The “Instant Attraction Secret” That Works... Especially In Singapore

“You Know How Some Guys Meet Girls and Always End Up Taking Them Home or Getting Their Numbers?…
Chances Are, They’re Using This Secret. Why Aren’t You Doing That? What If You Could? I’ll Show You How In Just One Weekend, Guaranteed. It’s Already Worked for Thousands of Guys in Singapore and Around the World.”

"Give Me Just One Weekend Of Your Life... And You Will Learn More About Women And Dating... Than Most Guys Ever Do In Their Entire Lifetimes."

“You Will Be Able To Attract Amazing Women in Singapore and the World (Without Having to Rely on Phony Pick Up Artist Methods that Don’t Work and Especially Don’t Work in Singapore)”

This Instant Attraction Secret is totally different from the crap you’ve been fed by “pick up artists” and so-called “dating gurus.”

You see, this Instant Attraction Secret makes it so that you don’t have to work hard or keep doing more. You don’t have to use phony pick up lines or goofy routines.

With the Instant Attraction Secret, you will be able to just BE with women, in an easy, simple, organic, and natural way. It just takes a bit of practice and training.

“Where can I get this practice and training?”

Well, in the aptly named “Instant Attraction Secret Weekend Workshop.”

In just 3 days, I’ll give you everything you’ll need.

Before I met Dr. Tian, I walked into a bar and saw an amazing girl I wanted to meet. And while I was still thinking of what to do, some other guy walked up to her and started flirting with her. He was so relaxed and so confident. About a half hour later, he walked out with her… And I was sitting there still trying to figure out what happened.

But after going through Dr. Tian’s weekend training and learning the Singapore Instant Attraction Secret, here’s what it’s like when I walk into a bar. I’ll start talking to one girl… and three other girls start coming up and try to edge her out. Meanwhile, I’m like a kid in a candy store! I get to pick which one I want.

- Vincent K., 33, Singapore

Now YOU will be able to walk into any bar, club, city street, or shopping mall in Singapore, and walk out with an amazing new girlfriend or lover, guaranteed.

Hey friend who wants to enjoy massive success with women,

  • Do you ever feel anxiety and become immobilized when you see a beautiful woman you’d like to approach? And you decide it’d be easier to just walk away rather than confront your fear, and then beat yourself up over it for hours or days afterwards?
  • Are you ever at a loss for words, unable to come up with interesting things to say, so your conversations with girls devolve into awkward silences? Or do you ever become so nervous or uptight when talking to a woman that she becomes uncomfortable and walks away?
  • Have you ever felt insecure or self-conscious because you think you’re not tall, handsome, rich, or cool enough to attract desirable women?
  • Do you think of yourself as a simple guy and just don’t understand women and their interests in shopping, fashion, etc., and you’re not even sure where to start?
  • Have you ever liked a girl and did a lot of things to win her affection but couldn’t understand why she kept giving you the “Let’s Just Be Friends” speech at the end?
  • Have you tried to apply dating advice from the West and found that it not only fails in the Singapore context but actually makes things worse and can completely BACKFIRE?
  • Or maybe you’ve been out on a date and wanted to kiss the girl, but you never took the chance because you couldn’t tell if she was interested and were too afraid of rejection?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these questions, then you definitely want to read the rest of this letter very very carefully.

First you should know…

You Are Not At Fault And You Are Not Alone

I understand how you feel…

Not knowing how to approach attractive women and not knowing how to “seal the deal” feels awful and frustrating.

It sucks not understanding what turns women on.

It leads to loneliness and desperation.

It makes you feel like a FAILURE AS A MAN.

And even when you do think you’ve found the right woman, not understanding how to keep her in a long-term relationship and instead having to watch her slip away from you can feel completely devastating.

Not knowing how to do these things makes you feel powerless in life.

But it’s not your fault. You’ve been misled by modern society, by well-meaning friends, by school teachers, by parents, by TV dramas and pop songs. Almost everything they’ve taught you about how attraction works and how to get girls… is WRONG.

Heck, WOMEN don’t even know what they want. They say they just want a “nice, sweet guy”… But then they overlook the hundreds of nice, sweet guys—just like you—who pass by them every day.

The problem is… hardly anyone understands how attraction really works.

This is stuff your dad never taught you, your buddies never knew, your society repressed, your culture denied, and your heritage kept hidden.

You had no chance of learning this… until now.

