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“How One Small Change Made An Ordinary Singapore Man Irresistibly Attractive To Beautiful Women…”

I’d Like To Teach You The Fast And Easy Method He Used To Draw In Amazing Women Like A Grappling Hook… That Will Have Her Notice You, Feel Drawn To You, And Even APPROACH You…

From the desk of David Tian, Ph.D.
July 2014

Hey buddy who wants to get better with women,

Do you know that a woman’s brain AUTOMATICALLY and UNCONSCIOUSLY reacts the moment she feels ATTRACTION for a man… and… if you know how to trigger that feeling in her – as this ordinary guy did – you can INSTANTLY attract her… without even saying a single word?

The truth is… women are CONSTANTLY sizing up men they see… and one of HER biggest unconscious frustrations is that YOU don’t look right…

You see, no matter how good your “game” is… no matter how good your opening line is… EVERY woman you meet is going to make an unconscious, split-second judgment about you based on how you look.

This might sound like bad news…

But… this is amazingly GOOD NEWS!

Because your look can be changed FASTER than anything else.

In just a few hours, my team and I took an ordinary looking guy and transformed his image… so that very same night, he was getting MASSIVE ATTRACTION from girls…

To the point where these cute girls were even ignoring me, his coach, to fawn over my previously ordinary-looking client…

The girls were complimenting him on his look… and touching him, trying to get to what was underneath his clothes…

The way you look… is actually the EASIEST part of you to fix…

But only if you have the right expertise and guidance…

Because it’s also the easiest part to get HORRIBLY WRONG…

Most men try to “fit in” with their clothes. But they just end up coming off as boring “nice guys” when they meet an attractive woman.

And many (or maybe even most) women only feel ATTRACTION towards a man who fired off their “Sexual Radar”… If you’re not getting onto that radar, she won’t even register you as a possibility… you’re just another guy in the club…at school…at work…you’re not a “Sexual Guy.”

Did you know that there is a universal step-by-step “mating sequence” that ALL humans go through? It starts with the moment she locks eyes on you and ends with sex… do YOU know the steps that happen in between?

Because I guarantee you that SHE does, inside and out, and she is using this information to her advantage with EVERY man she meets.

Either you’re playing at her level, or you’re not even in the game.

If you watch a guy who is a “natural” with women, you’ll usually find that he NEVER tries to “convince” a woman to feel attracted to him with logic… instead, his words are often focused on seemingly irrelevant things… while his IMAGE is “doing all the talking” for him…

Do you know how to have this effect on women with your image?

A Huge Misconception

Have you ever thought that if you just knew the right “words” to say to a woman, then you would have no problem “picking her up”?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this is exactly what I used to think.

I’m David Tian, Ph.D., and I’ve been a dating coach for almost a decade, helping thousands of men and women all over the globe attain their dream dating lives. I’m also the head of the largest dating skills academy in the world, and I’m based right near you in Singapore.

I’ve been featured all over the national and international media…


Before I became one of the world’s top experts in this area… I used to think that if I learned the right “lines” and “techniques,” everything else would just fall into place.

Have you ever approached a woman with what you thought was a good “line”… or with something “polite”… and had her totally blow you off?

Well, this may come as a surprise, but there’s a very good chance that she made the decision to reject you BEFORE YOU EVEN OPENED YOUR MOUTH.

Crazy, I know.

But think about this…

When you, as a red-blooded male, see a woman on the street with great t*ts, perfect *ss, long legs, and a beautiful face…

Don’t you “check her out” immediately? And isn’t your reaction instantaneous… either you’re into her or you’re not?

Whereas if you see an ugly woman, isn’t it true that it’ll be very difficult for her to turn you on in the same way as that hot babe can…if the ugly girl gets a chance at all?

Well, the way we men react to a woman’s body and face… is the same way women react to a man’s IMAGE – especially his sense of style and fashion.

Women size men up FAST… and they’ll immediately REJECT the guys who don’t “pass her test” right away.

IMAGE just happens to be the most efficient way for a woman to disqualify guys who don’t “get it” before the guy even opens his mouth.

If your image suggests to her in any way that you might NOT be able to handle her, it won’t matter if you have the best line in the world…because she will have already made up her mind about you BEFORE you get a chance to say it.

But if she likes what she sees and feels, it almost doesn’t matter WHAT you say.

You can approach her with a cheesy pick up line, or a compliment she’s already heard a dozen times THAT DAY… and she’ll still give you a chance to see what you’re all about.

Because of this, developing a mastery of your image is CRITICAL to success with women.

Without it, EVERYTHING ELSE you do is meaningless.

With it, you have an INSTANT advantage over all other men.

If you want to make a woman to feel powerful sexual attraction for you, you must learn to project the image that women are biologically programmed to respond to during your interactions with her (yes, I said PROGRAMMED… and an even better way of thinking about it might be to say that she’s HARD-WIRED to respond to).

