’s in me. Eventually a female will enter the sphere. Secondary Goal: be equipped to be the best I can be with her.

  48. Passionate loving confident in each other well rounded but when the bedroom door closes MAN IS SHE GOING TO GET IT like in the beginning

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