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What's the Secret to Lasting Success with Women?

Most guys try one of the following 3 approaches with women:

1. He tries to buy her love, affection, or sex with dinners, gifts, or favors.

But that doesn’t work because it only attracts gold diggers, users, and Instagram whores.

2. He tries to convince her he’s a “nice guy” by being sweet, gentle, or attentive... in order to get her love, affection, or sex, of course.

But THAT doesn’t work because it only attracts emotional vampires who either stick him in friend zone jail or use him for favors of the non-sexual kind.


3. He tries to learn how to get better with women by following random Youtube videos and learning how to “game” women. You know, the whole push-pull, cocky-funny, social proof, status signaling, bullshit that you find online... that only turns you in a False Self and gives you a nasty case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds.

You don't want to take the long, arduous, lethal road...

This third approach is a lot like what happens in the Lord of the Rings, a famous trilogy by the great author J.R.R. Tolkien and adapted by Peter Jackson into an award-winning series of 3 movies, in which these little, pure, innocent hobbits are tasked with taking this evil ring and throwing it into this volcano, except that “one does not simply walk into Mordor.” And thus begins over 9 hours of a long, arduous journey where all the characters almost die, and some of them actually die.

This is just like attempting to master “game” with women with all the clubbing, the day gaming, the cold approaches, the kino escalation, and the super high drop out rates.

It’s like having to be stopped at the Snowy Mountains by the evil wizard Saruman and forced to go around and underground through the perilous Mines of Moria, full of dead dwarves and orcs and the huge demon Balrog, and losing Gandalf, your #1 man. And then getting split up by an orc army and watching the great Boromir get killed.

And that’s just the first movie! You don’t want to go the long route, trust me.

When Frodo finally makes it to the top of the volcano, he's attacked by the creepy creature Gollum, who bites off his finger and falls into the fiery pit with the ring.

Imagine he were to look down the other side of the mountain and see, “Hey, wait a minute, there’s the Shire. It’s just through that forest there.”

And it turns out the Shire is just a few hours ride to the volcano.

And imagine a ranger or someone had gone ahead and cut a path from the Shire up the back of the volcano. Like a secret, back route up the mountain.

Well, that's me!

Meet Your Mentor: David Tian, Ph.D.

I’m David Tian! And for over the past 13 years, through years of trial and error and plenty of psychotherapy and clinical psychology training and experience coaching thousands of people from all around the world...

I’ve been carving a shortcut path up the back of the mountain that can take you to the summit in a small fraction of the time the long, arduous, soul-destroying route takes.

This therapeutic shortcut is the core of my new live coaching group Legendary.

At the core of the Legendary program is a progressive series of psychotherapeutic processes to take anyone from a total novice to a more advanced person... and guide them through the next phases of their personal growth... so they can experience even more love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and passion than they ever thought possible before.

Here's what you’ll get in the Legendary Coaching Group: 

You only need 3 things to succeed and live a good life:


Set a compelling vision and learn how to get the right things done to attract the right woman for you, achieve your goals, discover your passion, reach your full potential, and contribute a positive impact to the world.


I’ll be right beside you on every phase of your journey showing you how to become more attractive naturally, and apply the strategies, tools, and action steps you learn to your unique situation.


You probably know what it’s like to set an ambitious goal and not follow through. Now that’s a thing of the past because the amazing Legendary community will be there to keep you on track, help you overcome challenges, and celebrate your milestones.

Join an extraordinary community of like-minded peers who are driven to generate positive transformation in themselves and the world.


Gain the skills and mindsets you need to attract the right woman for you, master your emotions, discover your life purpose, crush your goals, overcome your challenges and limiting beliefs, plus much more.

All course materials, including video training, audio training, action sheets, guided meditations, and bonus resources are available in your private membership site.

The training inside Legendary covers all the key areas of life like dating, relationships, social skills, motivation, emotional intelligence, happiness, well-being, confidence, focus, lifestyle, and more.

Everything you need to live a fulfilling life is inside your private membership site.

