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Stop Gaming Your Woman!

Instead, Enjoy A Passionate Relationship With Your Perfect Woman Who Loves And Adores You For Your True Self

How to Finally Get Complete Confidence and Ease in Your Relationships with Women

“Rock Solid Relationships: How to Finally Get Complete Confidence and Ease in Your Relationships with Women”

And if you're ready to learn the art of attracting and keeping the most amazing woman in the world — the perfect woman for you — then I'd like to invite you to go through my newest program and discover for yourself how to do it.

Now, if you know me, then you know that I love to learn, and that I'm always paying attention to new distinctions, new patterns, new ways of trying to solve complex issues with women, dating, relationships, and in all other areas of life.

And now spending half a decade researching in depth arguably the most important aspect of life — the quality of your relationship — has taught me so much and given me so much.

After all, the longest running study in history, Harvard University’s Study of Adult Development, found after studying now over 2,000 subjects for more than 75 years that…

"The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period." -- Harvard University's Study of Adult Development

And in this program, Rock Solid Relationships, I'm going to show you the best of what I've learned about relationships, masculinity, and your own psychology.

But before I walk you through what’s in the course, let me tell you another quick story. This one’s about my best friend growing up, Eric, who is like a brother to me.

What I would say to my brother today about relationships:

He’s a brilliant guy who’s just crushed it in life. He has an MBA and a JD from an Ivy League university and is partner of his own law firm.

He had all the money he ever wanted and achieved all he set for himself…


He came to me recently with his marriage troubles. He’s got two kids and has been married for several years now.

But he, like so many men around the world, fell into “The Girlfriend Game Trap,” thinking he could just repeat what he was doing while dating…

and then just coast in his relationship once she said, “I do.”

Well, after a few years of marriage, their sex life dwindled to almost nothing.

They began having heated arguments, even waking the kids up sometimes at night with their shouting.

And then he just resigned himself to this life…

A life of quiet desperation…

Stuck in this grey zone... a blah kind of relationship where it’s the same old, routine... where the zest is almost completely sucked out.

For Eric, it was a long, dull, sinking...

But for others, it can blow apart in cheating or a nasty breakup that he can’t help but feel he could have prevented.

Fortunately for Eric, I was taking another class of students through a new, experimental, step-by-step course on Masculinity, which used cutting edge research…

That was able — within a mere two months — to take his relationship from decaying, rotting, and stuck in a rut… to…

Vibrant, loving, and most of all,


And this is why I knew I had to add in this whole other course as an extra special BONUS. It’s called…

How to Develop the One Factor that Guarantees Passionate Relationships with Women

You see, my brother and I, and all modern men have all been suffering from the same affliction…

Modern society has ROBBED YOU of your inherent NATURAL ability to attract and keep relationships with women. Because we were born relatively recently, in modern cultures, we men are not evolutionarily adapted for life in this politically correct modern world.

Men are not optimized for life now. Because our soft, modern environments basically don’t offer us the process of “becoming a Mature Masculine” the way it evolved literally over 100,000 years ago… we end up stuck in an immature stage and don’t naturally become Mature Men.

These days, human beings are living longer, but we’re maturing slower… and instead of growing up and living an enjoyable, mature life… many men end up staying in the “adolescent” phase of their lives for DECADES.

This "stunted growth" process leaves us with that empty feeling of anxiety and frustration that you might call the “Extended Childhood Syndrome”.

We grew… but as a result… many of us never really “grew up”.

Even worse, we’ve recently been going through a cultural phenomenon of extremist feminism that shames and attacks men for their masculinity. In moderation, this is a good and needed correction. But in this soft era of political correctness, this dangerous movement has obscured the reality that we are, fundamentally, MEN.

And because of this, many of us failed to really become MEN… and develop the inherent natural ability to attract and keep our woman that is part of MASCULINE MASTERY.

When developed, your Masculinity is like your "internal compass" that guides you to success in your relationships with women.

A man who is MISSING his mature Masculinity is like a ship trying to sail the ocean with no guidance systems whatsoever.

In other words, he is bound for disaster.

A quality woman can usually sense instantly if a man is “missing” his Masculinity…

Even if you are able to “fool her” for a while with lines and techniques… without the right internal guidance … you are bound to “slip up” and make a mistake that reveals the TRUTH.

This is why these little things DO count so much with women…

What she gets is the gut feeling that you aren't a REAL MAN.

