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Secret Video #1: The Dramatic Direct Opener


“Hey/Excuse me, I saw you [doing X-activity], and I wanted to come over to tell you… (pause) I think… (pause) you are… (pause and SMILE) [Y-adjective]. And I just wanted to meet you.”

What now?

      1. Try it out!
      2. Check out our live coaching events schedule, especially if you’re in Asia!
      3. Watch your inbox for the next video. You’ll learn how to get her phone number in 1 minute



30 responses to “Secret Video #1: The Dramatic Direct Opener”

  1. fah Avatar

    I watched your opening video its real nice and im gonna try it

  2. Chaz Farren Avatar
    Chaz Farren

    this video did a great job of breaking the opener down

  3. joel holmes Avatar
    joel holmes

    Awesome video and can’t wait to put it in motion. Ill let ya know my results soon.
    Thanks much,

    1. malik Avatar

      its really simple i really like it i am going to try it this week end thanx man i want to learn more about your strategy take care dave and thanx a lots..;)

  4. Stephen Luces Avatar
    Stephen Luces

    Thank you so much. It will help me to boost my confidence and my relation to other people.

  5. Aaron Castellanos Avatar

    This is a great video. It simplified it so much more. And the results work!

  6. kentarius Avatar

    Loved it!!!!

  7. Jong Avatar

    Thank you so much for the video . I enjoyed it , hope it helps to boost my confidence !

  8. Chris Avatar

    Thanx David I am really shy when it comes to meeting girls and talking to then but this video is very detail I like it Ima go try it thanks so much

  9. ADITYA Avatar

    oh MAN it was awesom truely electrofyin m surely gonna give it a shot

  10. jace Avatar

    Hey , umm this video is great .i really cant wait to watch the 2nd one. I hope it gets in my inbox very s0on
    . Good job man .

  11. Juan Alarcon Avatar
    Juan Alarcon

    Great advice/tip I actually got a rare chance to use this info right after I saw the video, not because I like the girl but just to practice and from my short experience, results are good because it’s simple and may vary as in how far I want to take it, and that power felt amazing.
    Thanks Dr.

    1. andrew Avatar

      This videos a start and its put my foot in the door. I’m going to study until I have mastered the system.

  12. jery tan Avatar
    jery tan

    awesome presentation!!!!

  13. Gambo Avatar

    Fantastic show

  14. Gambo Avatar

    I try this game with a lady, she nearly fall down, like I just hit her with a hammer

  15. Uche Avatar


  16. Gape Mannathoko Avatar
    Gape Mannathoko

    awesome video

  17. Donovan Benavidez Avatar
    Donovan Benavidez

    This actually look solid IMA try it when I go to in town tomorrow thanks for the video.

  18. Davidh Avatar

    well i think this video is really good but when i was watching , i just thing , i only have 15y , i can’t sleep with some girl of the school ,well i will try it when i grown up

  19. Vic Avatar

    Excellent! shows a way to improve on my own clumsy attempts

  20. harshith Avatar

    this video is really awesome . thank you Dr. David Tian

  21. allan Avatar

    hi,i tried the dramatic openor and she couldnt stop thanking me,it was like her wildest dream had come to life.
    Am eager to learn more frm you,thanks

  22. aka Avatar

    that technique is amazing

  23. aka Avatar

    amazing technique

  24. Orf Avatar

    Hey I just watched this and this is what I was trying to figure out since I was a kid about dating: we are so embarassed of our selves that we make all these tricks to approach a girl but why all this when as u said we got NOTHING to lose? Why not do exactly what you said we should do: to get some fuckin balls and go tell strait to her face that we saw her sitting here and we think she is beautiful? Its so simple why is our fear driving us to do the most complicated things to meet a pretty girl when its so simple to go tell her in the face that she is beautiful and introduce our selves? We got nothing to lose as you said and everything to gain so why not do this the simple way? Besides a smile and a kind character always do the trick when you have confidence right? Im not gonna try this myself cause I dont need it but I will teach some of my wuss (to women) buddies that balls kindness a little confidence and a smile is all they need to meet the prettiest girl in the room and even if they fail they dont lose anything and they dont need tricks or being embarassed of themselves or anyway see a girl they like and do NOTHING about it… Thanks David Im sure it will work and I will post the results soon 🙂

  25. Davis Avatar

    video was awesome lost my confidence a few months ago hoping youll help me get back

  26. Charlie Avatar

    U make it look so easy Doc, will definately try it on some hot girls.
    P.S. is there a way to download your videos for permanent keep?

  27. Albert Bulan Avatar
    Albert Bulan

    Thank you Dr.David. I try this technique and it’s amazingly works. Can’t wait for next lesson

  28. Albert Avatar

    Wow. Ywsterday i tried it on a chinese girl she was standing with her friend. I have never had two girls wanting to listen to what more i have to say like they wanted me to keep talking. Thanks David. so What about the second video?

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