Why Game F*cks Us Up

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  1. thank you for being honest that is really true you know I’m not really looking to be a player I didn’t have that I just want to find somebody that I would be happy with and not a four or five and maybe A7 or eight

  2. I’m using dating sites because my job is mostly men and I don’t do bars my problem is I’m not getting good results I really have a tough time knowing what to say to women I admit I’m a red neck I like hunting fishing firearms but I’m honest so I only put the truth on my profile I can’t do the bad boy stuff I don’t really worry about my looks because of the experinces with women I’m a decent looking man and have no weight problem

    • Well, you are being honest, so that is good. I cannot figure out why you would have to try so hard to find a partner. Good luck!

  3. I think that this has been my biggest problem. I learned how to get the girl. I learned it SO WELL that when I did get the girl, I and got many… I had no idea, NO CLUE what I was doing after. I have been in and out of more relationships than Taylor Swift. Thank you for this video. I am going to rewatch it until I understand everything.

  4. I was known as a cereal dater most my life. I tried half-assing your program once and guess what? I am back here relearning everything. Just like you mentioned that one guy in the video. He felt he got the girl so he stopped. Well, I was engaged and all and now I am single. So single I don’t even know what to do. I just wanted to say to anyone watching… DO THE WHOLE PROGRAM! Don’t give up half way through.

  5. I had false self-esteem my whole life and I never knew what it was or that it even had a name. I felt good until the relationship would hit the mark of being “serious” and I would just hit the eject button. Now I know why. Now I get it. After all these years. Thankfully I am only in my 30’s. I need to rework my brain here. I want a wife. I do. But I never knew how to get to that point and beyond.

    • Things like this are tough on a person and when you are not sure where it is all coming from, that really makes you believe it is something that it isn’t. Most cases, it is you. Take a step back and reflect. You will see the real you and realize it was you the entire time!

  6. I was a victim of “the game”. I fell for those coaches. I ended up feeling like scum. I slept around non-stop. I could pick up any woman, I even picked up women in relationships, married women. I didn’t care. I just loved knowing i could get them. Eventually I looked in the mirror after hook-up number 400 something and I hated myself. I was empty. I am thankful I found you and your program. You are a real dude.

  7. I was in the MGTOW movement. I hated women. They made it worse. They projected to me that ALL women used you, demasculated you, and they were all feminism viruses. My sister actually snapped me out of that. I only met these women because they were the only ones I was seeing. I was blind. I am happy to say I told them guys where to stick it. Don’t go down that route. All women aren’t that way.

  8. I was taught by some of the biggest game spitters in the world. I paid out thousands. What did I pay for? A mental problem. I began seeing women as objects. That was it. I became addicted to the act of picking up women. I felt myself wanting a real relationship less and less. So I agree. Those guys are f’d in the head. All they do is mess you up.

    • That must have been tough for you to realize what was happening. I hope you learned your lesson and are a better person now because of it.

  9. As a former narcissist who got help, I can tell you flat out… The “game spitters” and “ladies men”… They are some of the biggest narcissists in the world. I was one of them. I used women to boost my ego. I went after the easiest women. The women who had mental problems. The ones who I could bang and dispose of because they didn’t know better. My ego was all I cared about. I was sick in the head. What is worse is that it is a LEARNED personality trait. Not even a disorder. I learned it from studying these man-children online gaming on women. I started when I was 14. Reading the books on how to “pick up chicks”. Then I progressed to the internet game trainers. By the time I was 24 I didn’t even know who I was. Now here I am at age 37 and I am finally getting help.

    • Wow, very good story and I am afraid that it is one that so many people could tell. You are learning that it was not a good thing and I hope that you can turn things around through David’s help.

  10. You helped my boyfriend. He was so insecure and depressed. Didn’t even know it. He took the advice of those scum bags online to get me and what happened when things got serious? He began to shut me out. He didn’t even want to, it was like he was fighting himself. He watched so many of your lessons. He is a new man. We are now engaged to be married in August. I just wanted to say Thank you.