And when that happens, the possibility for attraction or a relationship is instantly not an option in her mind… and she can’t control it.

An inner switch flips inside of her, and it creates an invisible barrier… and even though that process and the barrier are invisible, they are still very real… and very obvious to her.

Without this issue handled, the only way to get attention from women is becoming a master of PRETENDING to be a false self… and using techniques to cover up your inability to be who you are.

But as I’m sure you know… just as I found out the hard way…

Eventually, this deeper problem WILL cause you to screw things up even worse.

This immature Masculinity is as painful to women as it is to men… and unless you learn how to develop your Mature Masculine, you will go on feeling lonely, out of control, and desperate… and nothing you try will fix it.

How to become the powerful MAN you were meant to be -- and attract and keep the woman you are meant to be with.

Although this may be the first you’ve heard of all this… I’m guessing that you—like me—have felt like something has been missing from your life for a long time now…

That something can’t be described very well with words…

We know that we SHOULD feel a certain way, and we want to feel that way…

maybe it’s strength, or being a protector, or having earned the right to be a leader of others…

Whatever it is, it’s like that nagging feeling that never quite makes it into normal consciousness… it’s like the “splinter in your mind” that Morpheus talks about in the movie The Matrix.

One of the greatest challenges as a man is feeling anxiety, frustration, and the inability to get what you want… but to not know the SOURCE of this… or the reason for it.

What we have known all along is that these feelings hold us back from success with women, and in life.

Feeling that there’s something missing, and wanting to fill that void is bad enough…

What makes it unbearable is that the one thing that we want at every level more than anything—love and passion with women—is tied DIRECTLY to this particular issue.

Now... I'd like to show you how to put all this behind you... and finally become the man you were meant to be...

This is why I HAD TO bundle Masculine Mastery together with Rock Solid Relationships. It only made sense.

You can’t have a passionate relationship without mastering your masculinity.

And you can’t master your masculine energy outside the context of relationship to the feminine.

So I’ve spent the last 4+ years putting together a comprehensive course on both relationships and masculinity — designed to completely expel the immature boy inside of you from your mind, body, and soul forever… and transform you into the powerful, confident, masculine man that all quality women are looking for.


Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery include over 35+ hours of a beautifully organized set of video courses, audio tracks, PDF cheat sheets, and lots of valuable, fun surprises.

All recorded and viewable online, so you can access them anywhere, any time.


Your Rock Solid Vision

In Module 1, “Your Rock Solid Vision,” we begin by walking you through a powerful guided meditation that triggers in your unconscious mind a “homing beacon” for attracting your perfect woman and relationship to you.


Your Masculine Leadership

In Module 2, “Your Masculine Leadership,” you’ll discover how to replace the immature psychology that governs your actions with women with mature Man psychology… so you always do what a MATURE MASCULINE would do in those tough situations… without even thinking about it.

This is THE KEY to auto-pilot success with women and relationships – that you can do it WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT - whether it’s an argument, emotional breakdown, or drifting apart from you, you’ll learn how to INSTINCTIVELY feel and know the best thing to do.


Your Rock Solid Love

In Module 3, “Your Rock Solid Love,” you’ll begin the simple process that will program in your subconscious a rock solid core of Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem.

You’ll feel instantly amazing after going through these five emotionally transformative experiences that form the core of this program. When you experience them, it’s as if a dark veil of doubt and insecurity is lifted off of you. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and incredibly more powerful and positive.


Your Masculine Freedom

In Module 4, “Your Masculine Freedom,” you’ll be led through a step-by-step process that allows your unconscious mind to WORK FOR YOU rather than against you, so that you can break out of the harmful recurring patterns undermining your success and relationships… and unleash your innate masculine spirit and energy.


Your Rock Solid Attachment

In Module 5, “Your Rock Solid Attachment,” you’ll discover how you can effortlessly ignite passion, love, and care in nurturing relationships with your woman, even if your significant other seems “emotionally withdrawn” or overly anxious or needy.


Your Masculine Assertiveness

In Module 6, “Your Masculine Assertiveness,” you’ll develop your inner compass for navigating any tricky situations with others, including your woman and any intimidating alpha males. You’ll also learn how to express yourself authentically and trigger real respect from others by doing so.


Your Rock Solid Vitality

In Module 7, “Your Rock Solid Vitality,” you’ll experience rock solid self-confidence and “worthiness” to stop relying on others for validation and instead blaze your own wild trail of rapid, repeated successes.


