The Biggest Mistake Men Make With Women

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  1. Asking your buddies relationship advice is probably the worst thing to do. Most have their own problems at home so how would they know what do to?

    • Agreed. I made the mistake of asking my friends what to do about some problems at home and they said make her jealous and show her you’re the man and other stupid stuff like that. This led to a huge fight with her and it took a long while before she wasn’t upset over this anymore.

  2. I had one of those girls that kept sucking the validation out of me and it took me a long time to understand what she was doing. I left her as soon as I opened my eyes to this.

    • Wow. I’d like to hear more about how she was doing this and whether you feel It was strategic or it was in her subconscious?

  3. You’ve had a lot of dates and girlfriends and you’re now matured to a point where you don’t need those but what can a guy do if he hasn’t had these experiences?

    • I am wondering the same thing. I have not experienced anything like you mentioned. I also feel like I am a pretty good guy all around, but the ladies do not come my way. What am I missing?

  4. “Maybe it’s a boob. Stick a boob in its mouth…” – I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants :))! For those interested, click at 18:05 – you’re welcome!

  5. Good to hear that you can fix things even if you’re in your 60’s. Can’t wait to see what I need to do.

    • Taking the time to look back is only going to keep you from moving forward. Just keep your eye on the prize and you will do just fine!

  6. I’ve been a rebel for the better part of my life but it gets tiresome and I needed to change my ways. It’s much easier to be yourself than to try to be a rebel just for the sake of it.

  7. Been putting band aids over my shotgun wound for years. I guess it’s time to stop and get that bullet out. Or should I say bullets?

  8. WOW! I had no idea you went through such experiences, David! Thanks for sharing you story and showing us that even if you had really bad relationships (that may lead to suicide thoughts) you can still recover! Well done, my friend!

  9. David you are a genius. You get the man complex and how relationships with women should work. You know even more about why they don’t. I continue to be blown away. I am very thankful to have found your videos and all of your teachings. It is helping me more than anything I had ever done or tried.

    • Yes he does. As soon as I realized that it was OK for another man to tell me how to live, things changed for me very quickly.

  10. I feel like I am a narcissist in my mind. I tend to only look for things in life that make me look good. I go so far down this road that I will often lie and hide the truth if I think it will make anyone think less of me. It is a horrible web and I need to get out of this. I need to care less and start to respect myself. How can I expect to have a solid relationship when I can’t even accept myself?

  11. I want to be able to just be “okay”. I feel like my whole life I have been so concerned about pleasing everyone else that I walk on eggshells. When I interact with women, I only know how to put on a mask, talk my way into their pants, and then I can’t stomach to be around them after sex. I feel like an awful man because of this. I hope your videos retrain my thinking and behavior.

  12. I am as needy as they come. I feel like while I am needy, I can easily push someone away. I have been told that I am cold hearted and shallow but I really am not this way at all. It is the way I have become to act. I need to reestablish myself and this awakening series is one I am looking forward to hearing everything you have to say.

  13. WOW! I am not a man but I have loved watching your videos. They are helping me better understand men and myself. I feel like your teachings are worth women watching in general. Sometimes men aren’t the way they are because they are heartless cheaters or scum, it goes deeper than that.

  14. I don’t know how to be myself in front of any of my friends anymore. I put on this show and I hate it. The only time I am true to myself is behind closed doors or around my family. Even my friends have commented on that I am not like I used to be. I am always looking to make a good impression, to show off, be the center of attention but deep down, I hate it. I hate how I am. I hate how I use women to feed my ego and I am done. I am going to continue following your teachings. You are helping me realize I can change this and I WILL change this.

    • That is part of the problem. The show. If you are true to yourself and to others, there is no need for a “show” at all. I wish you luck and really hope you can turn things around! David’s videos are a great start!

    • I agree with Jose. The show is something that does not have to happen. Put the show away and take a look in the mirror. Follow David’s advice and be a better person because of it!

  15. I have had a life. I have slept with exotic women, I knew the right things to say, I had no issues getting any woman I wanted no matter if she was single or not. I can’t tell you how many I have slept with, I lost count. This past year or so I really started to reflect on what I was doing with my life. I am now 40 and feel empty. I don’t even want sex anymore. I just want a real relationship and I don’t even know what one feels like. I hope you can help me.

    • Its even guys like yourself that make me question if you are even trust worthy. I am not sure that I should feel sorry for you or come up and give you a high five!

    • Totally agree with you been looking for that soul connection relationship myself after my divorce after 3 years ago it has not been very rewarding, and we all need help at some point in our lives, interesting I have some similar teaching with my clients and I’m a life coach but I don’t get right all the time I give great advice and encouragement but behind close doors my life at times feel like some of the random or clients I meet I would like to be more effective in my own personal life like others let me be in there’s .love your videos always look forward to reading your emails keep doing what you do help direct one person at a time.

  16. I grew up with a mother who was never happy with what I did. Anything I did do could have always been better. I took this into my relationships and no matter what, no woman is good enough for me. I always find things wrong with women and end up getting out of relationships shortly after they start. I feel like I was taught to see the worst in everyone and everything thanks to her.

    • That sucks. I wonder if that is the same thing as the parent not being around at all? I mean, she might as well have been missing in action if she didn’t really provide you anything, right?

  17. Fantastic video. I look forward to many more. I spent my whole life running from true relationships and I just want to be able to be ME. I am a manipulator. I suck the life out of people just to make myself feel better about me. You are already helping me understand why. THANK YOU!

    • I agree. David has been putting out great video content for a long time now. He is very good at building confindence and making you a better person if you are willing to listen.