Unfortunately 99% of men will never realize this.

I know… because I almost missed it myself.

The Discovery That Changed My Life

Almost a decade ago, when I was trying to “figure out” how to attract women, I was browsing though the “relationships” section of the bookstore. I came across an interesting book on the topic of image, fashion, and style.

The book had some interesting information on how men and women can use the way they dress to communicate deep things about themselves on an unconscious level…

But what REALLY opened my eyes was a chapter in the book that told the story about a guy who could walk into a room and INSTANTLY attract the attention of single, available, interested women – without even trying – simply by using his fashion and image to project the right kinds of signals.

This sounded strangely familiar… I had MET guys like this… but I could never figure out for myself how to get so much attention from available women.

I Thought I Had The Answer…

I read through this chapter again and again trying to pull out every possible piece of information that I could.

Unfortunately… there wasn’t much.

Although the author had witnessed the same phenomenon that I had, like me, he hadn’t really figured out EXACTLY what these men were doing to get these powerful sexual reactions… or why they worked.

He knew that something was going on, but he couldn’t quite explain it.

But at least he had given me a clue.

The answer had to do with “image”… and I was determined to figure it out.

Now that I had the idea in my head that men could use their image to attract women, I read through every piece of information I could find on the topic… (which for the most part was a complete waste of time).

I discovered that there was a TON of information available on how to dress professionally for the workplace and worse…

I got my hands on every men’s fashion advice magazine out there – GQ, Esquire, FHM – and bought every recommended item that I could…

One day, I took my credit card bills for just one year and tallied how much I had spent on clothing, shoes, accessories, and fashion magazines to make me look good enough to get girls… and I found out…

I Had Wasted $36,757 …

Not only that. Worst of all, my dating life stayed at zero.

In the end, I wound up having to go to the source. I ultimately had to get the information DIRECTLY by watching the masters who were good with women…

I started to pay careful attention to the uniquely crafted image of guys that I knew women went crazy for… I started copying guys I knew who always had more women than they could handle.

And as I expected… I began to notice some VERY interesting differences in the way these men presented themselves… things that “regular guys” NEVER seemed to do…

Some of it was very strange and made no sense to me… and I could see why I had never noticed them earlier when I wasn’t REALLY paying attention. Other things “clicked” instantly… and I wondered how I had missed them all along.

Around this same time I started studying “evolutionary biology” and the ways animals used body language to convey “status” among each other… and I discovered some more striking similarities.

I began to piece together what I had learned and started testing and experimenting. And surprisingly I began to see results almost INSTANTLY.

And as it turned out… this was only the TIP of the iceberg…

The TRUTH About How Women Really Select Men…

Have you ever had a woman come up to YOU and start a conversation… and you could tell that she was “interested” in you?

The reality is that this doesn’t happen to most guys very often… even guys who have really good looking faces.

There are two main reasons why a woman won’t approach a man she wants to meet:

1. She doesn’t feel any attraction towards him

2. She feels some attraction, but she is too shy or intimidated to do anything about it

If you’ve been following my writings, you should know by now that there are a TON of things you can do to attract a woman that will get you FAR BETTER results than just having a good looking face will ever do for you…

But here’s something you might not realise…

Attraction can be sparked BEFORE you ever meet her…

That’s right… If you know how to project the right “signals” through your fashion and image, you can make women feel powerful and instantaneous sexual attraction for you FROM ACROSS THE ROOM.

And… if you know how to do this in a way that makes women feel COMFORTABLE with the idea of approaching you, you can literally walk into a room and physically draw women to you. Many guys have become so good with this stuff that women approach THEM.

I’m serious. This is powerful stuff.

And here’s the best part…

I believe that this is something ANY GUY can learn to do. And I’m about to show you how…

The Ultimate Education… How To Use Your Image To Attract Women

After studying this area myself for almost a decade and coaching hundreds of clients personally in this area and seeing them get incredible results with women… FAST… I decided that it was time to put together a special training event that reveals and teaches some of the biggest secrets of how to use your own image to attract women.

Here’s a very PARTIAL list of the things we cover in this new program:

• A lesson in being “cool” from Hollywood’s leading men that you can use to give yourself a “star quality” that keeps a woman’s attention on you and ONLY you

• How to use your image to make up for a lack of “interesting things to talk about”… that makes a woman feel attraction for you without any conversation whatsoever

• A secret “alpha males” of the animal kingdom use to make females select them over other males that works just as well among humans! (Other men will hate you when you do this… because there is NOTHING they can do to stop it from working – It’s “cheating”, but it works!)

