Secret Video #3: Killer Kisses


  • What is Triangular Gazing?
  • What is Sexual State Transference?
  • How do you use Sexual Statements of Interest?
  • How do you use Hair Touching?
  • What do you do on the Dance Floor?
  • Explain Kiss Progression

What now?

  1. Try it out! Or watch it again! Some people watch it over and over again just to absorb everything.
  2. Watch your inbox for the next video bonus: “The 5 C’s of Dating”.
  3. This is only the beginning. Reply on any of our emails and tell us your dating goals today!



2 responses to “Secret Video #3: Killer Kisses”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Good info here. Will be trying this out. Thanks

  2. Vic Avatar

    Master David,, you are the man. I have tried all three videos dey work like magic,, Thanks to you guys like me have a fighting chance. I’m in Lesotho and this well perfected techniques work here they will work for anyone. I have just also got my hands on THE DESIRE SYSTEM it works like magic on everyone I’m still getting use to it. Thanks MASTER DAV,,,,

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