How to Demolish Your Deepest Insecurities and Honesty as the Cornerstone of Attraction: Full 21 Convention Talk

This is the full video of my talk at the 21 Convention in Melbourne last year. I had a lot of fun meeting some wonderful people, including the organiser, Anthony Johnson, and the MC, Steve Mayeda, as well as many others. A big “Thank You” to Anthony, Steve, and the team for their gracious invitation!

The original title of the talk was, “Honesty as the Cornerstone of Attraction.” I think that title still best encapsulates the content of the talk, but an attendee wrote in and said that as a result of my talk, he learned how to demolish his deepest insecurities, and I thought that’d be a catchier title.

Here’s the video:

This is the outline I gave out as a hand-out. It should come in handy as you watch the video.


1. Inner

Psychological Archaeology

• Use R&R (Reflection and Reframing) to overcome Limiting Beliefs (LB)

• LB => True or False

• If False, then Reflect, Research, and Condition

• If True, then can you change it? Yes or No?

• If Yes, change it!

• If No, then Reframe, Research, and Condition

2. Outer


Being Attractive = Emotional Strength + Honest

-Cyclical Process of a) becoming strong and b) expressing yourself honestly

-Former accomplished through repeated attempts at the latter

“Being yourself ” requires that you first “know yourself ”

Honesty is necessary for…

a) Coming to terms with all your current weaknesses

b) Discovering and deciding who you really want to be

-You feel inside when something’s off

-Genuine “Game”

Know Thyself => What emotions are you feeling and why?

-Be comfortable and content with your flaws

-Admit to yourself and others

Emotion = Judgement/Thought/Belief/Interpretation + Phenomenology


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