  11. Game attracts sluts who are addicted to drama. I am not going to sugar coat it. These are the kinds of women who LOVE to pick fights, cheat on you, ruin your emotional grip on real relationships, and so on. I was in this mess for most my life. I have now been single for 3 years and thanks to this man right here, I am relearning what it takes to really connect with REAL women.

    • You are 100% right on the money with this comment. You have to realize who and what you are trying to attract with tactics like that. Being single so long will really make you think twice about the type of “game” you are going to use the next time you find a women attractive.

  12. I realized now after many years that focusing on women and chasing women has been my biggest downfall in life. I depended on women filling my ego up. This has been a true eye opener man. I am hooked. I am going to continue watching your stuff. I want to change. I don’t want to continue this life. I want to be a real man not a man of image.

    • Dan the Man? LOL. Good luck with your change, you should have started with the username that you chose, then maybe someone would have taken you seriously 🙂

  13. It really comes down to the fact that either you know what you are doing or you do not. People that think they have GAME, really do not in another person’s eye, right? You always provide good insights, great work!

  14. When I think about game, the first thing that comes to mind is a too tan, huge muscle dickhead. I guess that is just my opinion, but if you want a lady, there should not be any game. It will just come naturally, don’t you think? David, I like your videos, you do a great job of explaining things!

  15. A lot of times when men are rejected, they get bitter and if they cannot recover from that feeling, they make the situation worse for them. Then it is harder to dig out of that hole.

  16. I do not think there is anything wrong with people that know what they are doing and teaching others the right way. Many of us do not have fathers in our lives to teach us the ropes and we are learning from jerk friends that thing their “game” is the only one in town. That really messes with people.

  17. Does anyone really think that the “game” they are using is really what attracts the ladies? Like another comment stated, the sluts will find the game and in the end, they are gaming you. Get off your game and find a new way. David speaks the truth and is teaching us all the right way!

  18. Men are jerks in most of the cases that I have dealt with them. They have friends that taunt them for being single and tell them the wrong way to get a good girl. What if you want to be married? Do you think having to “game” someone is the right way to go with it?

  19. Playing games with people, you are NOT feeling about others at all. You know that the game has a end result and in most cases, the end result is ONLY for you.

  20. I guess I would never have thought there are so many numbers that you have to keep track of in order to get a girlfriend. I just let things happen and it works. The game was never really in my mind. I never felt like I was gaming someone to like me. I can understand how it would create a false sense of success.

  21. Thank you for another great video, David. I am not sure why I have not been able to find anyone explains things to me as good as you do. After each video, I always have a sense of accomplishment and that is even before I do anything!

  22. Guys are always trying to game the ladies where I am from. I just sit back and laugh they all get rejected, or even the ones that do not just complain they are “single” in between the ones they game. It is a joke, it is something that messes with your own head, as well as the lady you are trying to get. Be smart.

  23. I have slowly been implementing what you are teaching us here with my relationship. Even though I am not looking to get with anyone new, these lessons are still very valuable. Sometimes you just have to look outside the box and get a clue in your own head!

  24. Guys just need to take a step back and realize where they are going to be in 10 years if they keep playing the game. We all know one person that has given up because all they know is how to game. That is not a good thing and if you think you are on that same path, you need to step off of it as soon as you can!

  25. Took me a bit of time to realize it’s all a mirage, just like you said. We’re all looking for something meaningful even if we don’t realize it.

  26. So glad this program is not focused on becoming a player; I hate that. Looking forward to more videos from you, David!

  27. “Game attracts the wrong kind of women into your life” – well said, brother. I had to learn this the hard way and waste years of my life trying to find something good but I had no chance because I was looking in all the wrong places.

  28. What you’re basically saying is that you become what you think about or in this case, you get what you focus on: if you focus on a certain type of women, then guess what? You’re going to find them!