Here’s what you’ll discover to ensure your breakthroughs

The 5 Phases of Legendary Success

I’ve discovered through over 13 years of learning the hard way, training, education, testing, refining, and coaching thousands of people from all walks of life and more than 87 countries... that there are 5 Phases to mastering life: 






The core training and bonuses inside the Legendary Coaching Group are based around these 5 Phases of Legendary Success and use psychotherapeutic processes to guide you through the action steps and milestones of each phase... so that you can experience continual progress and breakthroughs in dating, relationships, and all areas of life, no matter what phase you're in.

Here’s what’s inside your private membership area:

LIVE video coaching sessions with me every week, including audio versions for your commute at work. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to develop a personal relationship with me and ask me your questions, Legendary is the most economical way to do it.

Built-in Support: One of the biggest reasons we fail to meet our goals is a lack of accountability. What’s so incredible about the Legendary coaching community is that you have a built-in peer group supporting you. Having trouble following through on your weekly goals? Ask your fellow Legends. Facing a tough personal challenge in your life? The Legends have got your back. Want to share a victory? We're here to cheer you on and encourage you to step up to the next level.

Powerful Global Community: Anthony Robbins famously said, “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group." Unfortunately, often our friends and family don’t have the same commitment to growth that we do. This can make leveling up your life tough. So with Legendary, you have a chance to connect with new friends and develop a world-wide family of people who are dedicated to creating positive change in their lives and the lives of others. We have Legends from all around the world. I can’t wait for you to discover what Legends live in your area.

Access to the “Legendary Vault”: Have you ever heard of the “Disney Vault”? It’s Disney’s policy of “retiring” new releases of their beloved movies. Well you get access to the “Legendary Vault” of ALL previous live coaching sessions, guided meditations, book reviews, and other training material from past months and years.

Guided Meditation Sessions: Having studied meditation in my Ph.D. studies and research and committed to meditating daily for several years already -- sometimes up to multiple hours per day -- now I’m excited to share this transformative experience and habit with you through access to my new guided meditations... which programs your unconscious mind for success with woman, relationships, and life.

Book Analyses & Reviews: As a former university professor, I regularly read and analyzed up to 1000 pages of books each week. Now I’m excited to reveal my book reviews and notes of key books with you, so you can see how to get the most from your reading and glean the same breakthrough insights I discovered.

I want to take the mystery out of success with women, relationships, and life. Today there’s so much information out there, so many different "gurus" trying to sell you on this program and that program, that I wanted to create a comprehensive roadmap -- complete with action steps and milestones at each phase -- for your personal development and success: the Legendary Coaching Group. 

Choose The Legendary Plan That Works Best For You  

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        You’ll Have Help Every Step of the Way in Legendary


        Join David Tian, Ph.D., live every week for video coaching sessions where you’ll be guided on a transformational subject. He’ll answer your questions, share scientific research and resources you need to know about, plus offer lots of motivation and encouragement!


        Leverage the power of the Peer Group Effect. Like attracts like, and you have the full weight of the Legendary peer group to learn from and level you up inside of our private community. Share ideas, get feedback, receive support whenever you need it. You’re never alone when you’re in Legendary.


        If you have technical issues or any other challenge you need help with, write and we’ll take care of you ASAP.


        You can post your action sheet exercises or ask any questions and get feedback from your fellow students, Team Legendary, or Dr. Tian himself within minutes or hours.


        You’ll have access to the back catalog of past Legendary sessions from months and years past, where you can see other students ask questions and get guidance directly from David. You’ll be surprised how much you learn hearing someone else get advice. You’ll always have the wisdom of the entire Legendary community at your fingertips.