Your Masculine Power

In Module 8, “Your Masculine Power,” you’ll be led through a step-by-step system for building up inner confidence that leads to success with women and relationships. This is BY FAR the most effective personal growth system available… and the only method I’m aware of that works literally 100% of the time.


Your Rock Solid Relationship

In Module 9, “Your Rock Solid Relationship,” we begin tying together all the amazing insights you’ve been gathering over the previous weeks so that you can see the big picture and step-by-step system of how to establish and enjoy rock solid relationships with women.


Your Masculine Mastery

In Module 10, “Your Masculine Mastery,” we level up all the elements of masculinity you’ve been training so far and lock it into your unconscious mind and physical body, so that you’ll become a true master of your Masculine energy and essence.

Bonus #1: MODULE 11

Your Masculine Journey

In the extra Bonus Module 11, “Your Masculine Journey,” we give you the road map to follow for the REST OF YOUR LIFE as you ride off into the sunset with power and joy as a true master of masculinity and relationships.

Bonus #2 -- "CORE: How to Connect with Your Masculine Core"

In CORE, I'm going to reveal what real masculinity is and how you can connect to it, so you can become the man you're meant to be, and live a long, happy, and fulfilling life.

You’ll go through a 30 minute, step-by-step process which will cause changes in your brain and body’s biochemistry and connect you to your masculine core.

It’s based on major breakthroughs which have been made in the fields of neuroscience and biochemistry in the last several decades, including the discoveries made by neuroscientists like Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2000.

I’ve tested this on tens of thousands of people in 87 countries over the last 12 years with great results. And now I’m going to do the same for you.

CORE includes 8+ hours of video seminars, downloadable meditative audio exercises, and PDF slides and worksheets.

In CORE, you’ll get the video seminar on how to connect to your masculinity, the “Awaken Your Masculine Archetypes” meditative exercise, and the 3 FREE bonuses -- the video seminar on "How Masculine and Feminine Polarities are the Underlying Driving Force in Relationships," the video seminar on "Attracting Her Through Your Masculine Energy and Essence," and the downloadable audio meditation "Masculine Energy Exercise.

The video seminar and audio exercise alone are valued at $150.00 and $300.00. This means, together with the 3 FREE bonuses, CORE has a combined value of $750.00.

But it's all included complimentary with Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery.


Bonus #3 -- "HEART: This Ancient Practice Ignites Passion, Love, and Connection In Your Intimate Relationships"

In HEART, you’re going to discover an ancient practice that will show you how you can complete yourself.

It will get rid of your neurotic need for someone or something outside yourself to make you feel complete… and will turn you into an attractive person who can effortlessly attract a great partner and have a truly fulfilling relationship full of passion, love, and connection.

Instead of looking for other people to fulfill your needs, you'll discover a simple way to fulfill your own needs in as little as twenty minutes, which, together with this ancient practice, will finally make you feel complete.

This ancient practice -- which I've called, "The Neediness Antidote" -- will make you feel more connected to yourself, so you no longer have a neurotic need for approval or validation from others.

It’s been used on offenders in correctional facilities with great success, as it leads them to be more emotionally integrated and law-abiding citizens.

And even the United Nations has used it in their efforts to promote peace and international cooperation.

This ancient practice will help you let go and forgive both yourself and others for past actions that are still causing you emotional pain.

And you’ll develop gratitude and love for yourself, which will make you feel fulfilled, and overcome your neurotic need for someone else to make you feel complete.

HEART comes with 6+ hours of video seminars, downloadable audio meditations, PDF slides and worksheets. HEART includes seminars on how to meet your own and your partner's needs, the Neediness Antidote, and 2 FREE bonuses -- The "Relationship Vision" meditative exercise and the "Letting Go" meditative exercise.

The seminars and "The Neediness Antidote" meditative exercise are valued at $350.00. This means, together with the 2 FREE bonuses, HEART has a combined value of $850.00.

But even this too is included complimentary when you register now for Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery.

And that's not all. On top of all that…

Bonus #4 -- LIFETIME ACCESS (Value: Priceless)

In case it wasn’t clear, all members of Rock Solid Relationships and Masculine Mastery get access to the program… for LIFE. With lifetime access, you can progress at your own speed, even take a break if you need to… if you’re out of town, on vacation, or just swamped for a few days. Interruptions happen, and your Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery program will ALWAYS be here for you when you’re ready.

