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“Beyond Desire” Free Video

“Are You Making This Fatal Mistake That Sabotages All Your Success With Women?”


In this video, I address the one fatal flaw holding most men — especially “nice guys” like I used to be — from enjoying success with women permanently. This video was filmed as part of the Aura Dating Academy live program in Singapore. The original title was, “Life Purpose and Neediness.”

Here are the accompanying slides (right-click and save):

Beyond Desire Video 1 Slides

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2 responses to ““Beyond Desire” Free Video”

  1. Robert Avatar

    My head still hurts after you splitting it open with that video,lol. I realize I’m the most neediest guy in the world. U see I never had to date, I married the first grill I ever went out with, don’t laugh. 28 years later we’re split. I wondered what happened, I think needy was big part, so thank U. Love the programs. Alllll of them!.

  2. Darren Avatar

    excellent material / presentation . David really made it totally clear what it means to be a needy nice guy and why it is so critical to my success to kill that behavior . I didnt consider myself a nice guy until now. I will do all the exercises as soon as possible. Thank you so much

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