  29. Loved the part starting from minute 14 and I totally agree with your assessment. It’s very refreshing to hear someone who knows the ins and outs of this telling it just like it is!

  30. Would love to learn more about your personal experiences. I think they would help us all improve, if you care to open up about them. Thanks!

  31. I don’t like narcissists and try to stay away from them. They are just not worth the time because they focus on themselves. I like to focus on others and learn more about them and not focus as much on myself. I do this with both men and women and I tend to get the right kind of both.

  32. Back when my social life was 0 I couldn’t get my life straight at all. Nothing worked well for me and once I’ve started going out, making new friends, things have started to change. Not there yet (that’s why I’m here obviously) but will get there.

  33. I agree with the message that not all of us are in this just because of the pleasure, that’s true David. Great video.

  34. Game does indeed give you false self esteem, i’ve dated alot of women on my give and i can say that my game is pretty strong but i do not have a healthy relationship. Awesome stream doctor.

  35. I managed to catch one of your livestreams, was surprised to see when a person doesn’t need pre-written speeches or anything like that, just speaks what he belives is the truth. Looking forward to see more of your videos!

  36. Same thing happend to me as to your client that you mentioned, Tom, i had spent so much time trying to get her and it all went bad, i feel for him. Looking forward to your tips david.

  37. I actually did take the man-up curriculum, and it does work, it’s one of the reasons why i follow you now.

  38. Damn, my vision and idea of the game really changed after watching this video, it really does fuck up. Gotta join your program man..

  39. One of my friends had a “coach” that kept telling him “game” is all it matters, my friend quit his program after two weeks lol and after seeing your video i’m gonna recommend you to him. Awesome video

  40. Focusing on status does indeed create narcissist behaviour. I agree with that. Great message on this video, joining your group for sure!!

  41. Awesome lessons David, It’s refreshing to see a coach who has completley different views from 90% of the people out there. Hopefully there’s more videos to come. You got a new follower.

  42. I am recently recovering from a break up. I know my ex girlfriend is my best option based on beliefs and values that I have learned. I am in the process of bettering myself through David’s program Invincible. It has been a great yet challenging journey. David’s advice is priceless. Thank you. Even if I don’t get my ex back. I am a better person.

  43. How this vid has gotten less than 100 comments so far is beyond me, but at the proves the ‘remnant’ in any truth are few. Let the masses be the asses, they’ll defend the lie and the illusion to the bitter end.

  44. I have a boyfriend he lives in Germany and I live in Switzerland. From the first beginning our communication his so sweet and always sending me a messages. But since we’re meeting many times his sweetness less than before. And every time I message his replied takes a few hours and it takes 1day. Most of the time he always says he’s busy.

  45. So far I have watched 2 of your videos, why game f#cks you up and what men do wrong, now since I last watched your videos few months back, I have started to full fill my passions, which complete me, I know that picking women up is easy once completed a passion, being passionate about a subject, a mirroring them creates great conversation.

    What I have learnt is, learning my true self is much more important over these few months, that is how I get through my exsitance on this planet, I’m 39 I’m not getting any younger..when my mind is strong,I can conquer anything that related to women issues..

    I have also learned that when chatting to women, to keep it light and fluffy…which I’m getting good at now,online and offline,David thanks for videos, there a massive help and to truly know the truth.
    It truly helps to be yourself.

  46. Parts of this were on point but I will say that game has evoled a lot in the last 5 years. Rsd max made a video on this last year saying that 5 years ago the pickup community was way more manipulative but now they’ve discovered more and preach things like congruence, freedom of outcome and so forth, they tell you to go deap within and find why you’re getting in the game and make sure you do it from a place of authenticity basically removing ego and becoming healthy rather than using it as a mask. Also the claims on julian were bullshit, he’s a genuine guy, no one ever actually came forward and accused him of raping them it was just media scandals

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