Because of the intimate nature of the subject matter, I’m extremely selective about who we allow into our program and especially whom we hold ourselves accountable to through our membership support. Fortunately, I’m in the enviable position of not needing to appeal to everyone — just the right people.

I’d rather work with a small group of men who are committed to levelling up in life… than a lot of random dudes just looking for the next magic line.

Please pay attention, because these rules are ironclad.

Rock Solid Relationships &
Masculine Mastery are NOT for you if…

You think you’re ok already and aren’t open to new points of view. If you’re closed to new advice, how can anyone help you?

You harbor bitter resentment towards women, have an unhealthy attitude toward women, or want to get revenge on women.

You’re simply looking for a bunch of “quick tips” or “motivation.” I believe the most motivational thing you can do is to get RESULTS, so while I’m friendly and supportive (or so I’ve been told), I’m ultimately concerned with your success, not if you like me.

Rock Solid Relationships &
Masculine Mastery are RIGHT for you if…

You’re ready to invest in yourself and develop the psychological maturity, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence that will continue to pay off for the rest of your life and relationships.

You’re looking for a step-by-step SYSTEM, not random techniques

You’ve got the courage, discipline, and resilience to stick through an intensive 11-week process of transformative growth

Here are some of the results of students who decided Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery was right for them:

Well, some of the videos that go into this course were filmed at live events.

The original cost to attend the live events was
US$5,000.00 per person...

and we filled it up at that price.

The professionally-edited video version of the course is arguably even more valuable, because it's edited down to the best clips.

You can go back and review it as much as you want, and you can have it to watch any time you need it… forever.

I’ve decided to set the investment for this course not at $5,000… or even $2,500… or even $1,000.

Instead, your investment for Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery is only 497 USD for the whole thing.

And there’s also a monthly payment plan, if that makes it even easier for you to afford it.

Years from now, when you’re looking back, how are you going to feel if you could have been dating incredibly amazing women, and finding the one who would make you truly happy for the rest of your life, just by taking a simple, walk-you-through-it course?

Remember, all successful people invest in themselves. What about you?

Is this only for guys who are in relationships or also for guys who are currently single?

If you’re in a relationship already, you definitely need to take Rock Solid Relationships because you may be just weeks from some serious trouble, unless you're already deep in it.

And yes, even if you’re single, you need to be working on this for several reasons. First, you can only keep up an “act” for so long. You can totally get laid with plenty of women with the same 3-date plan... but once you find one you want to spend some more time with, you’ll quickly find that the ‘jig is up’ and that she’s noticing the cracks in your exterior and can no longer trust you to be her long-term lover. She might dump you, cheat on you, or just put you on ice in a sad “relationship friend zone” where you hold hands and cuddle and kiss, but there’s zero passion and rarely any more sex, no matter how bad you want it.

Also, there’s the fact that you’re never really “done” with improving yourself... including once you have a girlfriend. There’s something called the “once and done” myth, where men believe, “Oh, once I have sex with a girl and make her my girlfriend, I’m SET. I can just work on my business and the relationship game is just automatically taken care of.” As much as every movie in Hollywood strokes this “happily ever after” myth, the real truth is that it takes actually some careful effort to have an amazing relationship... one where both you and she are exquisitely happy with each other AND have amazing sex and passion that never gets old. This is something you have to start BEFORE you need it... because once you’re in a relationship, you’re in damage control if you don’t know this.

Can I tell my girlfriend or wife that I'm taking this?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, after her initial surprise, she will probably thank you for it. After all, you're doing it not just for you, but for the both of you. And, you might just inspire her to invest in herself, as well! 😉

Is this also suitable for my woman to learn from?

Yes, absolutely, as well! All of the material in the Relationship modules are applicable to both men and women. She will also probably be interested in learning about what we're covering in the Masculinity modules. Just the fact that you're investing in yourself in this way will be a turn on for any quality woman.

"What is the age range of the students?"

Our membership ranges in age from 18 to 63 years old. Age has never stopped any of our members from enjoying the relationships they desire.

"Do I get access to the entire course at once?"

No, and that is intentional. Rock Solid Relationships is not about me dumping tons of information on you, wiping my hands, and saying, “See ya!” I intentionally tested and structured the material with precisely the right pace so you get the best results. I release new material to you every week throughout the program.

"How much time does it take to do this course per week?"

