I was in a cafe about 10 years ago admiring the very cute barista behind the counter.

And then in walked a dude in a nice jacket and cool jeans. He went right up to the counter to order his drink, but… what was unusual… was that after a few seconds of talking with the cute barista… he had her giggling uncontrollably.

Then, a few seconds later, the other people waiting for their drinks at the counter were also laughing and trying to join in on the joke.

And even while the people behind him were getting their order entered into the cash register, the barista was still trying to talk with him and keep his attention.

And then I heard her say, “Hey, don’t worry about it. Your drink’s on me!”

He just smiled and thanked her casually.

When I saw that, I KNEW I had to learn everything I could from him.

As soon as he sat down at a table near the window, I went right over, introduced myself and offered to get him his next drink if he’d let me ask him some questions.

This was 10 years ago.

Now he is one of my best friends, and we meet at exotic locations around the world. He also speaks regularly at my $25,000 Mastermind.

I’ve taken just a few of the lessons I learned from him so long ago — updated with the knowledge from cutting edge research I’ve been pioneering in social psychology — and chosen a few quick and easy tips. In fact, I’ve just filmed the video to share them with you.


Here’s the first video. Enjoy!

And feel free to write me at david “at” auratransformation.org and give me your feedback!

David Tian, Ph.D.

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