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Welcome to our Mission Transformation Concierge Page!

This challenge is going to transform you!

If you've felt like you've put your life on hold in 2020, you're not alone. And when the world opens back up again, it'll be easy to settle for life as you knew it...

But I'm here to invite you to commit to a NEW level of success and fulfillment.

This isn't a time to just survive. It's a time to thrive, to grow, and most importantly, create real momentum and make massive progress in your life during these 3 days of missions (and well into 2021 and the new decade).

That transformation, that impact YOU can make, should start right now.

If you're like me and refuse to settle for less than you can be...

If you're ready to make your life deeply meaningful...

If you know that you have great potential within you just waiting to be freed...

You must join today.

In this free 3-day LIVE coaching challenge, you'll...

  • Uncover your true authentic self
  • Break free from negative thought cycles
  • Discover the power of your vulnerability
  • Create a fulfilling, joyful, and happy life you love

Each day, I'll also be giving away incredible prizes and awards to the top entries for each day's mission!

IMPORTANT: This is your Mission Transformation Concierge Page… so go ahead and add it to your bookmarks. This is where my team and I will post challenge updates, downloads, prize details, and extra bonus content.

One more thing. If you're new to my work, click the banner below to familiarize yourself with the work I've been doing the past 13+ years with tens of thousands of people from over 87 countries.

Registration for the Platinum Partnership Closes In...

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Here's How To Take Part In The Missions, So That You Can Get Your Big Breakthroughs, Inspire Others, And Win Prizes & Awards

Follow These Steps:



Say hello to your Mission Transformation community. It may be uncomfortable to do Live Video in the community... but it’s important for your results!

During the Mission, you will need to do Live Video in the facebook group to submit your challenge entries.

So it’s crucial to take this step now - to start getting comfortable with it - by doing something much easier 🙂

This is all you need to do. Start your Live Video and introduce yourself to the group.
Use this simple formula to make it easy (but feel free to improvise!):

A. Tell us what your name is
B. Tell us which city or country you are in (We’ve got members from all over the world!)
C. Tell us why you're participating in the Mission Transformation!

That’s it 🙂

We’re all in this together - so you should see many others doing this. Please cheer them on. This simple action will help us get to know each other before the Mission officially starts!

Need some inspiration? Click on the “Live Video Intros - Dec 2020” in the Topics section

NOTE: This step isn’t about recording a video and then uploading it. We’re looking for “in the moment” authenticity for the Mission - to make it more real for everyone. This step is designed to get you used to GOING LIVE. So please step up and have courage. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, and just click the "Go Live" button. If you need to know how to go live on Facebook, click here for Facebook’s explainer page.



It’s no small thing to submit a live challenge. You motivate others who see you step up. And you in turn can get a lot of encouragement from your Mission Transformation community when you submit your live videos. This may sound small, but it’s what will make the Mission that day translate into real results for you.

So we challenge you to go ALL IN, lifting everyone up with your motivation, encouragement, and support!

During the 3-Day Live Mission, the top two overall contributors — as measured by the Facebook Group Insights scoreboard — will win the biggest prizes. Facebook publishes these group analytics, which we’ll share with you at the end.

The little things count. Everything from…

+ Going live in the group to share your action steps and inspiring others
+ Liking people’s posts to encourage them
+ Commenting on people’s posts with appreciation to support them in taking action
+ Posting your own action sheets, updates, questions, or sharing about your transformation journey so far

NOTE: Of course, this isn’t spam or annoying posts or anything that goes against our community Rules. Facebook’s analytics does a good job of ranking activity by how it contributes to the community. As long as you’re positive, it’ll reflect in the rankings. So get going and support your fellow mission buddies!



During the Live Video Training for each day of the Mission Transformation, we’ll be revealing the Mission for that day -- one action step to propel you forward in your transformation -- along with an accompanying PDF action sheet.

Think about your answer to the Mission for that day. Write down your thoughts, if that helps. When you’re ready, go live inside the Mission Transformation community, and share your answer through your Live Video.

As long as you post your submission for that day’s Mission before 6 am EST (Eastern Standard Time), which is two hours before the Live Training each day, you’ll be considered for the Bonus Prizes that day! You have practically 24 hours to enter your submission.

Then, check in at the next day’s Live Video Training to see if you were selected as a day’s Mission Winner!

Each day, David Tian and the Aura Team will be selecting two winners from the previous day’s Mission entries by 6 am EST.

The selection criteria are designed to reward you for taking action that leads to transformation. The criteria include:

i) Did you go ALL IN?

ii) Does your answer make use of the day’s training to maximize results?

iii) Does your Live Video inspire, motivate, and lift up yourself and others?

Encouragement, support, and accountability through your posts and comments make all the difference.



By posting your Live Videos, you’ll also find you’ll start to make connections with like-minded peers in the group. It’s totally natural, as others will be able to put an authentic face and voice to the username, see what your goals are, and how you are working towards them. So view this as a fun way to make new friends with similar goals. Everyone in the Mission Transformation has similar goals. So set aside your doubts or hesitation. They’re normal and everyone’s feeling them. But once you get in the habit of taking action with each day's Mission, you’ll find everything becomes simpler and more natural!

Day 1 Live Video Replay

Day 2 Live Video Replay

Day 3 Live Video Replay



Answer This Question:

“What's your powerful new incantation and how would your life be different if you fully believed this empowering truth?”



Answer This Question:

“What are the two decisions you’ve been hesitating on and the ONE action you’re going to take now?”



Awarded to the Top Two Live Submissions for Each Day's Mission Posted by 6 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) The Next Day

Prize 1

Unleash your true self, have more self-confidence and self-worth than ever before, and let your unique personality shine through. TRUE SELF is a 6+ hour, 4-module, step-by-step course that reveals how you can break free from feelings of low self-worth, toxic shame, and insecurity. You'll discover how the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience help you reprogram the operating system of your mind... and get rid of internal blocks holding you back from being the person you've always wanted to be... and living the life you've always wanted to live.

Prize 2

Discover the secret to living the life of your dreams without having to rely on willpower or discipline. Based on cutting edge research in performance psychology and neuroscience, PURPOSE is a 6+ hour, 5-module, step-by-step course that helps you discover your life purpose, which encompasses all areas of your life. Finding your purpose is the trick to having a meaningful and enjoyable life without needing to force yourself to do things. All of the elements of the course work together in you at a deep, unconscious level and reveal how you can live a life that makes you truly happy.

Prize 3

The weekly training inside the Legendary Coaching Group will give you the skills and mindsets to attract the right women for you, master your emotions, discover your life purpose, crush your goals, overcome your limiting beliefs, plus much more. The Legendary material covers all the key areas of life including dating, relationships, social skills, motivation, emotional intelligence, happiness, confidence, focus, lifestyle, and more. Everything you need to live a fulfilling life. Legendary comes with live video coaching sessions with David Tian every week

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