  18. I am very codependent but I mask it well. I mask it by projecting myself as an “alpha male”. I know the right things to say to get what I want. I know how to use my words, my body, and my emotions to manipulate women into giving me what I want. What is the end result? Because I am codependent and also portraying myself as someone who is hard to “tame”, I end up driving women insane. I have ruined a lot of women and I feel horrible for it. I want to change not only how I treat women but how I treat myself. I am sick of wearing this mask and I look forward to your next lesson.

  19. Wouldn’t you say that it is human nature to be needy? I wonder about people, male or female, that claim they do not need anyone.

  20. When it comes to needing someone, you really have to look at things on a much deeper level. It isn’t about being weak or feeling unsuccessful, it’s about having the partner you can trust.

  21. When you have been an alpha male your entire life, it is not just something that you can turn off at the end of the day. Your videos are really teaching me a lot and I thank you for that David!

  22. I always thought that going to my friends for relationship advice was a good thing. I can trust them, right? In most cases you might be able to, but 99% of the time, they are after the same thing you are and that is when the advice gets a little wonky!

  23. I have been fighting for myself for many years. I battle with being a jerk and because of that, I have turned a lot of people away in my life. IT is not a good thing and I wish to change it. Just watching a few of your videos has really given me confidence that I can do that!

  24. I am not sure why guys would think they are not “needy”. Even jerk face douche bags are out for something and that is because they NEED it.

  25. I guess you just do not realize what stay of affairs your are in until you get smacked in the noodle with a video like this. Thanks again David!

  26. Men just need to back the fuck up and realize what idiots they are. Once they do that, things are really great for them and life just seems to magically turn around. I cannot believe it.

  27. There is a lot to be said about your videos David! You really open up the doors for me, as well as make me realize that I have been the problem all these years. Thanks for that!

  28. I’d like to know what a woman thinks about this. I really respect their opinion on stuff like this and sometimes you can even get a gem or two of knowledge from them.

  29. I have all the disorder you describe here and I didnt realize it until you describe them. This can be a start stopping my toxic my toxic self. Your a good coach thanks for the knowledge.

  30. Great message David, i’m 45 and your lessons have been incredibly awesome to my life. Much love from Canada

  31. I absolutley loved your last video on narcissistic behaviour, it gave me a whole new perspective on it, it’s great to see a coach that is so open minded. Looking forward to more of your work

  32. I agree that constant training and coming back to it is better than just “learning” and letting it go.

  33. Relationships do require more deeper connection rather than just dating. That is from a personal experience and it’s refreshing to see a coach that teaches that.

  34. This line was so fucking funny and so on point. I love it
    “Fuck you,im gonna fuck you over later but in the meantime im gonna get all the validation i want out of you”.
    Keep up the good work

  35. Hmm i identify on reckloose too. I give up too easy. It’s good to see that there’s people like me out there that got better.

  36. The one thing that is almost always true.
    Men marry women hoping she will stay the same but most women don’t.
    Women marry men hoping she can change him and alot of guys don’t.
    So unless a man is willing to have a women control his every thought don’t get married.

  37. Wondering how to fix a relationship that’s been in in a bad place for a long time for 31 years now my best friend and now my fiance had the opportunity for the first time in all these years to be together 28 years of being best friends and now 3 years into our relationship of the 31 years two and a half of those years have been toxic up and down distrust dishonesty harsh things being said to where there’s been separations so there’s been unfaithful periods while we were supposedly broken up that have caused so many trust issues between the both of us I want to know how to fix something that is basically we were meant to be together there’s such a passionate intense connection between us and we’ve always been drawn to each other at all these years we can never just walk away and say goodbye or say it a thousand times a million times over but more than that to fix this and I’m in mental therapy and anger management she doesn’t believe she needs it which if I try to say anything it’s destructive I love my best friend with all my heart and soul what can i do to HEAL her heart mend the pain and help her to understand that dredging up the past and dwelling on it will distroy everything we’ve always wanted for each other and tear us completely apart forever she will always be my best friend no matter what happens in life

  38. Really getting a lot out of this series as it touches on aspects of the self or ourselves that influence our relationships and lives. Thank you for continuing to make this material available Dr. Tian!

    I have several questions about the Shit Test. I don’t care for them and usually react poorly to them, so I could very well be biased.

    First is shit testing a sign of deeper problems or someone to avoid being in a relationship with?

    Second is it better to do as I do and poke holes in the logic of the shit test (there always seem to be a tonne of these) and proceed to call the woman out on it?

    Third, is there or are there ways that I could short circut shit testing as a man in the relationship before they even happen?

    I really dislike manipulation, and shit tests really come off as manipulation to me. When shit testing starts its usually not long before a relationship ends, for me anyway.

    Thanks again for all the thought provoking and inspiring content, its made a huge difference to my life in a few short months and the effort you put in for the benefit of others is astounding.

  39. Man, this is deep..
    In a way – funny.
    The “Game” problem, and the problems that come with it are so widespread and such a huge problem that it forced you to precompose the knowledge you have (which I already heard in other lessons) and come up with a special custom solution just for this.

    My life is pretty cool thanks to you. Tough (because Serbia), with fetishes I adore even if I know they drain me, but cool. In a way, I am proud of myself, because I seem to see the results of all the hours spent listening to you.

    But man, understanding this deep stuff right here – I can use it to make my life better 😀
    Good luck

  40. Thanks again David. Have taken Invincible course already. Very much recommended. Quick question…have never had a problem with a break up most of my life. Have been pretty secure with who I am. However my latest break up (over 6 months ago) has messed me up badly. Besides new course of Awakening , what else can I do to help ease this unusual anxiety ? Thanks

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