Here’s the first video in the series on Developing Social Confidence:



Here are the six exercises designed to kickstart your path to social confidence.

You can rewind the video to review the specific instructions for each exercise.

+ Time and Directions
+ Service Staff Chit Chat
+ Just For Laughs
+ Dollar Giveaway
+ Compliment Chit Chat
+ Shout, Dance, Sing

Now, go do it!

– Complete all 6 exercises. Try at LEAST 2 exercises TODAY so you can make the most of tomorrow’s video
– Rate your comfort on a scale of 1-10
– Email me to let me know how it went!
david “at”

I’ll see you again in tomorrow’s video, where you’ll learn a tested and proven opening line you’ll be able to use to meet women anywhere.
David Tian, Ph.D.