At Last!... You Can Break Free from Feelings of Low Self-Worth, Insecurity, and Shame that You’re Holding onto from Past Trauma

Discover How the Latest Findings in Psychology and Neuroscience Can Reprogram the Operating System of Your Mind… and Get Rid of Internal Blocks Holding You Back from Being the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be… and Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted to Live

Dear Friend,

Do you think you need to make more money, find a great partner, and fit into society’s image of success to be happy?

Do you think there’s something wrong with you and feel some shame about who you are?

Do you often talk to yourself negatively and worry if people will like you?

Do you feel pain inside that you try to ignore?

Do you often procrastinate and self-sabotage your success?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above, then it’s likely you’re trapped in an old pain or limitation from the past that is preventing your true, authentic self from coming to the surface.

Although it may have happened to you years ago, traumatic experiences from your childhood can have a tight hold on your life today.

Even what seem like minor pains to adults can appear like massive trauma to a vulnerable child.

For example, these traumatic incidents can include…

Having demanding parents who often got angry and criticised you harshly.

Being bullied at school and suffering in silence.

Or being physically and emotionally abused in any way.

Such experiences formed sets of neural pathways in your brain and helped make who you are today.

When something in the present reminds us of the traumatic experience from the past, it triggers the old pattern of neural pathways, and we unconsciously react as if the old pain was occurring all over again.

The problem is childhood trauma happened at a time when we viewed things from a child’s perspective and without a sense of objectivity.

This means we fell prey to misinterpreting events and formed an inaccurate internal map of the world, which made us think there was something wrong in who we are.

We developed toxic shame and started to think we were bad or inferior in some way.

This makes us lose our sense of spontaneity, and we start to think people won’t like us the way we are.

So we end up constantly evaluating who we are and who we should be and put restrictions on what we can or cannot do.

This means we abandon our true selves and create a false self in an attempt to be liked.

We think we should wear certain clothes, or act and speak in a certain way.

We grow out of touch with who we are and can even experience pain in parts of our bodies as a result.

All this means past trauma is controlling your life today and holding you back from being who you want to be and having the life you want to live.

You see other people who make life seem so easy. They’ve got good relationships, good health, and are happy yet…

You know what you want in life yet your emotional wounds block you from doing it.

Feelings of low self-worth eat you up inside and fear and anxiety start to control your life.

You think you need a good job, good grades, or become a respectable member of society to get yourself out of the shame.

You may even look for a role model to copy.

However, your false self prevents you from making true transformation in your life.

You think you’re unworthy of having a good partner, of being successful, or feeling good about yourself.

You may even start to cope by indulging in bad habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and procrastinating.

You can be your true, confident, worthy, authentic self. It’s there waiting inside you.

You’ve just been going about it the wrong way, reading self-help books, doing courses, and trying your best to be successful, so you feel better about yourself.

However, real psychological progress isn’t intellectual. It’s about emotional change… something you’ll never get from a book.

This is why I’ve put together TRUE SELF.

Inspired by the thousands of students I’ve had who all had trauma and the resulting feelings of toxic shame and unworthiness hold them back from being happy in life…

TRUE SELF is based on the same therapeutic techniques I’ve used to heal myself and my students.

I developed TRUE SELF using the latest studies in psychology and neuroscience to bring you through the grieving process necessary to heal from past trauma.

When my students completed the steps you’ll go through in this course, it changed their lives.

What qualities have you disowned in your life?

What do you feel you can never be even though a part of you wants to be?

Is there something you felt you should always be able to do, yet for some reason you never make time to do or put in the time to do?

TRUE SELF will finally make these things happen for you.

Your true self knows the answer to what you want in life.

When you’re leading your life as your true self, all areas of your life will improve.

You’ll have better health, be more successful in your career, and be happy with your life and who you are.

All this is made possible by the most powerful meditation process I’ve developed:

Based on the hundreds of people who have gone through this on the pilot and beta programs, this is one of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever created.

Developed from the latest studies in psychology and neuroscience, it reprograms the operating system of your mind.

This means it gets rid of internal blocks and feelings of pain from past trauma holding you back from being your true self and living the life you want.

It does this by changing the meaning of your past traumatic experiences. So they no longer control you, even if they happened to you many years ago.

So traumatic events you've gone through will turn into empowering experiences.

This means you'll finally be able to let go of any feelings of shame you've been holding onto and will find an inner peace you may have forgotten ever existed.

You’ll become completely comfortable with who you are… what wisdom traditions of the world taught was the most respected ideal.

And instead of trying to live up to what you think you should be, you will start becoming who you truly are in your core.

You'll then start to witness a subtle yet rapid and almost effortless change in your life:

  • You’ll stop being so hard on yourself and will overcome negative self-talk. 
  • You’ll develop a true core confidence and healthy self- esteem which will never leave you.
  • You’ll discover how to give yourself the self-love and acceptance that you’ve always been looking to others for.
  • You’ll no longer be torn apart by indecision and will have the clarity to know what you want in life.
  • You’ll develop the courage to believe in yourself and go for what you want in life. 
  • You’ll cultivate a curiosity to explore and know yourself better that will give you a more satisfying life. 
  • You'll naturally hit it off with other people as your unique personality comes through.
  • You’ll stop living out your childhood relationship dynamics, which keep you in co-dependent relationships.
  • You’ll experience real intimacy and true connection in your relationships as you’ll be able to express yourself freely to your partner.
  • You’ll have a calm, playful attitude that will naturally draw people to you, and you'll make friends naturally. 
  • You’ll become more patient and develop the consistency to stick with and achieve goals that are important to you
  • You’ll be able to live more in the moment and start enjoying the life you currently have. 
  • You’ll end the cycle of shame your parents passed down to you and their parents passed down to them… and ensure your children are psychologically healthy and strong.