• A big mistake men make that instantly makes a woman think he is too “geeky” for her

• The little-known secret to choosing clothes that accentuate your best features… that help you attract her instantly

• A fashion and image “error” most men make that projects the message “I am NOT POWERFUL” to woman… and eliminates any chance that she will feel attraction for you… even if she knows she “should” be interested in you

• A “secret signal” rock stars send with their image that makes women crazy for them… and not just during or after a show… this works even if the woman has NO CLUE who they are! (And YES… YOU can use it too)

• A dead “giveaway” women use to tell if a man is “faking it” with his image (Have you ever seen a guy who’s “trying too hard” and comes across as insecure? I’ll show you how to avoid this problem, while still doing the RIGHT things…)

• A secret that spoiled, high maintenance women use to get men to worship them… that you can “hijack” in a FUN WAY to make women want to be around YOU

• A tip nearly all fashion “experts” recommend that guarantees a woman will see you as “just a friend”… DON’T DO IT

• An ultra-powerful fashion and image technique most men think is a MISTAKE… that YOU can use to make yourself stand out from men who are better looking than you are

• The 7 looks that will turn a woman off immediately.

• The 7 fashion “signals” that will immediately make a woman turned on… (and if you don’t do these, you’ll give her the vibe that “something isn’t right”)

• How to dig through the “layers of delusion” that most men have about fashion.

• Why and how women look at your fashion to decide whether to have sex with you.

• “The countdown to sex” and how it is affected by fashion.

• What not to wear. This is an important list! If you have this stuff in your closet, get rid of it now!

• A fashion and image lesson from the villains in action movies you can use to look “sexy” even when you’re just standing in one place

• If a woman “brags to her friends” about you, it makes it FAR more likely that you will get a second date (and a whole lot more). I’m going to teach you a GREAT, straightforward technique you can use with her that will get her bragging THAT NIGHT…

• A fashion secret that you can easily use to communicate MASCULINE POWER and SEXUAL ENERGY

• Five simple “tweaks” you can make to your image… that communicate “all the right” things to a woman you’re interested in

• “Bad Image”… the mistakes most guys make that you’re going to want to AVOID at all costs (Once you hear the list, you’ll be saying “Ah Ha!” and eliminating these deal-killers immediately)

• A simple image “projection” that FORCES a woman to look at you “that extra moment” when she first catches your eye

• How to avoid looking like you’re “trying too hard” when you use your new fashion and image looks

• …and much, much more

And Here’s The Best Part…

This is the part of this program that I’m REALLY excited about…

For this brand new event, I’ve teamed up with one of Singapore’s largest fashion retailers located on Singapore’s famous fashion and shopping mecca – Orchard Road – to offer you an exclusive VIP learning experience…

And we’ve teamed up with one of Singapore’s top fashion and image stylists…Ms. M, a woman that I personally look to for all my fashion and image guidance and mentoring…

You’re gonna get access to my very own fashion and image personal stylist, the BEST in her field.

And I’m excited to announce that this is the very first LIVE TRAINING PROGRAM in Singapore, and even the world, on the subject of using your image to attract women.

This is the big secret all the dating coaches around the world are hiding from you… They want to sell you the fake medicine of pick up lines and conversational techniques because they know you think they work even when they really don’t.

However, the truth is… looks do matter – as any hot girl will tell you – BUT…

You Don’t Have To Be Born With Good Looks, You Can BECOME Good Looking… If You Know How…

And we’re going to teach you, live, in the real world… We’ll break it down for you LIVE IN PERSON…

If you’ve never studied fashion and image before and are unsure how to apply them, after attending just a few short hours of our training, you will know more than 99% of men will EVER know about the subject… and you’ll be able to use what you learn IMMEDIATELY to improve your success with women.

This program isn’t going to “cut down” your learning curve… it’s going to exponentially accelerate it. By the time you’re finished going through it, you’ll have powerful new knowledge that gives you an almost “unfair” advantage over all other men.

Imagine what your friends will think when a woman they are talking to all-of-a-sudden STOPS paying attention to them and starts talking to YOU… even though you haven’t said a word… (You’ll learn how to do this in the program).

Imagine how it will feel when an attractive woman picks you out of a crowd and approaches YOU and starts a conversation…

It feels a whole lot better knowing these things than NOT knowing these things… and often… it’s the difference between success with women and… well YOU KNOW.


There’s actually another level to this.

But it’s the ONE thing I can’t reveal on the internet.

It’s not because it’s immoral or illegal…

It’s because I’ve found, over my many years of teaching it LIVE to hundreds of successful men all over the world, that it’s easy for people to take it the wrong way, to misunderstand it, or misuse it.

Think about guys like Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Levine… men who have swarms of hot women wanting to throw their panties at them whenever they see them…

This secret is common knowledge among this top 0.1% of men…

But for the rest of the world, this exclusive information is simply unavailable.

