Month 1, Week 4: "How to Get a Girlfriend"

Part One

Part Two

Aura Elite Club Month 1 Week 4

Lesson Outline

This week's videos reveal top secrets on how to get a girlfriend and how to keep her and grow the passion between you over the long-term so that it's lasting and permanent.

Key themes each week include how to attract women with your presence, with new and novel experiences, by continually confronting new challenges, and happy optimism.

Some of the fascinating lessons this week include...

  • The things you must do if you want to be able to spark attraction in your ideal woman without having to rely on “techniques” (I’ll show you my proven way to not just attract women naturally, but to actually make it effortless for yourself... so you can attract your dream woman without even having to try!)
  • How to identify what you need to offer to attract your Ideal Woman into your life (and how to naturally cultivate these qualities within yourself)
  • The secret to having a successful relationship with a woman... and the specific, step-by-step exercise to install and "program" it into yourself from the comfort of your armchair

...and much more!

Aura Elite Club Month 1 Week 4

Lesson Downloads

  • Click Here for Accompanying Worksheet
    Click Here for Accompanying Worksheet

    After watching the two videos above and taking detailed notes, download your accompanying worksheet here (right-click and save). Enjoy your transformation!

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