Here is your third video in the series on Developing Social Confidence:


Here’s the script for my 3 step method to getting a girl’s contact information in under a minute.

A word of caution, your delivery is just as important as what you say. Watch the video again if you’re unsure about how to deliver the lines!

1. After forming a connection, you say, “Hey, I’ve got to run to a [high-value time constraint]. But I’d love to keep in touch and maybe [low pressure meeting. E.g., “meet for coffee or something.”] Do you have your phone with you?”

2. ”Yes” => “Great. Let’s trade.”
”No” => “No problem. I’ve got mine.”

3. Open your phone to the keypad and put it in her hand.

Go do it!:

– Try the one minute number close today.

Remember it’ll work anywhere, from the streets to the grocery store, so go out and do it!

It’s easy to pump yourself up and be confident in the moment, but how do you get lasting confidence in ANY social situation?

I’ll be revealing that in tomorrow’s video, so be sure to check your inbox!