"The Girlfriend Game Trap" - Don't Be Friend Zoned By Your Woman (Most Guys Make This Same Mistake)


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Did you know you can get friend zoned by your girlfriend... or even your wife?

It sounds too tragic to be true, but it happens.

Sex with your girlfriend or wife becomes just boring... You're stuck in this grey zone... a blah kind of relationship where it’s the same old, routine... and you know the zest is almost completely sucked out.

For some it’s a long, dull, sinking... and for others, it blows apart in cheating or a nasty breakup that you can’t help but feel you could have prevented.

Or, she starts withholding sex... or trying to “bargain” with it... or doesn’t respect you as a man anymore.

This is what happens when try to GAME your girlfriend or wife, instead of internalizing Rock Solid Relationship mindsets.

Yes, even if you’re single, you need to be working on this for several reasons.

First, you can only keep up an “act” for so long.

Yeah, you can get laid with plenty of women with the same "closing date" plan... but once you find the woman you want to spend some more time with, you’ll quickly find that the ‘jig is up’ and that she’s noticed the cracks in your exterior and can no longer trust you to be her long-term lover or partner.

She might dump you, cheat on you, or just put you on ice in a sad “relationship friend zone” where you hold hands and cuddle and kiss, but there’s zero passion and rarely any more sex, no matter how bad you want it.

Also, there’s the fact that you’re never really “done” with improving yourself... including once you have a girlfriend or wife.

There’s something called the “Once and Done” Myth, where men believe, “Oh, once I have sex with a girl and make her my girlfriend and then wife, I’m SET. I can just work on my business. And the relationship game is just automatically taken care of.”

As much as every movie in Hollywood promotes this “happily ever after” myth, the real truth is that it takes actually some careful effort to have an amazing relationship... one where both you and she are exquisitely happy with each other AND have amazing sex and passion that never gets old.

This is something you have to start BEFORE you need it... because once you’re in a relationship, you’re in damage control if you don’t know this.

Oh and if you’re in a relationship already, you definitely need to watch the video above because you may be just weeks from some serious trouble otherwise.

When you watch the video above, please give your comments and questions here. I’ll read every one and answer as many as I can!

David Tian, Ph.D.

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89 responses to “The Girlfriend Game Trap (RSR)”

      • I have been in this trap with a girl now it has burned out completely she has no affection towards me at all anymore. At first it was hot now it’s not! And I live way up on the iron range in Minnesota and it’s really hard to even find a woman that’s hot to go out with the women I’m attracted to just aren’t attracted to me! Sucks

    • Happened to me about 1 month ago… Felt it happening tried fixing it but didn’t workout.. Even approached and asked if everything was alright between us she said yes only to break up a week later and then 2 days after she wants to date as friends but casually then 3 weeks later due to some silly falling out then decided she no longer wants to do this.. Then my self sabotaging trait of not wanting to and still persisting kicked in last 2 weeks past… Very stupid of me… Can’t say there is much of a friendship there as she barely messages or talks.. This is where I need to do what exactly?

  1. After 13 years of marriage, she’s started withholding sex and I feel like she doesn’t respect me anymore :(.

    • Time to open your eyes! Make sure it is not you before you blame it on her. Give her something to respect homey!

  2. It’s so weird to be dating a single woman for a long time. She starts seeing everything about you and you can’t lie your way out of things.

    • I’ve certainly fell into some of these traps. I haven’t really had a relationship thats gone less than 3 years, but never got it to that connection point to “level it up” . I tend to fixate on one woman at a time, never been one to date around or have any “game” . I have hurt a few women pretty bad, but its been my end that tends to lose the spark, so this series really strikes a chord in a different way for me.

  3. After 6 years of marriage I can tell you with certainty that you need to work for it every single day. Nothing is for free and just because she loves you doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your best daily.

    • Usually the ones that talk about it have no idea what they are even talking about. David does and you should be listening!

    • It is for now. That’s also why I’ve bundled together with it another new course I’ve been developing for many years, Masculine Mastery.