        Plus, You’ll Get Access* To These Amazing Bonuses:


        Drive demolishes your deepest insecurities and puts YOU on the fast lane to success. If you’re looking for more motivation, inspiration, or energy to absolutely crush your goals, this 6+ hour step-by-step video course is for you. (Value: $750.00+)


        In PURPOSE, you'll discover the secret to living the life of your dreams without having to rely on willpower or discipline... all downloaded into your brain through this 6+ hour course. (Value: $750.00+)


        This 6+ hour course features an ancient practice that ignites passion, love, and connection in your intimate relationships and works like an antidote to your neediness. (Value: $750.00+)


        In this 8+ hour video course, featuring guided meditation exercises, you’ll discover how to connect to your masculine energies. Core reveals how you can tap into your masculine core, so you can become the powerful person you’re meant to be. This means you’ll no longer be wasting your time trying to living up to society’s superficial, toxic idea of masculinity. Instead, you’ll live a life that feels right to YOU and enjoy a happy, vibrant, and fulfilling life. (Value: $750.00)

        TRUE SELF

        In this 6+ hour TRUE SELF course, you'll discover how to uncover your true self, have more self-confidence and self-worth than ever before, and let your unique personality shine through. (Value: $750.00+)

        (*The Drive, Purpose, Heart, Core, True Self course bonuses will be released at a rate of one per month so as to ensure follow through and prevent information overload.)

        Everything is Online. Learn At Your Own Pace. No Travel Required 

        The coaching group is based online so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

        You have access to every single training session through your Member Area, so you can go through the material live every week as it’s released - or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule.

        All you have to do to be successful is start learning, and focus on improving even just 1% more each day.

        It’s really that simple!

        You’re Protected With Our Cancel Anytime Guarantee

        Like having an incredible mentor, this coaching program has the power to transform your results with women, relationships and your life overall. That’s not exaggeration - that’s based on the testimonials of hundreds of students who have leveled up their dating lives, repaired relationships, developed self-esteem, found their life purpose, overcome extraordinary challenges, and are living their dreams by taking action on the system inside the Legendary Coaching Group.

        I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous results. I’m so confident that I back it up with my risk-free guarantee. Here’s how it works: Try out Legendary. You get full access to the entire members' area, the online community of action-taking Legends, the full set of bonus courses, the book reviews, the guided meditations, the vault of every single session we've done that year, and all the live coaching sessions with me.

        If you test drive Legendary and don’t like it? Just like Netflix, you can cancel Legendary at any time. Unlike with the big gyms, there’s no harsh locked-in contract.

        Just contact the Legendary team at, and we’ll get you taken care of as soon as possible.

        Here’s everything included in your Legendary membership:

        It’s important that you understand the incredible value you get when you’re part of this program. These numbers aren’t inflated - they’re an honest estimate since you can’t purchase the components of Legendary separately.


        I rarely accept one-on-one coaching clients anymore. When I do work with my private clients, each session is thousands of dollars and requires a multi-session commitment. My in-person private coaching group, the Aura Mastermind, starts at $10,000 per year.

        (OVER $6,575.00+ VALUE)


        As a Legendary member, you get access to every single coaching session of the year you join, not only the ones you’ve been a member for. You can access full videos and MP3s in your private membership site.

        ($467.00+ VALUE)


        A plane ticket to Asia alone costs over $1,000. That’s without even including the cost of the program or retreat you take part in. I've studied meditation as a professor of Asian philosophical psychology, and I've been meditating daily -- sometimes for hours a day -- for several years already. I've led and taught hundreds of students through life-transforming meditations. And now I'm excited to share this powerful habit and experience with you.

        ($1,000.00+ VALUE)


        Bonus access to 5 full courses on: (1) How to demolish your deepest insecurities and get on the fast lane to success. If you’re looking for more motivation, inspiration, or energy to absolutely crush your goals, this 6+ hour step-by-step video course is for you. (2) The secret to living the life of your dreams without having to rely on willpower or discipline. (3) An ancient practice that ignites passion, love, and connection in your intimate relationships and works like an antidote to your neediness. (4) How to connect to your masculine energies, so you can become the powerful person you’re meant to be. This means, you’ll no longer be wasting your time trying to living up to society’s superficial, toxic idea of masculinity. Instead, you’ll live a life that feels right to YOU and enjoy a happy, vibrant, and fulfilling life. (5) How to uncover your true self, have more self-confidence and self-worth than ever before, and let your unique personality shine through. (Note: These bonus courses will be released one per month so as to ensure follow through and prevent information overload.)