Imagine—knowing how to approach attractive women whenever and wherever you like.

I gotta admit, … it feels GREAT.

It feels great not having to sink money into overpriced cars, condos, and club memberships just to impress girls.

It feels great not having to do things you don’t want or say things you don’t mean just so that girls will like you.

And it feels great understanding what attracts a woman so that she pursues you rather than you chasing her.

It just feels amazing and empowering when you know how to attract women.

Not only does it feel great for YOU… but it feels great for HER, too!

You owe it to women and to yourself to learn this.

Most Men Never Learn How Attraction Really Works in Singapore, So They Keep Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over

Most men make one or more of the following 3 mistakes.

  1. He tries to buy her attention, affection, and sex with fancy dinners, pricey gifts, and favours, like driving her places in his overpriced car.
  2. He tries to convince her that he’s a “nice guy” by being sweet, doting, and obedient (… in order to get attention, affection, and sex).
  3. He learns some “pick up” methods from the West—such as books like Neil Strauss’s New York Times bestselling The Game—and tries to transplant these Western techniques to Singapore to use on Singaporean women.

Have YOU tried any of these 3 common approaches? Well, remember, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

So what’s wrong with these basic approaches?

i) They don’t work.

ii) They’re expensive and time-consuming.

iii) They don’t work in Singapore.

iv) Women don’t like them.

And did I mention ...

v) They don’t work!

So what should you do?

Well, first stop wasting your time and money doing what DOESN’T WORK.

Instead, start learning powerful field-tested techniques, rigorously researched strategies, and guaranteed methods for meeting and attracting women in Singapore and overseas.

If you were to apply this simple 2-step model to meet and date women in Singapore and overseas, you would be so far ahead of the game, you wouldn’t even believe it.

1. Learn a System of Attraction That Actually WORKS

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman walk by, but you just didn’t know what to say or how to approach her?

Or have you ever been on a date and really wanted to kiss a woman, but you had no idea how to “seal the deal”?

The truth is these situations happen again and again... but you probably end up missing out on all these great dating opportunities because you just don’t know what to do.

To ensure you no longer get tongue-tied when you see your dream girl, what you need is “go-to” material… DEFAULT techniques that work in each of these common situations.

Imagine you knew exactly how to approach any attractive woman you saw walking by and how to get a positive response every time. And for the rest of your life, imagine you knew precisely what to do to “make your move” smoothly on your first date…

Now, imagine if you had a way that was GUARANTEED to get a girl’s phone number… and that you knew exactly what to say on the follow up phone call to ensure you got a date with her…

When you have a PROVEN SYSTEM of handling each and every situation you will find yourself in with a woman, you will no longer have to rely on “luck,” “fate,” or “chance” when it comes to meeting and attracting women.

The good news is that I’ve already figured out all of this for you—through trial and error and learning from my many many mistakes. I’m saving you a lifetime of hard work.

Over the years, I’ve developed a powerful system organized into a comprehensive curriculum full of tested techniques, strategies, and methods you can use in every situation you will ever find yourself in with women.

I’ll start you on the basics, and before you know it, you’ll be doing what you previously thought impossible.

When you have an efficient and effective system that works EVERY TIME, you never have to worry about missing out on any opportunities to meet the love of your life or dealing with awkward moments on dates.

Instead, you can take full advantage of each and every opportunity that presents itself to meet, attract, and date wonderful women.

2. Learn a System of Attraction That Works IN SINGAPORE

There’s a lot of dating advice out there in the world and the internet… and almost all of it is BAD and just plain WRONG.

And even the few resources that are satisfactory were developed in a Western context—places like North America, the UK, Europe, or Australia—and when transplanted to Singapore, they just fall flat and don’t work.

Why do these Western methods FAIL in Singapore?

Because they don’t take into account how the culture in Singapore is different.

Have you ever tried opinion openers only to find the people you asked either became frightened and nervous or looked at you like you just broke some social norm or rule?

Maybe you’ve tried to touch (“kino”) a girl when you were first talking to her, like those Western e-books and DVDs recommend, but found that when you did, she stiffened up and looked uncomfortable.

Or have you tried making cocky comments or thrown little insults or backhanded compliments (“negs”) only to have them completely backfire on you, leaving you looking like a rude, insensitive jerk?

Being cocky and throwing “negs” might work in the West, where girls tend to be more jaded, outgoing, and liberal.