  4. I have found the girl of my dreams we’ve always been so passionate, when we are running smooth we are unstoppable, & people around us are quite jealous! Yet with all we’ve been through ups n Downs through the years I feel that we have lost the spark not by boredom, or being to comfortable but by just how much pain we’ve gone through & how much we’ve suffered together its unfortunate that we are not closer than we should be, or used to be!

  5. 2005-2013 went thru sex trap into relationship I wanted out of. 2013 (3months ) went thru sex trap . 2014-2015 sex trap into relationship. All of these time frames , the ladies brought marriage up too. Crazy.

  6. That’s true david when you say that relationship troubles happend long time not short time. Agreed with the message!!

  7. Being artificial will sooner or later damage your relationship.you need to accept the lessons untill they become part of you!

  8. LOL, copying and pasting dialogue. I’ve done it. Sometimes without even reading it. Guilty. Looking forward to your plan.

  9. I’m watching this video as i am in a relationship, Girlfriend game trap is real holysh**. Where do i sign up??

  10. “I only give him a bj when he’s good” LMAOOO you’re awesome dude. I signed up for the newsletter, looking forward to more vids <3

  11. it seems all you are talking about is going on now in my relationship, the sex the game’s ,defiantly picked the wrong lady..
    defiantly being played…
    bad part about it is I known for two weeks =, and did nothing..

    thanks, looking forward to your next video..

  12. Watched your video and felt sick, because not only have I fallen for all the myths & girlfriend game trap, I’ve perpetrated them too. I’m in a 15 year relationship. My woman is hot, sexy & emotionally intelligent. How do I as a man keep my masculine edge year in year out and bring out the best in our relationship long into the future?

    • To me, that means that you GOT IT. Great job and good luck with your next long term relationship.

  13. I spent many years wondering what I was doing wrong. I would meet these beautiful women who seem interested. We date and but nothing ever gets past a kiss or hugging and they say they aren’t looking for anything serious. Most of the time I was not either. Just wanted some casual fun with one lady. This has really opened up my eyes and I wanted to say thank you.

  14. Every time I ended up friend-zoned by a chick I sunk lower. I remember a few years ago I was ready to just give up with women all together. I stopped caring and looking for any kind of relationship with them. Just a few weeks ago I met a woman, got her number and we are planning a date. Glad I found your video before it happened.

  15. I was one of those guys who was all about the chaise but once I got the girl I didn’t bother. I think this is where a lot of guys run into problems. Just because you got a woman to be your girlfriend does not mean you have won her over. She can drop you any time and if you don’t make any effort, she likely will.

  16. My ex did that to me. She withheld sex. She would use it to get her way because she knew I wasn’t the cheating kind. Turns out, she was though. While she was keeping me from sex she was getting it from someone else. I am in a position now where I am fed up with woman. Will I actually ever meet one that is worth my time?

    • Stud and a baller? That might have been first mistake, right? Let the woman tell you that you are the baller!

  17. I spent many years thinking I was such a stud and a baller. I would bag chicks left and right. I must have slept with over 200 beautiful women… But I could never get them to stick around. I never really evaluated why. I just thought it was them. I have had 10 relationships total and not a single one made it past 6 months. What is wrong with me?

  18. I am likely not someone you would hear from but I just wanted to thank you. I don’t know what you did or what you said but you saved my relationship with my boyfriend. We are now engaged and happier then ever. I was never this happy with anyone and it is like he is a changed man! THANK YOU!

  19. My wife told me the other day that I changed. I thought that this was going to lead to a huge fight but I was wrong. You see a found your videos a few weeks back and I started doing what you said within my marriage… Well, my wife said that she is more in love with me now then the day we got married. Best feeling in the world. Thanks David!

    • Great story and one that we can learn from and live by. I hope you understand what happened and that you are willing to work on things to keep them going great!

  20. I have a bit of an odd request… But do you have any tips for women when it comes to men? My sister has not had the best of luck dating and I am honestly not sure why. She seems like a solid catch for any guy out there but I have a feeling she is saying/doing things I don’t know about. My wife and I feel bad for her because she is 35 and single. That is such a bad thing to be in this day and age. Never married, no kids either. She has a great job and she is a fun girl but ehh… She can’t keep a man around. I loved your advice for me so I am reaching on in hopes you can give me some for her.