        ($3,750.00+ VALUE)


        This group is unlike any other online group you’ll find. If you want personal mentorship from David Tian, this is by far the most economical way to get it. Dr. Tian is in the group answering your questions, helping you apply what you learn to your life, sharing action steps and milestones, providing insights, and helping you win with women, relationships, and life.

        ($1,000.00+ VALUE)


        Lifelong friendships, business partnerships, and accountability buddies have all come out of the Legendary community. The connections made with other peers alone are invaluable.


        Total Legendary Value: $12,793.00+

        Total Investment: As low as 1.27 USD per day!

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        Become a Platinum Partner and Get Unlimited Access to 20+ Programs Instantly

        Our students who enjoy the fastest results rarely just stop at one program or topic. Instead, they choose to invest in themselves with continual, lifetime growth in all important areas of their lives.

        The Platinum Partnership is our single best solution to a lifetime of limitless progress. It’s an all access pass to all David Tian’s current and future online courses and training programs, including weekly LIVE group coaching sessions, membership in the exclusive Platinum Global Brotherhood, and even Private 1:1 Coaching.

        Here’s What’s Included In The Platinum Partnership:

          Unlimited access to ALL 21+ of David Tian’s online training courses, including all training videos, MP3 audios, and PDF worksheets, as well as all coaching programs that are conducted LIVE each year.

          Weekly Live Group Coaching with David Tian throughout the year.

          “Ignition Session” Private 1:1 Coaching with David Tian ($1,500 value)

          Exclusive Access to the Global Platinum Brotherhood

          Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

          Cancel any time. No termination fees.

          Accessible everywhere on Apple, Android, Desktop, iPad, and mobile phone app.

        Upgrade to the Platinum Partnership on this page, and try it out risk-free for up to 30 days. You can cancel at any time.

        The Legendary Coaching Group is a weekly, live, online coaching program that you can subscribe to you separately. Or during this launch period, you can get it as part of the Platinum Partnership. We recommend the Platinum option. It will unlock ALL of David Tian’s online coaching courses for you for just 149 USD per month and a 997 USD one-time activation fee.

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        Choose The Legendary Plan That Works Best For You  

              WARNING! Founders' Promotion Available For A Limited Time Only! Invest In Yourself Now Before This Class Of Legendary CLOSES In...

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              Here’s proof that Legendary works

              "David Tian is a true pioneer and innovator in his field. While I have always had no shortage of women around me, I never truly felt in control of my emotions and choices, and often found myself reacting to the ‘issues’ and games that women were engineering. David taught me how to build a bulletproof inner frame, and now I have full control over my dating life – I have amazing women pursuing me and I find that I am able to choose what kind of relationship(s) I want with the women I want. As a result I feel a lot more empowered, fulfilled and in control. I am no longer having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to try and prove my value/worth to women."

              - Ben S., 32

              "I am a mental health professional with over 5 years of experience. I’ve been married for over 9 years and have two children… If you’ve “been there and done that” with the dating scene, or if you’re in a relationship that you’d like to grow — especially when it comes to your masculine core — then this unique program is perfect for you…. David’s coaching is unlike any other courses in this area I’ve ever seen, and I think I’ve seen it all… David's courses include masterfully executed guided meditations, which led to several breakthrough emotional insights for me personally. Cognitive understanding alone isn’t enough for life change. And that’s where these guided meditations really take it to the next level in terms of emotional transformation."

              - Ari G. L., 43

              "Being in a group with like minded people and working through our traumas and personal crises has given me solace. Not to mention, mentorship from Dr.Tian and his staff, getting personally refined feedback and insights, gives an experience like no other. Having made new friends and accountability, as well as remembering that i will always be enough and that I matter ( ME, not my accomplishments or merits, but ME) can help comfort me during the rough parts of life. The ultimate purpose is to keep growing, and while there will be problems, this course will always remind me of how far I have come, and that victory and happiness for myself and others could be right around the corner. Thank you again, Dr. Tian. I look forward to creating a bright future for myself and my loved ones, and becoming something uncommon to the world. Keep fighting the good fight; society is looking for a revolution of better people in the world. I intend to be part of that (somewhat underground) movement!"