But that sort of thing totally FAILS in the Singapore context.

The reality is women in Singapore are a lot more conservative, shy, and modest than typical Western girls.

Not only that, but social circles among young people in Singapore are very tight. Everybody seems to know everybody else. It’s not that uncommon for me to meet a brand new stranger and only later find out we have 71 mutual friends on Facebook!

It’s harder to take risks and approach women you don’t know when they could easily tell their friends—and your friends—that you tried to hit on them and even tried to touch them. That’s a recipe for social suicide.

In Singapore, cocky comments, little insults, and “negs” can completely backfire. Girls are more modest here and don’t flirt aggressively like Western girls do.

Touching girls (using “kino”) or using sexually explicit language when you first meet them is offensive to Singaporean girls because Singaporeans are too conservative for that.

Opinion openers don’t work in Singapore because Singapore girls tend to be shy and don’t normally talk to strangers.

The same applies to starting with small talk. Singapore girls are shy and just aren’t used to making small talk with strangers in public places.

On top of all that, you can’t take social risks or chances… you can’t just cold approach hundreds of girls using the same material… because Singapore social circles are all inter-connected and word gets around FAST. It’s a great way to ruin your reputation.

You can’t just take what works in the West on Western women and apply it indiscriminately in Singapore on Singapore women

It just doesn’t work. Even worse, it can totally BACKFIRE.

Fortunately, through many years of trial and error and tons of hard work, I’ve developed a foolproof dating system specially designed to attract Singapore women.

It specifically deals with women who are shy, modest, and conservative, and it is tailored to the Singapore social scene of tight, inter-connected social circles in which word travels fast.

I’ve figured out ways for ANY GUY to learn how to approach, attract, and date shy, modest, and conservative Singapore girls... and do it all with ease… no matter how bad you are with Singapore women now.

This is the most effective system for attracting Singapore women in Singapore… and it is unlike any other system I’ve ever created or anything else out there.

When you tailor your strategies and methods to the Singapore context, you’ll be amazed by how quickly and powerfully women in Singapore will be attracted to you. They’ll be jealously fighting off their friends just for a chance to get YOUR phone number.

And best of all, you’ll never again have to worry about what to do or say to attract Singapore women. Even if the girl of your dreams is shy, modest, and conservative, you’ll still be able to catch her and keep her completely captivated by YOU.

While getting mentored by guys who were the BEST IN THE WORLD at attracting stunningly beautiful women, I adapted what I learned from them for my own needs in Singapore—keeping what worked and discarding what didn’t.

And my life completely changed…

After several years of honing my skills in clubs, on city streets, on numerous dates, through embarrassing mistakes, and multiple long-term relationships, I’d created a system that was PERFECT for the Singapore context and got my clients and me mind-boggling results in Singapore. In fact, this system was tailored specifically for the Singapore dating scene.

Who Am I To Be Telling You This?

Well, hey man, I’m David Tian, Ph.D., and before I became head of the largest dating skills academy in the world, I was a professor at the National University of Singapore. For almost a decade now, I’ve been a dating coach, helping thousands of men and women all over the globe attain their dream dating lives. And I’m based right near you in Singapore.

Over a decade ago, though, I was a dorky, geeky philosophy graduate student stuck in an unhappy marriage, who had played according to society’s “rules” my whole life.

Yes, I was polite and well-behaved to everyone…

But no, I wasn’t happy… In fact, I was downright miserable.

But after just a few years, and my life had completely changed.

I had traveled the world, met, and dated some of Asia’s hottest women — the ones you see on magazine covers, billboards, TV, and in movies — and found happiness with wonderful girlfriends who provide all the love, romance, and pleasure a man could possibly want.

I've been on numerous national and international TV shows about dating and relationships. I wrote a dating advice column in Singapore's national newspaper. Co-hosted my own "The Date Doctor" show on national radio. And I've been featured frequently in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV...

My teachings have little to do with being a “pick up artist,” and everything to do with some simple but fundamental changes in the way you perceive and interact with women that, once mastered, unlock the secret power within you to attract all the women you’ve been yearning for.

Let me tell you how I transformed in just a few years from a nerdy academic into a guy who dates top models.

I grew up in a very conservative Chinese Christian family. We were a loving family, but our social circles were very strict—it was all about going to church and getting good grades. No one ever talked about dating. In fact, my parents didn’t permit me to have a girlfriend until I graduated from secondary school. That wasn’t unusual in my social circles, though. None of my Chinese Christian friends could date before university, either.