  21. I never really thought of any of this stuff. Like I just assumed I was meeting the wrong women but it turns out I was CREATING the wrong women. Yikes! That is a bit of a scary thought. Thanks for this. I am going to watch it again and really take your advice to heart.

  22. Hey David,

    I’m going through the girlfriend trap right now with a girl I’m not actually dating. We will get really snuggly and flirt and kiss but i’ve never been able to escalate it sex and I wanted to know what I could be doing wrong and how to change that.



  23. This is a good bit of info, David. I do not think that I have ever been in this situation, but is it something that I will even notice?

  24. I would hate to be with a woman that brings along this type of “game”. I know we all have games that we play, but I think I would notice if I was getting “bargained” for sex.

  25. I was in the friend zone one time, but I think we were doing it to each other so I didn’t really notice she had done it to me. At the time, it was too much for us and we ended up breaking up, but I wish we had worked on it a little more.

  26. LOL. David, you are the best. The videos are great and I have been a part of this from the start. Things could never be better and I really hope that some others here learn as much as I did.

  27. I wonder if some of the woman I tried to date had just been looking at me like a “one night stand”. that is a freaky thought, especially if you cannot tell before it happens.

  28. I am very thankful for all of the information that you can provide. There is so much to learn and even though the process is easy and the steps are easy to follow, they are ones that I never really thought about!

  29. There is something to be said when this is coming from a person that has great experience. Thank you so much for being here to help us!

  30. My first long term g/f was like this. I landed here, we were together a while and I was like, “ahhhhhhhh, got her” now what? LOL. that ended quickly and to my dismay. I was not sure what happened.

  31. Game Trap. Hate it, have been on the bad side of it for years. I am hoping that with your program, I am going to be able to straighten things out.

  32. Im in the girlfriend trap now. I really need help if there is any way i could get so tips and help fro. You that would save me. The girl im with now is 24 we have been together 1 year and we had a baby together i need to figure out how to get her no make her want me more

  33. Well well where I’m at .
    Too many on all races &levels u believe
    And I fell in the trape as u call it
    USA. TX

  34. Hey David
    7 months ago I was dumped by my ex after a 15 month relationship, then 3 weeks after she was in another relationship with someone else! Now I realise I was in the girlfriend game trap, and don’t wanna fall victim to this again! Love all your videos and advice and I’m training in the end! Haha thanks man

  35. I just got out of a relationship. I thought I had everything under control when I was engaged and now she played me like a rag doll and is talking to someone else. I lost a lot of confidence and self esteem. I need a lot of help, I’m not who I was before.

  36. Been going through this shit for six years. Been married twice. First wife was 20 years she was a alcoholic.. second marriage was awful 8 months. Plus lost everything I worked for.. been dating for 6 years. They seem to be jumping off like fleas…had a couple long time’s with 2 …..1..@ 11/2… Other 1 year..same bullshit.. thinking about going to a different cultures of women..lol..

    Married 8 years.I never realized what really happened until I watched this video. Lol
    I did not get many rewards.
    I am living for me again. I have been working on a total rebuild of my life. If it is posative it stays.
    It is time to live my life by design not default.
    Look the fuck out world cause I am coming back better than ever.
    Let’s do this.
    Thanks David

  38. I had a passionate 6 month relationship with a women that lived on the East coast. I lived on the west coast so I moved to the east coast to be with her. I’m back on the west coast and she’s telling me by phone what a good person I am caring, passionate, hard worker, all good things. She sent me a text message today, ending the text by saying ” please take care my friend “. I think I may have been gamed by her.

  39. Girlfriend Game Trap. That’s how I treated my 10-year marriage: always looking for a gimmick or formula to manage or make sense of it. Does it surprise you that it ended? And not before some scary drama that left me feeling incompetent at everything. After that, and some false starts with pickup, I took Dr. Tian’s program Invincible. That turned me around and David’s not kidding about how effortless the interpersonal stuff became, once I began the hard inner work. I’m in an amazing relationship now: so much to discover. I hope we can be together for the rest of my life.