Based on our extensive testing, I'd say a minimum of 4 hours per week. But everybody is a little different. Obviously, the more time you can put in, the faster you’ll see results. All the course materials are accessible online from the convenience of your computer (or smartphone or iPad). And every module comes with detailed accompanying slides so that you can see what the class is all about at a glance. Because Rock Solid Relationships comes with Lifetime Access, you have the luxury of going at whatever pace you desire.


"What if I just fall behind?"

Don't worry: Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery -- including all 10+1 weeks of online video modules beautifully presented in your membership site accessible from anywhere at any time, and all the PDF course materials -- comes with Lifetime Access. So you can take a break from the material if you’re out of town, on vacation, or just swamped for a few days. Interruptions happen, and Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery will ALWAYS be here for you when you're ready.

"What if I live in Ireland or New Zealand (or somewhere else)?"

Yes, Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery will help you. I've tested what I teach in this course on thousands of people from almost every continent in the world for over 10 years.

"What if I'm Asian/ African-American/ Hispanic/ left-handed/ a morning person/ a night person/ from Yishun in Singapore?"

I call this “Special Snowflake Syndrome,” where we believe something in our lives is so unique, nothing will ever help. At some point, you’re looking for an excuse not to join. My goal is to show you that is not true, that it's just a crippling excuse. I've tested this material with beginners, experienced daters, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Chinese, Indians, and yes, this includes both morning people and night people. If you truly believe you are so unique that 10+ years of the most comprehensive material on succeeding in your relationships ever assembled will not help you, then please don’t join!

"Can I just buy a portion of the program?"

No. This is a system, not a series of disconnected tactics.

"Do you offer any installment plans?"

Yes! Take a look at the pricing tables for more details.

"Are there any hidden fees or costs?"

No, there are no hidden fees or costs. Everything that is included in the program tuition is clearly outlined in the page description before you register.

"When will this be available again?"

We have no current plans to reopen this program.


"How is this different from other courses on the market?"

Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery is the only online relationships and masculinity course that applies the best cutting edge scientific research to the reality of modern mating conditions, including the current masculinity crisis afflicting so many men around the world. No other program includes coursework successfully tested for over 10 years with thousands of students from more than 87 countries.

All this beautifully packaged into a proven, step-by-step system so that you can finally attain complete confidence and ease in your relationships and masculinity. This step-by-step system is based entirely on rigorous scientific research. My background is in academia, and it's in my blood to teach only what's been backed up by empirically verified results.

"Are the lessons applicable to other countries or only for Singapore or Asian countries?"

Rock Solid Relationships and & Masculine Mastery are based on science. This includes cutting edge research from neuroscience, psychology, and other behavioral and natural sciences conducted in universities around the world and which form the core of our curriculum. These work in any country with human beings(!).

I am a Taiwanese-Canadian expat myself, was raised and educated in Canada and the USA, and lived in several countries before settling in Asia. And I bring all my international experience to bear in my coaching. Our coaching staff also includes men from all over the world.

"Your program does sound a bit too good to be true. How can this be for real? If it is true, you will see me sign up by the end of the day!"

It's good for me to meet this kind of skepticism because in my life and work, I am constantly surrounded by people who transform themselves and see massive success on a daily basis, not just with women, but from life.

Look, at Aura Transformation, we have the longevity and track record for over a decade. We have the tens of thousands of happy students and people who have benefited from our lessons. And instead of telling you about the rare cases when someone didn't soar as high as we had hoped, let me tell you about the many that did: They are hungry. They consume the material again and again. They follow the program. And they are in the REAL WORLD and apply and practice what they've learned.

If the confident "feelings" disappear, they review the lessons or re-watch the videos. They reach out to our membership support to get encouragement and ask questions. They really dedicate energy and time and a lot of themselves into this area of their lives and that's why they receive a lot from it. They don't hide in a corner rating my performance or Aura Transformation as a whole. We're way past that.

They've given us their trust, and they've experienced enough results to continue to give us more. They become success stories. These are some of the same people leaving testimonials that you have read, making you feel it's too good to be true.

I would love to have you on board. At this point, the choice is entirely yours and I trust you will make that leap of faith with me. If not, thanks for reading this far, and I wish you the best.

Registration for Rock Solid Relationships is Now Closed

Sorry, David Tian’s Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery course registration has now closed! Did you miss the deadline? You can still sign up for the waiting list, so you can get early notification as soon as registration opens up again. Just enter your email below.

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