              - Nicholas S., 29

              "I used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. I was a 26 year old virgin with no social skills. I had no good friends until I joined David’s Legendary coaching group. But overtime, with the help of David's courses, I was able to Transform my life 180 degrees simply by following what David says. After going through only a small fraction of his materials (SO much more to go!), I have achieved multiple breakthroughs and growth that leads from one good thing to another. If you join David’s coaching group, you will be in the right place to get what you want!”

              - Wayne K., 27

              "Your Legendary coaching group helped support me on my path in life. I managed to get excellent results in my professional life as a result and made many close friends and female friends. Overall I learned that the greatest limitation one has is their limiting beliefs. Anything is possible if you open your mind, learn, and do your best for everyone. The principle of giving value goes a long way in shaping your environment and your very self. I am very happy to say that while I have not even made full use of all the course resources, I learned just enough to make my life the way I wish it to be. I am very happy that I can always come back to the materials you have created. Thank you for all your efforts. May you continue inspiring more people to live the lives they wish. I feel that what you do, the example you lead, is one of the greatest ways of inspiring change in people.”

              - S.Y. Chun, 23

              "I’m thankful to have subscribed to the Legendary private coaching group which not only resonated with me yet also gifted me solid knowledge of important real world issues. In return it gave me every reason to be aligned to my true self and continue believing in the state of presence and understanding common pitfalls that will intentionally throw me off my focus. Thank you to the team who worked tirelessly to provide important coaching content such as this. And thank you for changing my life, David."

              - Hong H., 37

              "I could write pages here. But in a few sentences, Legendary has allowed me to unlock so much motivation and remove limiting beliefs. Although I already possessed and knew most of the required elements to drive myself, removing limiting beliefs and vices was the most powerful. The Legendary group is also helpful as I can see the obstacles and progress other Legends are experiencing. I am ready for the next step."

              - Nolan C.

              "Legendary exceeded my expectations. The bonus courses were far more powerful than expected and I can use the guided meditations as tools in the future."

              - Jean-Paul O.

              "Legendary by far exceeded my expectations, happy with the results. The resulting increased energy, love, happiness, gratitude, joy, as well as initiative to tackle new activities, goals, hobbies, experiences, places and more is invaluable. This program is extremely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of who they are."

              - Alex C.

              "Legendary has allowed me to access the three phases (novice, warrior, sage) inn my training. I’m aware of which energies I could unlock whenever I go through certain areas of my life. I develop mindfulness whenever I’m able to reflect on myself being in the moment. The 5 phases in Legendary helped me to gain more intuition no matter what I’m going through in my life. I gained more control of myself and can put myself in the right direction."

              - Ernest L.

              "Legendary has given me more awareness of different parts of myself. Excellent group to be part of! "

              - Sydney T.

              "I feel I am getting closer and closer to the source of my traumas and getting deeper into understanding my own psychology as well as better able to understand others, all thanks to Legendary. I like the fact that I can do it on my own pace. very comfortable and manageable to work it with my lifestyle."

              - David S.

              What Sets Legendary Apart From Any Other Program

              Retake Lessons Again and Again

              Tony Robbins says “Repetition is the mother of skill and the father of mastery.” Which is why you get access to the replays of every coaching session to review whenever you want in your private members' area.

              Peers From All Over The World

              The Phases of Legendary Success works across a variety of different circumstances, goals, and life situations. There are so many different kinds of successful Legends, I know my strategies will work for you too.

              Mentorship from David Tian Personally

              As a former university professor, top international dating coach, and now pioneer therapeutic life coach, I've traveled across the world in service, studied philosophical texts from East and West, and constantly pursued even more growth and training in clinical psychology over the past several years. You get to skip the decades of study, experimentation, and refining, and get straight to discovering the life-transformative power of this process and system.  

              Constantly Updated

              I pour my heart and soul into Legendary. I’m constantly referencing the latest, most cutting edge scientifically verified research to share the newest success strategies with you. We’re adding new features to Legendary all the time, and as we make Legendary better, you get access to all of it!