So it’d be a gross understatement to say that my friends and I were very behind the times and disadvantaged when it came to dating and socializing.

OK, I wasn’t the worst at dating growing up. I did have a few girlfriends in my late teens and early twenties.

But I never felt like I had any options. They picked me. And they were never the hottest girls in class.

In my last year of university, I was lucky enough to get a nice Christian girlfriend, and later at the young age of 24, I did what any good Christian boy should do if he wanted to get some guilt-free action… I married the nice Christian girl I was dating! It started off well, at least for a couple of years.

But I had gotten married for the wrong reasons. And inside, I was still a needy wuss. My wife became more demanding and shrill. Her feminine charms withered, as she made up for my lack of emotional masculinity by emphasizing her own. We often fought. Furniture and dishware were thrown about. I was deeply depressed but wasn’t even aware of it.

Eventually, we separated. At first, we were forced to do so because of work obligations. Then, we separated for good. And then finally came the divorce. It was an amicable split. No kids. No real assets. Just broken hearts.

But I was alone in the dating world again. And this time, things were even worse. I was nearing 30 and had absolutely no idea how to talk to women, especially young hot girls. I stumbled over my words with women. I ran out of things to say. I had absolutely zero self-confidence.

At the time, I was still a Ph.D. student in the US. I lived like a hermit in student housing. Hunkered down on my desk surrounded on all sides by literally hundreds of thick library books. Friday nights were no different from any other nights for me, except that I felt extra lonely knowing everybody else was out there having fun while I was alone again with my books, bored in my dorm room.

Yet this time, I was on my way to realizing my new dreams.

I had the good fortune to be in a class with Christian Hudson, the co-founder of one of the largest dating skills companies in the world. He was dating the hottest girls on campus, and when he moved to New York a year later, he dated some of the top models in the world. He graciously took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. He became my first real mentor. I owe him a huge debt.

He kept saying he saw tremendous potential in me. Christian insisted I could be even better than him and one of the best ever. He believed in me. And as I would learn, that belief was largely based on what he called my “sincere and honest desire to be happy and social.”

In 2006, I moved back to Asia for thesis research, armed with the knowledge and training I had received from Christian, plus whatever other resources I could find.

A Mystical Ability to Attract Women

That’s when I went full tilt, experimenting with every tactic, technique, strategy, and method I could find and think of. I tried everything. If someone told me to try something, I did it. If I read about someone having success with a story, I would learn it and retell it. I was like a mad scientist, working with my friends and mentors to distill the best of all of the information out there.

I sought out the best mentors in the world, learning directly from them. I also combed the bars, clubs, and city streets looking for the any and all the “naturals” I could find—those guys who were naturally good with women.

I observed, mimicked, and grilled them on every aspect of what they were thinking, doing, and saying to get these jaw-dropping results with women.

It wasn’t easy… but I learned every single one of their secret strategies and techniques. And I figured out for myself what gives you an almost mystical ability to attract women.

My skills in the social arts really skyrocketed. I became, in the word of another of the world’s top dating gurus, “a legend.”

I went on an unrivaled streak for months, enjoying the intimate company of scores of women in Asia.

In 2007, I started a blog to chronicle my quest for self-improvement, and I quickly developed a devoted following.

Before I knew it, I was overwhelmed with requests for advice and coaching. I derived tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction seeing my clients get massive results.

I knew years ago that David Tian had the potential to reach the level of the top gurus and even beyond. And now he’s fulfilled all that and more! He’s one of the few guys I turn to when I’ve got questions about women, love, or life. Anyone who has the chance to learn from him can expect total transformation.

Christian Hudson, Founder and Director
The Social Man

David Tian, the renowned Asian Rake, is as intelligent as he is charming. He makes you feel at ease just being around him, which makes you realise how quickly and comfortably he makes women melt. It’s a pleasure to meet a fellow dating coach who is so passionate about helping his clients to meet the women of their dreams.

Jeremy Soul, Creator of the Love Systems Day Game Workshop and Chief Day Game Instructor
Love Systems

Before moving to Singapore, I spent over 3 years traveling around Asia, getting into some pretty wild adventures, including run-ins with the Chinese mafia and Japanese yakuza.

I dated models you’ve seen on TV commercials and on billboards and the covers and pages of magazines. I “picked up” actresses and runway models.

