"What Should You Do If She Rejects You?"

As a quick reminder: for the first time ever, I’m writing about how to be “cool” from the inside out, and effortlessly turn on amazing women, while being the envy of other guys.

How do you charm almost any woman you want? How do you get that confidence that draws people to you? How do you have the freedom to pick the type of relationship you want with a girl—whether it’s an exclusive monogamous one, multiple girlfriends, or an open friends-with-benefits arrangement?

I’ve done this for almost 10 years, and I’m including the actual strategies and techniques I pioneered. At the end of the month, I’m opening up Limitless, my newest and most comprehensive program.

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What To Do If She Rejects You: The Psychological Aikido Technique

Last night, I saw this go down at my neighborhood bar:

An average-looking dude walked over to a girl at the bar who just ordered a drink. She was in stilettos and dressed in no-nonsense head-to-toe black.

Him: “How’s your night going?”

Her (after giving him a quick head-to-toe scan): “Not interested. My friends are back there, and I’m just getting a drink.”

Him: “Oh… Well, how’s your night going?”

Her: “Go bother some other girl. You’re not tall enough for me.”

He just stared in stunned silence for a while. I guess he’s not used to meeting bitchy girls.[Bartender then handed her a drink, and she handed him her credit card.]

Him (trying to pretend like her insult didn’t affect him): “So what are you drinking?”

She just stared ahead and ignored him. Then she got her credit card receipt, thanked the bartender, and walked off.

The guy looked down at his drink, dejected.

Poor sap.

This scene happens almost EVERY NIGHT in EVERY CITY… around the world.

Think about the average guy who gets rejected by a girl at the bar…

What does he normally do?…

He pretends like nothing happened… in the hopes that she won’t notice it bothered him… (and in the hopes that nobody else notices he just got taken down).

The problem is… almost all HOT GIRLS NOTICE WHEN YOU’RE THROWN OFF…

And it’s not attractive.

It's a downright turn off.

Women don’t respect a man who is too afraid to deal with his own insecurities… or to face his fears… and they don’t respect a man who accepts disrespect from others.

However, don’t swing completely to the other extreme, either… as many drunk Asian men do in Asia.

They bottle up all their bitterness and frustration… until they finally explode with rage and they lash out in disproportionate anger… (mistakenly thinking they’re being “alpha” and “manly”).

This is NOT how you — as a proud member of Team Aura — will handle it, though.

Where other men passively hide their fear, frustration, and shame… you will channel your insecurities and vulnerabilities into great STRENGTH.

Like an emotional Aikido master, you will use her responses as a source of strength for yourself.

I demonstrate how to do exactly this Technique in this brand new video here: