What Do Women Really Want From Men?

Hey, it’s Dr. David Tian,

After you watch this video, I want you to promise me you’ll give up the "cold approach" path for good.

After over 10 years of pioneering work in the dating advice industry, I’ve come to the honest conclusion that.... going up to hundreds (or thousands) of women doesn’t just "not work"... it will eat your soul and make you worse off than you were before...


Learning to "cold approach" is downright PAINFUL. And it offers only the slightest hope of success in the end.

The whole pick up artist journey is so long... with so few examples of success...

...that it would be as if I handed you a stack of DVD’s of an HBO show and told you “The first 9 seasons are awful but the last episode of the 10th season is really good. Just watch them in order!”

You’re not going to sit through nine whole seasons you hate no matter how awesome I tell you the final episode is.

And if you DO stick to endless approaches, then God help you... because I’ve met those people, and they tend to come out very weird... to the point where your friends stop hanging out with you because you’ve picked up so many strange habits.

Luckily, there's a better way...

...which can be done from the comfort of your armchair... works extremely fast... and doesn’t even require you to try to “trick a woman into liking you,” which is what most guys (and coaches) are trying to do, whether they fully understand it or not.

I recorded this special video, teaching you this brand new way I’ve found to *allow* women to fall for you effortlessly...

All it takes is just passively watching a couple videos and trying a few easy exercises.

You don’t need any “balls” to do this or even any confidence really... though by the end of the process, you'll be brimming with self-confidence.

This is the first of a series of four videos I’m recording on this, so you don’t want to get left behind. Watch this right now, and I’ll be in touch soon.

Best, David Tian, Ph.D.

P.S. – Very important to make sure you watch until the end because that’s where I reveal the first great secret of how to make a woman insanely interested in you.

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