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Did you know the harder you have to work, the less successful you’ll be?

This is because if you have to use discipline and willpower to be successful, then it’s likely you’re not on the right path in life.

Because when you’re on the right path, you enjoy what you’re doing and success becomes practically effortless.

You don’t have to force yourself to work or stick to a schedule.

You don’t need to watch motivational videos to pump yourself up.

Success becomes almost effortless.

This is how entrepreneurial greats like Bill Gates manage to build billion dollar companies from scratch from their dorm rooms.

It’s how sporting legends reach the pinnacle of success, win Olympic gold medals, and break records.

It’s how you become really great at something, get to the top, and more importantly, enjoy the view when you get there.

This is why I’ve put together my new course, PURPOSE.

In PURPOSE, I’m going to bring you on a journey of self-discovery where you’re going to look deep inside yourself and discover your calling in life.

It’s the antidote to the modern neurosis where everyone is striving to achieve goals set by their parents, peers, or society. Where they think they need to have 7-figures incomes, marry the perfect partner, or live a lavish lifestyle.

The problem with such goals is you’ll soon become bored, lack motivation, and feel miserable.

The tendency is to keep going. However, it will eventually wear you down.

You’ll feel empty inside and may start engaging in behaviors to try to numb yourself from the emptiness and pain, like binge eating or drinking to cope.

Even if you reach your goals, they won’t make you feel fulfilled.

Instead there’ll be an anti-climax, and only then will you realize what a mistake it all was.

You’ll wish you could go back and do something you actually would’ve enjoyed.

PURPOSE will make you think about your life in a deeper way than making more money or other unreflective goals forced on you by society.

Few people stop to really question where their life is going. And even when they do, they get no answers, so the cycle repeats.

Based on research in neuroscience and psychology, PURPOSE uses proven psychological principles to help you uncover and lead a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.

When you live with purpose, you’ll no longer be living your life how society dictates you should.

You’ll no longer have to force yourself to do things you think you ought to like or ought to do… yet don’t actually enjoy doing.

You’ll no longer have to watch motivational videos to get you pumped up to tackle each day.

You’ll realize you already have all the motivation you need, as you’ll be doing things you’re intrinsically interested in.

You’ll have more energy each day. Instead of pressing the snooze button, you might not even need an alarm to wake up.

You’ll stop delaying your happiness... and will be happy in the now.

You’ll have a positive vibe which will spread into all areas of your life.

When you go about your days, you’ll bring this energy with you, with the people you meet, the things you do, the places you go.

You’ll feel so excited about satisfying your desire, you’ll become fascinated by it and will develop a natural, healthy concentration.

This is the secret to becoming really good at something and reaching peak performance.

This means you’ll excel in what you’re doing and success will become almost effortless.

People these days are caught in the trap of thinking they’ll be happy once they’ve reached their goals.

However, if you put off your enjoyment until you attain some future goal, then you’ll never enjoy life.

Likewise, the purpose of your life can never be some faraway goal. It has to be now, or else you’re living in some dreamland, a faraway future which doesn’t exist in the present moment.

Based on research in psychology and neuroscience, PURPOSE will guide you to discover your deeper purpose.

  • You’ll stop living a forced life where you have to use willpower to get out of bed each morning, go to work, go to the gym, or eat healthy.
  • You’ll stop depending on other people for your happiness. Instead, you’ll discover how to build emotional stability and become a truly strong person inside. 
  • You’ll develop a rock solid foundation of self-love and acceptance that will last all of your life.
  • You’ll cultivate healthy and permanent feelings of self-esteem and self-worth just by being you. 
  • You’ll uncover the activities and experiences that make you feel truly happy and make them a part of your life so you live a life of joy.
  • You’ll stop resorting to short term gratification and start enjoying meaningful activities that will benefit you in the long run.

What’s preventing you from achieving all this is the conflict between what you want consciously and what’s going on unconsciously. 

This is why in this course, you’ll go through a guided meditation that works on your unconscious to bring your true purpose to the surface.

This meditation will uncover your mission in life, who you want to be, and with what values you want to live your life.

Organizations use mission statements to guide them. In the same way, a mission statement of your life will give you the focus and direction you need to live your life with real purpose.

This meditation will help you uncover and become clear about your life’s mission statement, so you can define your continuous, ongoing life purpose.

It goes deep into your subconscious, so you can uncover what motivates you and be better able to decide what you want to do in life.

Then you’ll go through 8 simple steps to make a mission statement of your own life that will empower and guide you.