But The Legend Grew

As you might expect, the conservative Singaporean establishment, including the university where I was working, did not appreciate this sort of publicity... That’s putting it lightly.

I was pressured to quit my pro bono newspaper column and to stop giving media appearances or speaking to the media.

In the end, I was forced to choose between two loves. It was a tough choice. But I wasn’t ready yet to leave behind my dream of being a university professor.

At the time, though, I tried my best to bury myself fully in my academic pursuits and scholasticism—teaching, research, and writing about Asian philosophy and religion. I wanted to give it my all.

But I found that I was really missing the high of helping people find happiness in an area of their lives that was a basic necessity: Relationships

I’ve had some experience in dating before and have had a few girlfriends in the past. I’ve actually taken a couple PUA bootcamps, but nothing seemed to last. Then I heard about David Tian through a friend and took his weekend training. It was so much fun! For the first time, I experienced what it was like to get girls naturally and without any effort. Just by being me. Since the training, I’ve started hooking up with many cute local Singapore girls and they all know I’m seeing multiple girls and they’re actually cool with it. I can’t believe this is my life now. It’s like a dream. Thank you David!

Ryan L., 32, Singapore

These secrets really changed my life. Before the training with David, I had only ever had one girlfriend before, and I wasn’t even physically attracted to her. Now, just one month after my training with David, I’ve slept with the three most gorgeous girls I’ve ever had in my life. Two of them have developed into consistent friends-with-benefits relationships, which I had never thought was even possible to do in Singapore. This one weekend really did change my entire life. Dr. David Tian (Asian Rake) was absolutely amazing. He’s everything his testimonials say he is and even more. He never let me wuss out, even identifying little things I’d say to myself that were giving away my insecurities and limiting my self-confidence. He could also be really encouraging too. You could tell he’s had a lot of teaching experience. And he really knew how to speak directly to my personal strengths and weaknesses. These are skills and mindsets you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Eric H., 29, Singapore

I love hearing from fans and former clients that I had helped them meet the love of their lives. I love hearing that I had changed their lives. I get a kick out of messages from past clients saying they had just gotten their first phone number or first kiss.

And I really appreciate getting wedding invitations from my former clients and Flickr photos from the hospital of their newborn babies.

While I enjoy teaching difficult subjects like metaphysics and Buddhist epistemology, at the end of each semester, I wondered whether I could do even more good in the world by helping people succeed in their dating and love lives.

I couldn’t deny my calling any longer.

I Quit My Professorship To Teach YOU

So I quit my professorship to direct Aura Dating Academy and teach Singapore men—men just like you—how to meet and attract the love of their lives.

My friends and family thought I was absolutely out of my mind insane! They couldn’t believe that I was going to give up a stable and respectable job that paid a six-figure salary and only required me to teach 7 hours a week for 6 months a year.

But I knew I could do a lot more good in the world and make a much bigger, more direct, and more positive impact in people’s lives by helping them find fulfillment in dating and relationships.

So after years of research, testing, and analysis, I’m proud to bring you the most effective and most efficient system for super-charging your dating and love life right here in SINGAPORE.


The Ultimate Education: How to Attract and Date the Woman of Your Dreams in Singapore or Overseas… for Good

Over the past 10 years, my team and I researched, field-tested, and organized all the best knowledge and experience available on dating and relationships. And we developed the most efficient and effective way for coaching men — men just like you — to success with women.

We took all the skills and knowledge that most men need an entire lifetime to learn, if they ever learn them at all, and condensed all that into just one weekend.

And we've engineered a way to install these lessons into your brain.

I’ve learned my lessons the hard way — through years of trial and error and lots of experimenting.

And now I can save you the lifetime of heartache, pain, and anguish…

I’ve taken a lifetime of lessons learned the arduous, painful way—lessons that 99% of men never end up learning—and I’ve systematically organized them into principles, exercises, and modules that are easy to learn and apply.

And now I’m very excited to offer you the result: our rigorously researched and field-tested...

"Instant Attraction Secret" Weekend Workshop

The Instant Attraction Secret Weekend Workshop is for men who are ready to take real steps to master this part of their lives.

The comprehensive weekend curriculum includes a FULL THREE-DAY WEEKEND of life-changing lessons, seminars, role-plays, drills, and exercises from Asia’s top dating coach. There will also be plenty of time dedicated to individual consultations, recommendations, and feedback.

