How To Find Your Purpose, Discover Your True Self, & Live The Good Life

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Lifestyle Mastery is an advanced, step-by-step, 8-week online coaching course to help you master your lifestyle, including how to find your life purpose, discover your True Self, escape the 9-to-5, and enjoy the good life.

This is about guiding you to true fulfillment, aliveness, and purpose in life. Its about ridding your life of fear, fatigue, and frustration, so that you can live a more joyous, creative, loving, and powerful life.

Meet Your Coach, David Tian, Ph.D.

For over 14 years, David Tian, Ph.D., has helped guide hundreds of thousands of people from over 87 countries succeed in love, happiness, and life. David is a world renowned specialist in human behavior, emotional and social intelligence, masculinity, relationships, researcher, author, and global educator.

As an international top therapeutic coach, David also serves as a living example of lifestyle mastery. For many years, Dr. Tian has traveled around the world, sharing his research and experience in lifestyle design, relationships, masculinity, psychology, and emotional intelligence. From the thousands of testimonials he receives each year, Dr. Tian’s work continues to transform people’s live forever.


And now he could be YOUR own Lifestyle Coach!


How Does It Work?

The course is made of 8+ modules - each covering an important area you need to master to live a fulfilling life.

You’ll go through one module a week during an 8-week period. Some of the many lessons you’ll learn include…

Module 1: The Story of Your Life

Discover how to custom-design your dream life and program your unconscious mind to lead you there.

Module 2: Your Embodied Life

How to get your mind-body connection working in harmony to unleash the power of your unconscious.

Module 3: The Purpose of Your Life

This is one of the most important modules of the course - you’ll discover what path to take in life, after which your life will take on a whole new meaning.

Module 4: Your Abundant Life

How to have a killer social life with tons of cool friends, even if you’re shy and introverted… and have beautiful women chasing YOU to date and hook up with them.

Module 5: The Powerful Life

Eliminate destructive emotions and behaviors which are holding you back from reaching your potential in life.

Module 6: Your Life of Learning

How to learn quickly and effortlessly so you can have a competitive, and almost unfair, advantage in business, dating, and other areas of your life.

Module 7: Your Integrated Life

Be a Boss as you’ll discover how you to take control of your internal state, and master the game of life.

Module 8: Your Life of Freedom

Turn your life into one long adventure as I’ll show you how to free yourself from the 9-5 rat race and build a location-independent income stream… as well as hacks that will save you tens of thousands on flights and accommodation each year.

FREE Bonus Module #1: The Meaning of Your Life

As a special bonus you’ll get access to a talk I did at my one of my elite Mastermind Summits. In it I reveal a fascinating fact about human psychology which, once you know, will enable you to understand all of human history and all the inner conflicts in your own life... and how to resolve them.

Bonus #2: "Social Circle Mastery" Course  ($1,000.00+ value)

A Proven, Step-By-Step System For Mastering Social Circles, Meeting More Women, And Making More Friends… All You'll Need To Do Is Put In Less Effort. Let Me Show You How!

  • 3+ Hours of step-by-step video courses that you can watch immediately online, which were filmed in a live, underground, training session that other guys paid $3,000.00+
  • Accompanying slides full of systematic content and helpful material
  • The 6 things you can do to “take over” any social circle (You’ll get more attention than anyone else in the place!)
  • The secret of why the most in-demand men have women pursuing THEM... instead of the other way around… and how to make this happen for YOU
  • A system that helps you exponentially broaden your pool of potential dating partners in the most efficient way possible… with little to no work on your part
  • A proven way to hack social circles so that your ideal woman's friends will actually be HELPING YOU get to know her

Bonus #3: PURPOSE ($850.00+ value)

How to Find Your Purpose and Live a Great Life According to Research in Psychology and Neuroscience

The type of life you want can change over time. However, what will always be constant is your overall life mission, who you want to be, and with what values you want to live your life.

Based on research in psychology and neuroscience, in PURPOSE is a 5-module online coaching course that will guide you to discover your deeper purpose, which encompasses all areas of your life.

The meditative process in PURPOSE will help you reveal and become clear on your life’s mission statement, so you can define your continuous, ongoing purpose and focus.

It goes deep into your unconscious so you can uncover what motivates you and be better able to decide what you want to do in life.

Then you’ll go through 8 simple steps to uncover the purpose of your life, which will empower and guide you.

