After over 10 years of coaching people to success in dating and relationships, I’ve found that the number one predictor of whether a guy will have rapid success in learning dating skills comes down to this one habit…

If a guy can do this one thing well and often… he will be able to master all the other skills and mindsets for attracting women… very very fast.

If he isn’t used to doing this one thing, though… or if he never develops the habit of doing this one thing…

…then the chances of him getting good with women and dating… are almost zero!

The good news is that this one thing is very easy to pick up.

What is this thing, you ask?

It’s actually very simple.

Ready for it?…

It’s simply:

Being the Social Guy

For a guy to become good with women, he will need to get lots of experience and practice interacting with women.

So in order to get good with women… fast… a guy needs to feel relatively comfortable talking to people in general.

Once a guy is in a social and talkative mood, it will be a lot easier for him to approach women and strike up conversations with them… AND he’ll be a lot more attractive to women, as well!

If you never learn how to become “the social guy,” then you’ll have a very hard time learning dating skills.

The guy who tries to act tough or cool or aloof almost always comes off really try-hard.

Why? Because if you’re cool, you’re cool. You won’t need to try.

Trying to be cool or tough or “the dark, silent type” just guarantees that you’ll come across like a tool.

So instead, use the tested and proven method:

Become the “Social Guy.”

Watch this new 4-minute video, in which I reveal…

  • How to get yourself in a social mood… even if you’re introverted or staring at a computer screen all day
  • How to be the Social Guy and meet people anywhere, any time… and have them loving you
  • How to be attractive to women by standing out in a good way


… And let me know what you think!