Even before your program begins, our team will get in touch with you individually to learn about your unique needs so as to customize your program better. Throughout the weekend, I will observe and analyze your pre-existing style, diagnose your problem points, and coach you through the solutions.

Here's a small sample of what you'll get as you go through this course

Course Contents & Modules:

Day 1

Starting on Friday late afternoon – so you have to time to head over after work or after your flight lands – I introduce you to the simple truths that enable you to receive these advanced secrets of attraction. We do easy exercises and drills to effortlessly install these lessons into your brain, so they’re at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Some of the powerful lessons you'll learn on this day include...

  • How to develop a “rock-solid” foundation of self-confidence so you will always be attractive to women, no matter what tests or challenges they throw in your way.
  • How to have women talk about you as the guy who’s really fun to hang out with. You’ll be amazed as they work really hard to prove they’re good enough for you, rather than the other way around, which is the case for most men now.
  • The 19 traits guys who are naturally attractive to women hold in common … and how you can find every one of them already available inside yourself… so you can effortlessly attract women.
  • Do you ever get that stressed out feeling of needing to constantly impress a woman when you are with her? Here’s an easy way to get yourself to RELAX when you’re around a woman you like…so your real personality shines through… and builds her attraction for you without you worrying about it!
  • Ever noticed how you can be “cool and calm” around women that you’re not attracted to, but as soon as a truly attractive woman is in front of you…the fear and anxiety comes up ALL BY ITSELF? I’m going to teach you how to “keep your head together” and confidently avoid sabotaging yourself when you’re with a really hot woman.

You’ll also learn what attraction is, and how to use this knowledge to make women feel it for YOU, including…

  • I know you’ve heard that women go for “confident” men… but did you know that it’s possible to attract a woman with your confidence ALONE? Here’s a step-by-step formula for becoming one of those rare men who attracts stunningly beautiful women with CHARISMA and POWER instead of “techniques” and “lines.”
  • The qualities women are genetically pre-programmed to look for in a man… and how to convey to a woman that YOU possess these qualities when you first meet her (Show her just a few of these powerful traits and she’ll realize instantly that you’re a “catch” that she shouldn’t pass up…)
  • How attractive women think, feel, and experience the world, and how to stack the deck in your favour so they automatically feel ATTRACTION for you
  • Every single thing you do or say can either increase or decrease attraction… learn how to always increase attraction and make the most of every communication, action, gesture, and situation

How to approach attractive young women and start conversations and relationships on your own initiative, without having to rely on matchmakers or your friends, including...

  • How to come up with killer opening lines on the fly… even if you’re a novice at approaching women
  • How to create a personal success generator that powers you towards achieving your goals
  • A simple exercise that will allow you to SKIP THROUGH the frustration of learning how to approach women and start seeing yourself as a master of meeting women TODAY
  • How to finally get off of your ass and start living the fun life you want in the most fulfilling way possible
  • Look around and talk about what you see. When you do it the way I’m going to show you, women will be amazed by every word you say.

Day 2

On Saturday, we go even deeper in the application of these secrets. You'll get plenty of drills and exercises to hone your skills. And you'll get expert, on-the-spot feedback. We also bring in our beautiful wing girls to help you hone and practice your skills.

Just a small sampling of the lessons you'll learn on Day 2...

Not only will you learn the secrets to having unshakeable internal strength, but you will also learn crucial lessons in conversational mastery, such as...

  • A little-known technique to continue any conversation for as long as you want, without the crutch of routines, so you will never run out of things to say on your 1st date or your 91st date, and every woman will find you interesting whenever you want her to.
  • The 7 secrets to steering conversations in whatever direction you want whenever you want, AT WILL, so you never have to have a boring conversation ever again.
  • How to avoid the top 3 mistakes almost every guy makes that sabotage any chances of success you would have in meeting women.
  • How to get rid of your approach anxiety forever so you can approach attractive women with ease and confidence.

Scientific studies have shown that over 90% of attraction is due to your body language, voice tonality, and eye contact. You will master all three of these fundamentals and essential skills, including...