    The Compromise Trap. This one’s really deep. I write about design, and in my view it’s the exact opposite of compromise. Design is great when it resolves a false dichotomy (e.g. between safety and freedom). Ever had one of these in a relationship?

    Disclaimer: I’m in RSR, still so early in the program that you guys will probably lap me (life got busy!). But so far so good: it’s as detailed and well designed as any Aura program. I just hope someday I can find a resource of equal quality for girls, because the ones in my life are growing up and talking a lot about relationships.

  40. Hi. It seems like you’re releasing a new program every month. How do I know which one is the right one for me? I do have one clear cut objective, get better with woman. Not even looking that far into a long term stable shit.

  41. Been in a relationship with all of these things happening. Learn to change or be better but the one obstacle is that I cant trust her and she cant trust me.
    How do I get the trust back for me and her or should I just give up the 4 years and move on?

  42. I’m in all the myths, it has being going on for the last 2 years of the five from being engaged. We are separated and have been for some time. Everything that you said is true and I’m ready to get things of the pavement and back on the tracks

  43. I’m 21 years old third year in college now and I have only ever had one girlfriend. It lasted for a little over 2 years, but I ended it because I wanted more out of a woman – someone who was confident and more attractive wouldn’t hurt. I consider myself rather good with staying in a relationship and really being in the moment with my woman, but getting past the “nice guy” routine seems to be difficult for me as I talk to ladies. I do recall making compromises and it makes sense to be in a relationship where I don’t have to make compromises – it just sounds wonderful. So I need to focus on my properties – and getting a woman is not at the top.

  44. When i met my soon to be exwife. I was never exposed to healthy relationships or marriages growing up. Looking forward to learning how to draw out my masculine core and attract the right woman.

  45. I have done this (one and done) my whole life and never Understood why i lost the girls.thanks david tian, looking forward to your next videos .

  46. Fifteen years of marriage, the withholding started almost immediately. Sex stopped completely the last eight years, right after our second child was born, because she now had the life she wanted, and my job was to keep providing it for her. By year 15 I caught her in an affair with one of her clients and the divorce and custody battle left scars that never healed. That was 27 years ago. My point, for all of you younger guys out there that this shit matters. Get your girlfriend/wife part of your life right from the beginning. In 1976, when I was 24 and being played by a woman I should have dumped and didn’t, there was no internet, no readily accessible advice like David provides, and I was totally on my own trying to figure this shit out. Listen to this man. He knows what he’s talking about.

  47. Hi David

    It happened to me in my last relationship.
    2 years in she started taking coke regularly and I didn’t like it. I tended to get sex when she was high. So I stopped trying because I just wanted her to want me without drugs.
    Should have left then. Took 3 years of pain for both of us to break up.
    She is clean now, which is what I wanted for her and us. I have asked for her to try again now she is clean. However; she feels that I didn’t help her and betrayed her trust to her friends.
    She wants to be friends first and see where that goes……………….
    any advice? She also said that she is repairing and has dated to try to get me out of her head……….. I always wanted her when she was clean.

  48. I have had a 10 month relationship and I learned to be better from my previous relationship where I messed up but I still got a lot to improve in I am currently single

  49. David, thanks man. I thought I know it all being a player, picking up chick’s with eas. If the relationship lasted longer, I fell into the traps… your my experience …no need to travel like you and talking to all the experts.
    Your My Expert!!!

  50. My wife did that through out our marriage or 20 years,everything you said happened to me
    I’m now single I’m actually separated because she found somebody new, and I’m actually coming to terms with, she’s really mean and I just let her talk shit, because she’s not happy. But neither am I but being alone is better than being miserable with her yelling all the time. I don’t think I can fix this, but I would give it a try, I think deep down inside she still loves me, but It might be to late.

  51. David this actually made sense. Cant believe how on par you where with what I’ve been through. I did notice a lot of those changes. But hey truth is I’m glad it was done. I could no longer be apart of a fake relationship. Maybe it could have been averted but what’s done is done. I do look forward to seeing more.

  52. I can relate to what you are saying as I was trapped in a long toxic relationship not understanding what is going on. Always looking forward to your content for me to be able to grow and prepare my self for the future.

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