Your Free Video Course on “How to Start Conversations with Women” and “How to Get Her Number.”  Enjoy!


  • “Hey/Excuse me, I saw you [doing X-activity], and I wanted to come over to tell you… (pause) I think… (pause) you are… (pause and SMILE) [Y-adjective]. And I just wanted to meet you.”
  • After forming a connection, you say, “Hey, I’ve got to run to a [high-value time constraint]. But I’d love to keep in touch and maybe [low pressure meeting. E.g., “meet for coffee or something.”] Do you have your phone with you?”
  • ”Yes” => “Great. Let’s trade.””No” => “No problem. I’ve got mine.”
  • Open your phone to the keypad and put it in her hand.
  • What now?

    1. Try it out!
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    3. Review the video! Some people watch it over and over again just to absorb everything.
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    Best, David Tian, Ph.D.

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