              Spectacular Customer Care

              Our Legendary support team is awesome. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

              Inspiring Community

              Your fellow Legends are top notch people. There’s no other peer community in the world filled with as much strength, support, understanding, and passion as our’s.  

              Top FAQ's

              Don’t see your question answered? Click the "Email" button found at the bottom of this page, contact our incredible support team, and we'll get back to you with your answers as soon as we can.

              "How much time does Legendary take? I'm scared I can't be 100% dedicated because of my existing commitments."

              Legendary is 100% at-your-own-pace.

              You can spend 30 minutes on it just doing each weekly session, or you can spend as long as you want reviewing the archived content and incredible bonuses!

              All you have to do is start learning, and focus on improving just 1% a day. And let the compounding effect go to work for you.

              It’s truly that simple!

              "Can I cancel and rejoin later at the same point I was in when I cancelled?"

              You can certainly cancel at any time with no cancellation penalties. But if you rejoin at a later date, you will restart your membership clock and that means the core and bonus courses will also restart from day 1.

              Lasting transformation through the 5 Phases is a marathon, not a sprint.

              If you think you’re just going to pop in for a month — getting all the invaluable core and bonus courses, access to the weekly live coaching, connection to our online community — then cancel, then rejoin several months later for a month, then cancel, then rejoin several months later for a month, then cancel. That’s like hopping from one fitness supplement and exercising for one month, not getting ripped, then cancelling and buying something else, then cancelling and buying something else, then cancelling.

              I want nothing to do with guys like that.

              Yes, even if it costs us revenue.

              Legendary is for you if who are interested in investing in yourself and our Legendary community and in journeying together on the road to mastery. No dabblers or quitters welcome.

              If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself for at least a few months and work at it a half hour a week (i.e., go through at least the core and bonus course material and action sheets), then you aren’t qualified for this. You’ll either step up and get results, or you won’t. If you do, why would you ever quit? If you don’t, why would you stay and then ask to come back?

              Simple as that.

              "What if I can't afford Legendary right now?"

              I understand it can be hard to plan for another monthly expense on top of everything else, that’s why I’ve decided to offer this Founders’ promotional rate, which is as low as 1.27 USD a day.

              If it’s still not the right decision for you today, no problem! 95% of my best content is free on my websites, and it will always stay that way.

              You’re welcome to try again next enrollment period.

              I’m grateful that you’re considering joining us inside of Legendary.

              "What's the focus of the coaching? What will I learn inside Legendary"

              Legendary is a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap through the 5 Phases to complete self mastery.

              To be able to reach your goals, attain the success you want with women, and create the life of your dreams, you have to drastically shift your mindset.

              You’ll learn how to reach your goals by progressing through the action steps and milestones of each of the 5 Phases of Legendary Success.

              Inside of the Legendary Coaching Members’ Area, you’ll find hours upon hours of material to level up all the key areas of life like your career, relationships, focus, and confidence.

              Don't Live A Life Of Regret

              It's time to make a decision. Legendary is closing soon. I don't know when we'll reopen it.

              If you're ready to invest in yourself and master your emotions, psychology, and life, then now's the time. Don't wait for "some day." Don't wait for the magic day when you suddenly have free time, or your dream woman falls from the sky.

              You have the proof that Legendary works. You've seen results from people from all walks of life, from all around the world... from people just like you.

              If not now, then when? If not this program, then is there anything that will really change your mind?

              The decision is up to you.

              As always, a year from now, you're going to be a year older. Will you be living the life you want? Or will you procrastinate again and have to live down your regret?

              Do yourself a favor. Get it done. Get it handled.

              See you inside the Legendary Coaching Group!

              Coach David

              Choose The Legendary Plan That Works Best For You  

                    WARNING! Founders' Promotion Available For A Limited Time Only! Invest In Yourself Now Before This Class Of Legendary CLOSES In...

                    Need Help or Have Questions?

                    We’re happy to answer any question you might have and help you make the best choice

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