  • How to use your BODY and VOICE to “signal” a woman’s sexual selection mechanism so she always feels that you are her “type”… even if she has never been attracted to a man like you before
  • A way to adjust your eyes when you look at a woman that gives her a “shock” of sexual attraction (this technique is a FREAKSHOW… but it WORKS)
  • A body language secret that you can use to communicate MASCULINE POWER and SEXUAL ENERGY simply by WALKING
  • How to use “sexy” voice tonality to make a woman hang on and get more turned on with every word you say
  • A “secret signal” rock stars send with their body language that makes women crazy for them… and not just during or after a show… this works even if the woman has NO CLUE who they are! (And YES… YOU can use it too)

Women consistently report that a sense of humour is one of the top traits they want in a man. Learn to use humour effectively to spark intense desire in women, including...

  • How to use laughter (the “universal bonding tool”) to create a personal connection with a woman the INSTANT you meet her
  • Why the best way to avoid rejection is to BE THE ONE DOING THE REJECTING. Here’s a magical concept that opens the doors to having stimulating, funny conversations that ignite attraction and make women chase YOU…
  • Did you know that when you laugh and what you laugh at is one of the biggest things women use to “size you up?” I’ll share with you my simple system that you can use to let a woman know you’re a major “catch…” with ZERO work on your part! I can’t wait to share it with you…

Day 3

On Sunday, we'll be putting everything together for you... and you'll begin to see the "Matrix"... the secret formula for getting what you want with women. I'll review for you the "long game" of follow-up and successful dating, so you're prepared for the future.

With all the new women you'll be meeting and all the opportunities you'll gain, these lessons will come in very, very handy.

By Sunday night, you'll have only the foggiest of memories of your past life before this weekend... a past you'll never have to return to, because your new future is just too damn fun, exciting, and fulfilling.

Here's a small sampling of what you'll learn on the last day...

How to create a deep connection with a woman, so you effortlessly build a foundation for a great relationship, as well as...

  • How to develop rapport with a woman quickly, so it feels natural for her to be around you (this isn’t about a rapport “technique” – this is about how to REALLY connect with a woman on a deep level)
  • How to smoothly switch the conversation to the topic of sex and get a woman incredibly turned on… She’ll be silently BEGGING you to “have your way” with her!
  • The crucial things a woman NEEDS to “sense” about your personality before she’ll ever consider being with you physically (If you’ve ever had a good date or two with a woman only to end up NEVER seeing her again, it’s probably because you FAILED to convey one or two of these important traits… I’ll show you how to convey this powerful attribute quickly and easily, so women can SENSE it)
  • How to establish genuine and deep emotional connections with an attractive woman within minutes, so she will be dreaming of you long after you leave…or as you leave with her (your choice)
  • The 3 magic questions that will have her opening up and confessing secrets to you in your first hour together that she hadn’t even told her best friends yet, leading her to fall harder in love with you than for any other man.

On escalation - physical, verbal, and emotional - you will learn...

  • 3 simple steps to ensure that you’re always “in the zone” when socializing and NEVER feel socially self-conscious or awkward any more.
  • How to ensure that she gives you her real phone number, and that she’ll keep thinking about you long after you meet.
  • The 5 secrets to guarantee that when she gives you her phone number, it’ll lead to real dates.
  • How to seamlessly take things beyond the platonic so she will never even think about sticking you in the Friend Zone.
  • The 3 things you must know so even on your first date, she will beg you to stay until the next morning.

How to project your sexuality in a way that turns women on and draws them to you, including...

  • How to convey to a woman that you can give her an incredible sexual experience without even saying anything
  • How to create an aura of intrigue and build powerful SEXUAL TENSION
  • A primal sexual technique, stolen from the animal kingdom, that puts a woman over the edge with sexual excitement… she’ll have to have you RIGHT THEN AND THERE… and nothing will be able to stop her
  • How to let a woman know you are a sexual “bad boy” that gets a lot of women in a way that makes her want to be one of them instead of thinking you’re a “player” or a “jerk”
  • YOU, TRANSFORMED – One of the biggest and MOST IMPORTANT things you are going to learn in this program is how to actualize yourself as a better human being. Attracting a “Total 10” is a nice goal… but improving YOURSELF is where the biggest rewards lay, and once you do this you’ll find that the “Total 10” women come on their own.

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg in this one-of-a-kind program.

Now, What Is The Value Of This Course, And How Can You Get It?

When I first presented this unique and highly effective workshop, knowledgeable people valued it at $10,000.

Why? Simple. Because of the results you could easily get right off the bat…

Meet and attract your future wife – a beautiful, caring, and intelligent woman – who will enjoy raising a family with you and growing old with you…for the rest of your life.

