Secret Video #2: The One-Minute Number Close


  1. After forming a connection, you say, “Hey, I’ve got to run to a [high-value time constraint]. But I’d love to keep in touch and maybe [low pressure meeting. E.g., “meet for coffee or something.”] Do you have your phone with you?”
  2. ”Yes” => “Great. Let’s trade.”
    ”No” => “No problem. I’ve got mine.”
  3. Open your phone to the keypad and put it in her hand.

What now?

  1. Try it out!
  2. Watch your inbox for the next video. It’s called “Killer Kisses”.


4 responses to “Secret Video #2: The One-Minute Number Close”

  1. Nicholas Gayle Avatar
    Nicholas Gayle

    Thanks for the video, it was awesome, i’m 18 and didn’t have my father around to teach me when i was younger i really appreciate it

  2. ADITYA Avatar

    Great video. never ever seen sumthin like this

  3. Gambo Avatar


  4. Albert Bulan Avatar
    Albert Bulan

    Thanks for the better way to ask a girl for number. Can’t wait for 3rd lessons

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