This will also transform your life in the following ways:

  • You’ll be able to experience happiness in your everyday life and will no longer have to delay gratification and happiness until you reach your goals.
  • You’ll be driven by a powerful life purpose that will inspire and naturally propel you forward as you’ll be in the moment and experiencing a life of flow.
  • The purpose of your life will no longer be dictated by what society or your teachers, parents or peers say it ought to be but what you believe it to be.
  • You’ll stop living in the past or the future and will start to truly enjoy your life by living in and optimizing the present… which is what will bring you fulfillment.
  • The perfect complement to your "Lifestyle Mastery" program!

What’s Unique about "Lifestyle Mastery"?

One of the many unique features of my Lifestyle Mastery course, and what I’m most proud of, are several closed-eye, Guided Meditations. This is where I use NLP, hypnosis, and the most effective psychotherapeutic methods... paired with carefully curated music to activate your voice and body movements. This means you’ll awaken and directly access your unconscious mind - giving you a deep and profound internal shift.

What You Get In "Lifestyle Mastery"

When you register for Lifestyle Mastery, your receive the same training and tools David’s long-term coaching clients paid over $3,500.00 to access.

As part of this powerful program, which closes very soon, you receive:

  • 8-week, step-by-step online coaching. You’ll uncover how to find your life purpose, discover your true self, escape the 9-to-5, and live the good life. Each week’s training is 2-4+ hours of video and audio, and includes worksheets and journaling activities you can complete at your own pace ($3,500.00 Value)
  • Lifetime Access. You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it for LIFE. ($2,000.00 Value)
  • Private access to the Lifestyle Mastery secret online community, wherein you can ask David any questions and connect with fellow Lifestyle Masters for life! (Value: Priceless)
  • Bonus Module on the most advanced material David’s ever created. This Bonus 9th Module on “The Meaning of Life” is advanced material David originally presented to his elite Mastermind members, but he’s giving it away as a bonus to Lifestyle Mastery students today ($10,000 Value)
  • NEW Bonus!  Access to David’s Social Circle Mastery course. You’ll have the blueprint for creating a thrilling social life from scratch... and be able to do it again and again… even if you move to a new city where you know no one... You’ll be able to... in a matter of weeks... have friends to hang out with, go to bars with, and women who are taking a serious interest in you. Social Circle Mastery is how you get to be among the top of any pack... even if you’re shy, or introverted, or don’t feel like you have enough social skills. ($1,000.00 Value)
  • Surprise Bonus!  5-Module Online Coaching Course: PURPOSE. The perfect complement to "Lifestyle Mastery," PURPOSE is based on research in psychology and neuroscience and guides you to discover your deeper purpose, which encompasses all areas of your life. Finding your purpose is the trick to having an easy and effortless life without needing to force yourself to do things you need to do. Through a series of powerful guided meditations, PURPOSE will reveal to you how to find your purpose and live a great life according to research in neuroscience and psychology ($850.00 Value)

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      • David’s Lifestyle Mastery course helped me pick up the pieces after my divorce. I’ve incorporated meditation into my life and the guided meditation in module 3 helped me identify split selves repressed within me. I realise how much I need them to be playful, joyous, warm to others and compassionate to myself. This course helped me extract and confront the pain I’ve been carrying that permeates my interactions with others and undermines my self-discipline in maintaining my daily routine. Thank you!
        Frank T.
      • Man, I just wanted to let you know you’ve changed my life. I’m doing things now that I never even dared to dream about three years ago, and I’m thinking about things in such a healthier, fulfilling way. You’re a life saver and a f*cking legend, thanks, David.
        Omar Mo
      • Lifestyle Mastery is totally amazing!!! The course has shifted my paradigm so many times throughout out the course. Many new insights, concepts, and breakthroughs I have experienced in the course. It is a very powerful program and again a life-changing experience. All I can say is buy it !!! The course is very good and David has over-delivered more than I expected.
        Tom Y.
      • If you’re looking for guidance in setting your life on a new course, look no further! David’s in-depth lectures and guided meditations will definitely help you in the thought process and help you in setting that new course in Lifestyle Mastery.
        Oskari L.
      • Lifestyle Mastery is very advanced, especially for my age and my knowledge. I loved the part with rewriting my story of my life. It was very very good. It’s a very interesting course with lots of good knowledge for the long-term. I will come back to it. In the end, it gave me a great look on how society works… Many great insights to check what do I really want in life.
        Sandro B.
      • Lifestyle Mastery is a course that will transform you into an integrated and valuable person. It will also teach you how to live a meaningful life. Thank you!
        Roberto G.
      Installment Plan
      199 USD
      Just 199 USD/month for 3 monthly installments

        Or SAVE $100
        497 USD
        Save $100 by completing the balance upfront in a lump sum
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