This will transform your life in at least the following ways:

  • You’ll be able to experience happiness in your everyday life and will no longer have to delay your happiness until you achieve your faraway goals
  • You’ll be driven by a powerful life purpose that will inspire and naturally propel you forward, as you’ll be in the moment and experiencing a life of flow
  • The purpose of your life will no longer be dictated by what society or your teachers, parents or peers say it ought to be, but instead, what you know it to be 
  • You’ll stop living in the past or the future and will start to truly enjoy your life by living in and optimizing the present

To further help you in living the life of your dreams, youll also get access to 3 FREE bonus meditations.

Are you spinning your wheels going from one goal to another, yet never feel fulfilled?

This meditation will activate your unconscious to give you your vision of a purposeful future where you can live your ideal life… one full of meaning and significance.

I’ve been doing this at my live training events for years and have seen it give my clients amazing results, including the following:

  • Discover what goals will give your life the most meaning and motivate you the most to achieve them. 
  • Find out what beliefs are holding you back from achieving your goals and how to change them for faster results.
  • Discover a plan of specific steps you can take to make your ideal life a reality in the shortest time possible. 
  • Makes you live your life with passion and self-fulfillment as you’ll discover what things in life give you the most pleasure.
  • Having purpose is also the ultimate cure to neediness as the flow and self-fulfillment it gives you makes you incredibly attractive. 
  • Gives you leverage to propel you to take action towards your purpose, so you can bridge the gap to have what you want.

The emotions that dominate your life determine the quality of your life. And the emotions you feel come from your interpretation of events.

We usually don’t question our interpretations, however. Instead, we assume them. This results in a reactive life, in which you’re not in control.

This means the stories about yourself that you unconsciously tell yourself end up determining the quality of your life.

Is your life story defeatist and setting you up for frustration, or is it empowering you and giving you a life of power and fulfillment?

This guided meditation will walk you through the process of uncovering the story of your life so far... and then reflecting on and rewriting it, so it becomes an empowering one that guides you effortlessly towards your purpose.

It’s a powerful process in which you will:

  • Write a new story of your life: whether it be an adventure, a love story, a romance, an epic, an action, or all of them. 
  • Get rid of states like frustration, anger, loneliness, depression, overwhelm, stress, fear, rage.
  • Live with love, passion, boldness, gratitude, playfulness, freedom, discipline, creativity, honor... states in which there is no suffering, only joy.

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions, the emotions which dominate your life. And the variety of them.

After you’ve done the new story of your life, this meditation will give you the emotions to fuel and kickstart your new life.

It will get rid of negative emotions and help you build and feel a wide range of positive emotions in different areas of your life.

This will propel you forward and make your life richer in the following ways:

  • Have more love, joy, passion, excitement, connection and fun in your relationships.
  • Have more security, significance, success, achievement, and control with your financial life.
  • Have less stress or boredom and feel more fulfilled and excited about your career.  
  • Inject adventure, aliveness and passion into your relationships.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for PURPOSE 

When you sign up for PURPOSE, you’ll get the guided meditation as well as the bonuses which have a combined value of $750.00. All of which work at a deep unconscious level to reveal how you can live a life which will make you truly happy.

I would also like to remove any doubts you may have, as well as removing any risk by providing you with my unconditional 100%... 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Quite simply, you are covered by my unconditional 30 day no questions asked, money back guarantee. This means you can go through all the meditations and exercises in PURPOSE, and in the unlikely event you don’t uncover your purpose in life which will make you feel fulfilled, I will refund your money in full.

This means you get the final say on whether PURPOSE is for you or not. I think you’ll agree, you have nothing to lose!

Sign up for PURPOSE now.


PURPOSE is currently available as a bonus course in Freedom U, Lifestyle Mastery, and the Legendary Coaching Group only.

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David Tian, Ph.D.


Do you think you’ll become happy when you achieve your goals?  

This is the trap most people fall into. They think once they make a certain amount of money, find the right partner, or have a certain lifestyle, then they’ll feel fulfilled.

Don’t delay your happiness until you’ve achieved some illusionary goal. Experience happiness now by uncovering your life purpose.


Based on research in areas like neuroscience and psychology, PURPOSE will show you a proven way to find your purpose.

This means you can design a life that will make you feel truly fulfilled now!

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Sign up for PURPOSE now.


PURPOSE is currently available as a bonus course in Freedom U, Lifestyle Mastery, and the Legendary Coaching Group only.

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