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High Value Communication: A Special Dating Seminar by Christian Hudson in Singapore

Dating If you know my story, you’d know that my very first mentor–the man who got me started on my journey of success with women and relationships–was Christian Hudson, who is currently running The Social Man in New York City. He’s been featured in numerous media outlets, including CNN, Psychology Today, Men’s Health, and ABC…

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Christian Hudson of The Social Man is Confirmed for Singapore!

To fans in Singapore and the surrounding areas: I’ve got great news for you. My very first mentor from waaay back, the man who started me on this journey of self-transformation, –7 years ago now–Christian Hudson of The Social Man will finally be visiting our sunny shores of Singapore and southeast Asia for a few weeks…

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Singapore Dating Skills Training Events Taught Jointly by Dr. David Tian and Christian Hudson in Singapore

For the first time ever, my pal Christian Hudson of The Social Man will be visiting me (David Tian, aka., Dr. Asian Rake) in Singapore in mid-November. As part of this special occasion, we will be holding a few joint events, including a free seminar on Tuesday, November 22 from 7-10 PM in a central…

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