These Elite Men know something you don’t know…

And it’s something that took me years of anguish, heartache, and actual physical pain and danger to learn…

After almost a decade, I’ve not only learned this exclusive knowledge, I’ve also mastered how to teach it to regular guys.

It’s something any guy can learn. But if you were to ask any of these Elite Men, they wouldn’t be able to explain it to you. It’s actually bizarre to me why no one else has been able to study and teach it.

Unfortunately, like I said, most people won’t understand it when it’s explained over the internet. They’ll usually end up taking it the wrong way.

So I am only teaching it live, in person…

And I’m going to be doing it right here in Singapore.

What If You DON’T Learn This?

If you’ve spent time around a lot of single, attractive women, you already know that they make their judgments about men based on looks alone… and they either talk or DON’T TALK to men based on how attracted they are before any words are spoken.

Here’s the cold, hard reality:

You can have all the best lines in the world, but if you haven’t mastered your image, you’ll screw it up almost every time.

Women actually sit around together and MAKE FUN of men who don’t understand fashion and image.

Women place as much as TEN TIMES more importance than men do on fashion and image.

Women often say that they want to sleep with a particular guy just because of how he looks.

If you don’t have a MASTERY of Image, it is almost CERTAINLY killing your chances of success with women.

On the upside… once you LEARN how to use your Image correctly and effectively, it can skyrocket your success with women literally overnight… even if the rest of your “skills” still need work.

If you’re new to all of this and are just beginning to develop your skills with women and dating, this program will give you a powerful FOUNDATION that makes everything else fall into place.

If you are already having some success with women, this program will be like DYNAMITE to your success. Really.

This is what other guys who’ve attended this event have said…

One of the things that have made the biggest difference and impact in my life was the fashion and image session from Ms. M on the recommendation of David. I came to Ms. M. specifically to revamp my wardrobe. And wow was I blown away. Ms. M. is truly amazing in what she does. She not only helped me to understand what works for me and what doesn’t, but the greatest value, was helping me define my own style! I’ve had so many girls come up and compliment me on my looks now! I couldn’t be happier with the results!

—Daniel, Singapore

I enjoyed the whole fashion and image session with David and Ms. M. I learned so much incredible information and appreciated the forthcoming nature of the session. Thank you so much!

—Leonard, Singapore

My experience with learning about fashion and image was really a fulfilling one. With the help of Ms. M and David, I got to know much more about myself. They were able to give very detailed fashion and image advice, for example, selecting suitable colour clothing that blends with my skin colour, shirts that flatter my build (skinny-fat), providing advice on folding of sleeves and pants which makes me look more attractive. The clothing they picked out for me had unique cutting and design that really stand out in a very eye-catching and attractive way. I am a much more confident person as a result of the session and got to know what kind of clothing and design suits me best. It was an enriching experience for me especially for someone who had no fashion background at all on dressing to look good, standing out from the crowd. Guys out there should really invest in themselves especially those who are interested in attracting women.

—Li Yun, Singapore

You have probably realized by now that when you are learning how to be successful with women, there are very few “quick fixes.”

Well…image happens to be one of those VERY RARE exceptions.

Image is all about “learning the looks.” And when you get them down, you can literally “cheat” nature and make a woman see you as a powerful masculine being that she just HAS TO HAVE.

Learning “Image” might be the MOST POWERFUL thing you can do to improve your ability to make women feel attraction for you.

It’s also one of the most important.

And you need to learn it.

I want to help you get this part of your life handled, and I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in your way… including your financial situation. So I’ve decided to price this program at below cost. I will actually lose money on this event.

This is an expensive event for me, in terms of time, planning, and logistical fees. But there’s very little cost to you.

I’m doing this not only because I want to help you with your image, but also because I’d like to give you the chance to meet us in person and see if further coaching is suitable for you. But there is absolutely no obligation for you besides learning the secrets we are going to cover in this event.

I have only one condition for you to attend. As the available spots get taken up, I will have to turn guys away who want to attend and eventually close registration entirely.

I literally have to book and pay for every chair ahead of time, just like I would for a fancy wedding banquet. And the special room on Orchard Road we’ve booked is very luxurious but limited in space.

So once you commit, all I ask is the professional courtesy of a 9.99 SGD fee to book your spot…so that your chair will be waiting for you in the VIP room we’ve booked for you.

Registration closes 3 days before the start of the event.

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Place: Orchard Road. The exact location will be sent to registered participants.

Time: 6:00-9:00 PM

Date: Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Do yourself a favour. Get it done. Get it handled.

Your friend,
David Tian, Ph.D.

P.S. This program contains exactly what you need to know to transform your image to have women attracted to you in a way that most men will NEVER figure out. If you’re ready for an INSTANT INCREASE in your success with women and dating, register for this event immediately. Women will respond to you when you use these powerful secrets. I guarantee it.

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