Private 1:1 Coaching

Private 1:1 coaching is for those who want to achieve maximum results in the most efficient way possible.

For over a decade, I’ve personally coached thousands of people to success in life and love. Some of the men who have taken private coaching with me and my team have found a new romantic partner within their first week, and many within the first month, of their program. Some of have reached their dating goals on the very first weekend. Many have even gotten engaged and married within a year after their coaching programs. And many have enjoyed newfound passion and chemistry in their marriages after decades-long dry spells. 

Through 1:1 personal coaching, you will enjoy…

"The Most Customized Coaching Program Possible"

Private 1:1 coaching is for those who want to achieve amazing results in the most efficient way possible. Through 1:1 personal coaching, you will get the most customized coaching program possible. We will start with learning about your lifestyle and relationship history. I’ll listen to what you want to improve, what results you aim to achieve. I'll diagnose and analyze your problems and frustrations. If you’ve got a lot of emotional baggage—God knows I did—we will wipe the slate clean, heal, and grow rapidly to the next level.

In a series of breakthrough sessions, I’ll comprehend and confront your past problems and issues. And I’ll coach you through the steps to make sure you won’t fall back on your old behaviors or patterns. I’ll then help you identify, amplify, and enhance your natural strengths. You won’t have to become somebody completely different. I work with what you already have and develop your true self. During your program, we’re going to build your emotional intelligence and train your social intuitions so that you will know instinctively how to act and what to say without having to stop and think about it… and to do it all naturally and effortlessly. I’ll use proprietary methods designed to get immediate and powerful results.

You will cultivate social skills, intelligence, and intuitions that will serve you for a lifetime. Your buddies are going to be asking you for advice. And women are going to be asking you why there aren’t more men like you. And the most distinctive part of this is…

You won’t be learning any pick up artist material or anything that looks like “game.” You won’t have to wear a furry hat or funny goggles. You won’t have to do crazy dance moves or be the hyperactive club kid. Instead, you will discover your true self — who is naturally powerful, charming, and full of life!

The bottom line is: You will get results. You will discover your true self, purpose in your life, and incredible freedom socially, sexually, and emotionally. You will achieve success.

"Private Coaching Was Indispensable To My Own Path To Success"

In 2005, when I had to make my way back into the dating scene as a 29-year old grad student, I was fortunate enough to get private mentoring from some of the top dating coaches in the world. I also searched all through Asia and the Americas learning from men who were naturally amazing with women. And later, when my growth evolved into personal development, I got training in psychotherapeutic processes from some of the top experts in the world.

Since 2007, I’ve had the honour and privilege of serving as mentor to thousands of people in dating, relationships, and lifestyle. I really enjoy and appreciate making a major difference in people’s lives and in an area central to one’s overall happiness and well-being.

"THE Premier Choice For An Exclusive Education"

Our 1:1 private coaching programs have been THE premier choice not only for the most successful and affluent clients, but also for those who prefer a more exclusive experience than what is available in group trainings or recorded courses. Many of our 1:1 clients have been professionals—-bankers, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, and strategy consultants—-as well as some high-profile entrepreneurs and celebrities. These individuals prize discretion and complete confidentiality. We respect this and assign the utmost importance in protecting their identities. Hence, we offer this elite level of private coaching.

So why wouldn’t you get private coaching? The main hurdle that most men reading this think of is money. I won’t kid you: This exclusive level of service does not come cheap.

But this is an investment that that will repay itself a thousand times over for the rest of your life.

  • How much have you spent on things you thought would get you more success? I’m not just talking about other online products, e-books, or DVD courses.
  • How much did you spend on your bar drinks, bottle service, and club cover last week? … the past month? … the past year?
  • How about the $300 designer shoes, the $3,000 tailored suit, or that $10,000 watch? How many women came chasing after you because of those?
  • How about that $75,000 car you bought—how many girls did that get you?

If you’re like most men, you’ll end up spending a minimum of $15,000 over the next year just trying to win over women or impress other people.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on things that don’t last.

"Instead, Invest In Yourself. Get It Done. Get It Handled."

Maybe you doubt my sincerity. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Hey David, are you trying to help guys become better men, or are you just trying to line your pockets? You yourself had mentors. Did you pay for them?” I understand those questions. I asked them about my mentors at one time, too.

Perhaps it will help you to know that yes, I have paid for private coaching, group training courses, certifications, and products out of my own pocket. When I was just starting out, I paid thousands of dollars in coaching fees and products to various mentors. And now every year, I pay almost six figures in education and coaching fees in many areas of my life as an investment in myself. All those who are successful invest in themselves in a massive way. Now, most of my old mentors have long retired and have moved on to other projects. This is a fast rising stock and a rapidly disappearing opportunity. Get in while you can.

In addition to the life-changing coaching I received, I also got personal 1:1 access to these mentors, something that you can’t get from any products or group events. I’ve stayed in contact with them over all these years. We regularly exchange emails, skype calls, and meet up whenever we’re in the same city. We’ve gone on trips where we explore remote parts of the world together, get into crazy adventures, meet wonderful people, and continue to enrich each other’s lives.

Considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours I personally spent on my own ongoing coaching education, was it worth it? Absolutely! I say it’s a steal.

What better investment can you make in yourself than to give yourself the gift of mastery in your relationships, psychology, and lifestyle? — The incredible freedom to be your true self and live an abundant life almost effortlessly. This is the reality of many of our 1:1 private coaching alumni.

So what are the rates?

The minimum time commitment for Private 1:1 Coaching In-Person with David Tian is one day.

  • The investment for One Day of Private 1:1 Coaching with Dr. David Tian (approximately 8 hours) starts at US$12,500.

You also have the option of Phone or Video Coaching, which can be conducted via Skype, Zoom, or Messenger.

  • The investment for a 50-minute Phone or Video Coaching Session with Dr. David Tian is US$3,000.
  • The investment for a Package of five 50-minute Phone or Video Coaching Sessions with David Tian is US$5,000.

Make your deposit here in the event you are ready to start now. We will get in touch with you right away to arrange your first session. Thank you for your interest! I look forward to learning more about you.