These are just some of the ways your life will change when you no longer feel toxic shame about who you are.

You'll also experience other benefits, unique to you, which you were once held back from enjoying in your life.

Society, family, and peer group pressure will no longer control you, and you’ll live a life which resonates with who you are at the core of your very being.

On top of this, you’ll also get access to 3 FREE bonus meditations which will reinforce your new found, true identity.

Do you ever find you want to do something yet end up doing the opposite?

This is because your behavior is driven by your emotions.

This guided meditation identifies and gets rid of behavioral patterns that lead you to act in ways you don’t want.

This will allow you to change your behavior in the following ways:

  • Stops unwanted behaviors like eating junk food, which makes you put on weight, and procrastinating, which kills your productivity.
  • Makes you more productive with your time, so you can get more done than ever before... and start feeling great knowing you’re taking charge of your time and your life.
  • Stops you from putting things off, so you can become an action taker and start following through on things you want to do. 

It’s good to think and feel differently. However if it doesn’t lead to action, it doesn’t mean much.

This is what this exercise will do for you.

  • It will turn you into a psychologically stronger you than you’ve ever been and prepare you to take action. 
  • Nothing and no one will slow you down or hold you back from going for what you want.
  • You will experience a feeling of fearlessness, as you'll have the confidence to do things you've always wanted to do. 

Are you carrying wounds from your childhood?

Even if it was many years ago, trauma from your childhood can still interfere with your life today and result in neurotic behaviors you may not be fully conscious of, like sabotaging relationships or success because you don’t feel worthy.

If you had a difficult, or even a lost childhood, it must be mourned and grieved over. In this meditation, which reinforces The 3-Dimensional Trauma Transformation, you’ll go through the process of releasing your trauma by grieving and soul searching to give you a feeling of freedom.

It will get you back in touch with and liberate your inner child part, to finally integrate your true self.

This will give you many benefits:

  • You’ll emerge as your unique self and will stop caring what other people, including members of the opposite sex think about you.
  • Your personality will start to shine as you’ll develop and show your unique character traits.
  • You’ll start to let go of your toxic shame, become mentally stronger, and get more control of your life.

Before I tell you how you can sign up for TRUE SELF, I want to say something important.

You’ve probably heard a lot of gurus talk about how you should love and accept yourself.

Such things are at the core of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, feelings of shame and unworthiness due to the trauma you’ve gone through will always stop you loving and accepting yourself.

If you don’t get to your true self, you will never feel worthy or enough for love.

You may try to block out the pain… However, it will still be there, dictating your life and holding you back from experiencing the happiness and joy you’d otherwise have in your life on a daily basis.

It will act like metal shackles chaining you to your old limitations and preventing you from having the life you want.

The reason you have problems in relationships is because of shame.

It’s guaranteed that if you don’t deal with your toxic shame, you’ll have failed relationships because there won’t be any true intimacy.

If you don’t love or accept yourself, you can’t really love someone else because you’re always going to look to them to get the love you can’t get from yourself.

Relationships require vulnerability. When you’ve got toxic shame, you’ll self sabotage your relationships… or won’t even try to get into one with certain partners, as you won’t feel worthy of them.

Shame prevents true connection, which means you’ll never experience real intimacy, and will always get into unhealthy relationships.

Unless you treat your toxic shame, you’re also likely to mess up your children.

Shame is multi-generational. If you don’t stop the cycle of toxic shame, it’ll continue with your children, their grandchildren, and so on.

You must grieve what you went through, or you’ll be stuck acting them out in your neurotic responses.

Many people are completely out of touch with themselves. They have so many false layers of self, they’ve forgotten who their true self is.

That doesn’t have to be your fate, though.

Here’s What You Will Get When You Sign up 

When you sign up for TRUE SELF, you’ll get The Three-Dimensional Trauma Transformation and the 3 FREE bonuses valued at $750.00. As well as recorded seminars explaining how you developed trauma and how to overcome it so you won’t have to suffer again.

The Three-Dimensional Trauma Transformation is valued at $300.00. This means, together with the 3 FREE bonuses, TRUE SELF has a combined value of at least $1,050.00.

I would also like to remove any doubts you may have, as well as removing any risk by providing you with my unconditional 100%... 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Quite simply, you are covered by my unconditional 30 day no questions asked, money back guarantee. This means you can go through TRUE SELF, and in the unlikely event you don’t witness a noticeable positive change in your dating, relationships, career, and other important areas of your life, I will refund your money in full.

This means you get the final say on whether TRUE SELF is for you or not. I think you’ll agree, you have nothing to lose!

Sign up for TRUE SELF now by clicking on the button below.


TRUE SELF is still included as a bonus course in FreedomU and in the Legendary Coaching Group.


David Tian, Ph.D.


It doesn’t matter how many self-help books or courses you do or what actions you take, when you’re carrying emotional wounds you’ll never be the best you.

TRUE SELF will heal your emotional wounds and take the weight of past trauma off your shoulders.

After you go through the therapeutic meditations in the course, you’ll feel lighter inside… as trauma will no longer be weighing you down.

You’ll emerge as a more confident, happier person and enjoy a greater sense of self-esteem, which will allow you to be who you want to be and live the life you want to live.

Sign up for TRUE SELF now by clicking on the button below.


TRUE SELF is still included as a bonus course in FreedomU and in the Legendary Coaching Group.

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