How to Make New Friends Anywhere, Any Time (Part 2/3)

Here’s the second part of our 3-part series on “how to make new friends anywhere, any time.”


And let me know what you think!


P.S. If you missed the first video, here it is!


2 responses to “How to Make New Friends Anywhere, Any Time (Part 2/3)”

  1. Allen Avatar

    I have been widowed last year and I lost a wonderful wife of 33 years. I also am recovering from prostate cancer and was left with erectile dysfunction. I am finding your work is most helpful in moving away from being friend zoned, especially by the woman I now love.

    1. Dr. David Tian Avatar
      Dr. David Tian

      Dear Allen, my condolences on your loss. Be strong as you are recovering from that and dealing with your health issues. It always gets coldest just before dawn. And I’m very glad you’re enjoying the videos!

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