(Actually, when you think about it, that’s priceless.)

Have hundreds of hot women want to jump into bed with you…just by being who you naturally are…

Better results in all aspects of your professional networking and social life…

Never again find yourself alone and lonely, sitting in your room in front of your computer at 2 AM on a Saturday night. Don’t die wondering what it’s like to be cool, envied, and desired by beautiful women.

Instead, in just a few short days, learn how YOU can quickly and easily get gorgeous women chasing YOU. Have dominant alpha males fighting to be your friend. It’s not just women…EVERYBODY will love you.

The Instant Attraction Secret course is for any guy who wants to succeed with women and relationships, but is especially valuable for guys who get socially awkward around attractive women and don’t know how to escalate verbally or physically with women.

I’ve spent thousands of hours and almost a decade researching these advanced dating secrets and how they work…to conduct extensive field research…going through all the pain and hard work required so that you won’t have to…and testing it on hundreds of real life clients in Singapore and around the world.

The Instant Attraction Secret course installs these attraction secrets into your neural structure so you’ll never have to think of them again. It gives you control over every stage of the interaction. From meeting her to dating her to getting physical with her…and beyond…

This course is limited to 12 registrants. 

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When and Where?



  • Friday, December 5 - Sunday, December 7
  • Friday 6:30-10:30 PM
  • Saturday 1:30-5:30 PM
  • Sunday 1:30-5:30 PM


Singapore city centre. The exact venue will be sent to you once you're registered.

This course alone will save you thousands of hours and untold nights of anguish and heartache.

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Aura 100% Moneyback Refund Guarantee

Take the program, and if you don’t feel it was worth every cent, you get your money back. Just let us know before the event is over, and we’ll process your refund for you.

I’ve taken away all the risk. I’m absolutely certain that what I offer will help you immensely. But don’t take my word for it, come and check it out yourself. And get your full refund if you think it isn’t something that will change your life for the better. You’ve got nothing to lose here and everything to gain.

Because I want to make sure everyone gets plenty of personal attention, I am usually only able to offer this program on a very occasional basis. The spots are very limited and get snapped up very fast, so act now to reserve your spot!

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Here's what others like you have said about this course...

Thanks David Tian, your program was AWESOME. Definitely, I must say that I’ve learned a lot from our sessions. I was about ready to give up on my dating life and settle for any girl who would have me. You were my last chance. And now I’m dating a wonderful girl who really makes me so happy. Thanks for providing a path and guidance to living a great life!

- Frank Y., 24, Singapore

David Tian as a person and his program greatly exceeded my expectations. He is a great teacher and a true dating guru. He was fun and professional. Through his teachings, I learned how far a man can push interactions within seconds of meeting a girl. And I was amazed.

- Darren L., 26, Singapore

David Tian is intelligent, focused, and really confident. A nice guy and successful man. And he’s freaking awesome with women! I had been struggling with socialising all my life. But after learning David’s secrets, my calendar is jammed full every night! David’s coaching and his focus on how he teaches is spot on. His analysis is quick and his application of the solution even faster.

- Kelvin T., 28, Singapore

David Tian turned my life around. No kidding. As an Asian guy in America, I had a lot of trouble talking with hot white chicks… But The Asian Rake showed me my limiting beliefs, how they were tripping me up, and how to overcome them… He gave me his amazing secrets to seduction. And they worked so easily and quickly I was shocked. Before I met him, I could barely look a white girl in the eye, but now I’m happily dating a wonderful woman and meeting more every weekend!

- Brian L., 27, Los Angeles, USA

Back then, I was still conquering a fear of approaching and held many false beliefs about what can or cannot happen. After learning the secrets of attraction from David Tian, I was able to meet and then marry a truly wonderful girl, and we’ve started a family together. David’s in-person advice and his writings have helped me develop a model for the type of man I want to be, disciplining me to follow it and set the foundation for my success. I got in great shape (ran a marathon and completed P90X twice), eliminated a lot of waste (mentally, emotionally, socially) in my life, and am now in the process of growing my own business. Thanks to David Tian, not only did I get better with women, but I also became a superior man. Thank you, David, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

- Kevin W., 32, Hong Kong

When and Where?



  • Friday, December 5 - Sunday, December 7
  • Friday 6:30-10:30 PM
  • Saturday 1:30-5:30 PM
  • Sunday 1:30-5:30 PM

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David Tian, Ph.D.